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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finality & Track Release - Apocalyptic Sin

Behold the missing element to the completed unholy glory that is, Beyond Blood & Ashes.

This also happens to be the longest track of the album delivering an epic theme that draws heavily from a track a worked on years earlier.

Given that the track itself is around 10 minutes in length—and as the case for all my tracks, should be experienced to its fullest—I'll leave the speeches out of this entry. 

This is Apocalyptic Sin! Enjoy...

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Track Release - Providence

The album is definitely near completion with only two tracks remaining as of last week, and I gladly drop that number down to one.

This is yet another track that I've passively worked on for years. It was originally conceived in bare form back in 2007 but it's grown substantially since debuting as a brief two-minute instrumental over at EmoSpace/MySpace.

I present to you all, Providence... A somewhat cataclysmic track that sees mechanism transition in osmotic fashion into sheer diminished chaos within the same breath of six running minutes. Out of the album, this is probably the most chaotic offering only on account of the fact that it's merger between two very different styles to further emphasise the dissonant theme being addressed.

So I command thee, vermin and legionnaire alike, devote the next entire six minutes of your life, every single second included, to experience the sheer chaos of this track; don't get too lost in the technical and mechanical instrumental opening, because it aptly sets you up for the chaos that ensues at somewhere around the half-way mark.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Re-Recording Release - Throne Seeker, 2014 Edition

In light of the fact that Beyond Blood & Ashes is shaping up with a certain sonic fidelity and standard, I took on the task of re-doing another track. This was something that I considered less than necessary as the track in question was something that I came up with just last year and released earlier this year; the quality was fine. On the other hand, when the rest of the tracks are shaping up with a certain aggression to the production value, then allowing this one to remain in its original form would be a undermining its potential.

Having that said, I present to you, the 2014 re-recording of Throne Seeker. This one brings to the table a longer atmospheric intro and outro, a harsher and stronger surround sound and just as much pace and blasphemy. 


Throne Seeker by Kade Storm

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck:

Saturday, July 05, 2014

New Track Release - Resurrection

The following track is both important and special for a variety of reasons. As I've vaguely alluded in the past, while I have been largely alone in these ventures, I have had the advice, support and seldom collaboration of some brilliant minds.

The collaboration involves a close friend of mine, Rob Cavalo, former lead guitarist of UK underground thrash act, Social Head Removal. Rob and I go a long ways back and we share plenty of strange stories. However, needless to say, beyond just a 'partner in crime', he's been an invaluable ally and friend. My kids know him as Uncle Rob and he's a bit of a big deal in our home. Unfortunately, he's quite the character as well—no surprise there, given that he is my friend—and has a tendency to literally disappear from the grid for years on end because he's such a fucking enigmatic adventurer.
This track is titled, Resurrection, and it is originally intended to be part of our project called Apocalypse from 2009. Yes, we had a band and there was some attention surrounding the sample of Resurrection for a few months, but then other priorities kicked in and of course, Rob's tendency to vanish also coincided with those priorities. I've tried to get a hold of him, but whatever; fact is that I considered Resurrection's lyrical and thematic approach as very complimentary to the narrative of Beyond Blood & Ashes. So after having met with Rob in 2012, I got his blessing in adapting the track to my own album as well.

From a technical perspective, and contrastingly speaking, Resurrection is the fastest track on Beyond Blood & Ashes, which is generally following a doom tempo. This particular track was written as a kind of post-thrash metal track with groove metal elements drawing from the works of Lamb of God and Machine Head. The key differences in my adaptation being that while the original was written in drop C tuning, this rendition is in a mammoth drop G with sinister lyrics—conveying the same point—and quotes pulled straight from the Bible. I consider this both a pivotal track, but also a kind of mission statement to some of the more evangelical folk who seem to be following my music and consistently warning me about getting right with Christ. Heh.

This one's dedicated to all human vermin, fellow legionnaires, and monotheistically fanatical shitheads. I present to you all, Resurrection!

Kade Storm - Resurrection

And Rob, amigo, if you're reading this and stewing... then good! You know how to get in touch, brother. Until then, I'm glad that at least one of us was able to get this one out into the creative ether.

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck: