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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DEMO Changes & Bleed at the Steps of My Altar - Behold, Blood Before Ashes

I've had a serious change of mind brought on by a fundamental realisation that was warranted and this did cause some delay with studio work but the next track is going to be released very soon, likely this weekend.

About this realisation; Decade of Torment is the farthest thing from a demo, and this is an elementary fact. If I am to direct someone towards the apex of my creative ventures, Decade of Torment would be the very last item I would hand them, because despite being very personal and valuable, it is merely a primal, raw and—at times—grossly under-produced chronicling of my entire music venture in chaotic form. It is most certainly not an appropriate representation of what I aim to offer, sonically speaking, when it comes to Beyond Blood & Ashes.

Therefore, on the above note, Decade of Torment will be around as an album and compendium of sorts for those who are interested but it is by no means my pitch or demo. The demo will compromise of three selected and modified tracks from Beyond Blood & Ashes, and will be aptly entitled, Blood Before Ashes.
A Demo Beyond the Ages
The image above isn't just some temporary place holder. Yes, we've already got it ready for printing, so check out the work below as I'll take this opportunity to promote Bleed at the Steps of My Altar one more time since this track commands eternal appreciation. 

Enjoy the ear bleed...


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