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Kade Storm - Beyond Blood & Ashes LP

Kade Storm's Beyond Blood & Ashes (LP)

An atmospherically grim and haunting album that encapsulates the unholy darkness of black metal with the cataclysmically heavy tempo of doom. As a full-length concept album, Kade Storm's, Beyond Blood & Ashes, not only delivers an epic sonic abomination, but in doing so, singularly defines the very concept of epics.

Track list (Runtime):

1. Corroded Prayer (06:00)
2. Bleed at the Steps of My Altar (06:10)
3. A Vagrant's Destiny (06:17)
4. Providence (06:06)
5. Resurrection (06:00)
6. Throne Seeker (05:13)
7. False Deity (08:06)
8. Apocalyptic Sin (10:20)
9. Beyond Blood & Ashes (06:00)

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For digital copies or the option to purchase individual tracks, drop by the Band Camp page.

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