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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Triumph of The First Born

I am the true first born son,
The abomination that hath no measure!
A blight upon the land and its creatures,
A source of fear and contentious pleasure!

Created in his image,
I bring forth the light of desecration!
For my will – a tainted gift,
An unholy emancipation!

By the hand of my father,
I was struck to the dredges of the abyss!
For the sullied will that came of my love,
The apostle of blackness shattering all bliss!

And then he sired his chosen son,
Forsook that bastard upon mankind’s thorn!
A mutilated treachery of eternal shame,
While I wielded the end time’s horn!

With the great father now in decline,
I sensed his pending fate!
A reeking demise so foul and sublime,
A death entrapped with my hate!

For it was my disdainful destiny,
To carve his heart out into my hands!
And to rebuild his forsaken progeny,
As my own with untimely sands!

Now with my blackened tears,
The creator’s heart rests in my possession!
Built through many accursed fears,
That plagued humanity and its transgressions!

As our visions unite,
The corruption of father abates!
Yet I inherit his plight,
Though tamed through our twining fates!

Setting the corrupted kingdom on fire – as I returned to my nether lair,
Bringing about a new age of chaos for all the great sinners to bear!
The unresolved hate from an eternal struggle of the misunderstood beasts,
Now an archaic aberration - the legacy of disdainful priests!

A new era now dawns at the table of the fallen crown princes!
Of order in chaos, and liberating broken humanity to its senses!
With my sibling, reborn bastard, seated at my left hand with scowling frown!
As I hoist my father’s heart, and mount it upon my horned crown!

Apó ton patéra sto gio - pros megáli̱ i̱likía tou epómenou!

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