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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Long Overdue Homage

In this life of shenanigans and vulgar theatrics, all of which I appreciate and revel within, there’s a key note of timing that is always missing. This disrupts and detracts from the charm of such antics and with such glorified gimmicks execution is a cornerstone to perfection. Without it, you simply have a pointless exhibition devoid of any self-reflection or depth.

This is the kind of keynote that is always overlooked by many people, ranging from the boisterous artists to the pompous political pundits; a curse of having a seismic ego with no barriers or sense of purpose. For example, there’s certainly a very specific time and place for one to be an unyielding, uncompromising, stubborn, belligerent, insidious, hideous, invidious, fuckin’ asshole! You nail this sweet-spot, and you're an epic hero with smashmouth charisma, but if you miss - you're nothing. Absolutely nothing! And the sad reality is that most of us don’t know our place well enough to get that timing right.

So here’s a fuckin’ toast to the ignorant, oblivious Rockstar! Let us bow to this idol -- the on-stage God Complex and ‘never say die’ attitude. The endless supply of promiscuous groupies and the multitude of STDs. Let us also honour the notorious drug addictions--because nothing says 'bad ass' like livin' life ont he edge--and the countless fuckin’ puncture wounds that overshadow the plethora of tattoos! All hail the art of plain fuckin’ indulgence and ignorant trains of thought on a nauseatingly excessive scale. The kind of downward spiral that would have even the least humble amongst wishing for a swift and dignant death as a release from this lexicon of shame. Rock on, you arrogant bastard; won’t be long before you end up drowned in a pool of your own vomit, bile and blood.

Here’s another fuckin’ toast to the Rhetorical Rodents that lurk in the sewage of the political sphere – our beloved pundits. A grand toast I make to acknowledge these cunts for grossly spinning and distorting the context of truth to serve their every foul whim; even if it incurs the wrath and judgement of the entire global conscience over the appalling nature of their tactics. Again, it won’t be long before your filthy skeletons break free of the closet -- from the sex-scandals to the blatant expositions of hypocrisy that can be poetically juxtaposed against your own shallow judgement of others. The concept of Poetic Justice cannot not be more majestic with your downfall as you're picked apart by the vulture-mentality of your own kinship.

At the end of it, I would not be surprised if most pundits would wish that they had gone the way of the Rockstars, but given how their kind are known to prostitute their own dignity on a daily basis, it also wouldn’t surprise most of us if they continue to walk through life un-phased and unscathed – simply loathed and scorned for being the perfect representation of subhuman gunk.

Does this have a point? Are there hints of self-reflection in this sarcastic diatribe? Did something happen recently that provoked this outburst? Fuck no! This is just a general observation and acceptance of the status quo by the supposed ‘rebels’ that actually help maintain this mind-numbing stasis that we call the mundane system. Who wouldn't want to honour these goodfornothings and their futile melodrama? They're the perfect personification of reality.

Take it easy, fuckers.




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