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Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Track Release - Corroded Prayer

I return this week with a new track. As previously posted, work was in progress for the album, so it was only a matter of time that the tracks would start rolling out again. The release of this track did face an initial delay due to external circumstances so I saved it up for the weekend.

This one is titled Corroded Prayer and is actually one of the rougher, primitive and grittier-sounding tracks of the album, designed in such a manner for intentional effect. As a matter of fact, a lot of the sound effects and work on this track required some additional planning and these effects will be common staple for the remaining tracks on the album, which is why I chose to record them in the order in which they are being recorded.
With this track out of the way, I have completed and released six of the nine total tracks for Beyond Blood & Ashes. The completion looms just around the corner and it is very much an inevitability at this point as all the material's already written out and decided upon, simply the recording and production are ongoing processes.
Only 3 Remain

I present to you all, human vermin and legionnaire alike, Corroded Prayer. Enjoy...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DEMO Changes & Bleed at the Steps of My Altar - Behold, Blood Before Ashes

I've had a serious change of mind brought on by a fundamental realisation that was warranted and this did cause some delay with studio work but the next track is going to be released very soon, likely this weekend.

About this realisation; Decade of Torment is the farthest thing from a demo, and this is an elementary fact. If I am to direct someone towards the apex of my creative ventures, Decade of Torment would be the very last item I would hand them, because despite being very personal and valuable, it is merely a primal, raw and—at times—grossly under-produced chronicling of my entire music venture in chaotic form. It is most certainly not an appropriate representation of what I aim to offer, sonically speaking, when it comes to Beyond Blood & Ashes.

Therefore, on the above note, Decade of Torment will be around as an album and compendium of sorts for those who are interested but it is by no means my pitch or demo. The demo will compromise of three selected and modified tracks from Beyond Blood & Ashes, and will be aptly entitled, Blood Before Ashes.
A Demo Beyond the Ages
The image above isn't just some temporary place holder. Yes, we've already got it ready for printing, so check out the work below as I'll take this opportunity to promote Bleed at the Steps of My Altar one more time since this track commands eternal appreciation. 

Enjoy the ear bleed...

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Decade of Torment DEMO - Almost Ready

I finally managed to get the hardware to access ancient material dating back to the earlier recesses of the last decade, a juncture in time that serves as a landmark for the genesis of my creative madness—and outlet—that is extreme music. Naturally, compelled by my morbid curiosities, I gave the old material a solid listen since I am on break from recording and working on putting together the tracks for the soon to be available demo CD, Decade of Torment.
Difficult to argue for album progress
when the material's ready anyway.
Now I was expecting something radically different as I revelled in the ways of the earlier years, and my expectations were accurate. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the attitude, intentions and thought-process that continue to fuel my pursuits were just as present before, but only a bit more raw, unfocussed and primal. 

I can honestly say that while my music has evolved, the change has been very much evolutionary and consistent in its direction; it is an improvement, built upon a dark creative foundation of blasphemy and deity complexes. I should also add that although there is a lot of material to share, and despite salvaging all these tracks, I still know that at least three other tracks are missing and lost to the times with the once prominent Scrub Records who were hosting my work on their radio station back in the day.

Nevertheless, I have ended up with a very long list of tracks, in fact, the following picture, on its own, can tell quite a story.
And with the exception of two, they're all decently long tracks.
As can be appreciated, we're looking at twenty tracks... I might even have to cut one of them out because as it stands, hardly any of these are small tracks. This massive demo chronicles nearly ten years of exploits dating back to a point in my life where this vessel's brain was still undergoing the basic transition of adolescence into adulthood. Stupid fucking flesh! 

Anyway, the album clocks in, after really trimming all unnecessary corners, at one hour, thirty-nine minutes and thirty-nine seconds (1 Hour; 39 Minutes; 39 Seconds). To give the mathematically annoyed ones a more direct perspective, that is just over ninety-nine minutes (99 Minutes & 39 Seconds) of pure, raw—speaker tearing—content. So bring on the over burn for the compact disc, because this will just barely fit on a CD with the proper over-burning techniques, and even then, I might have to abort one of the tracks from the final cut if space becomes an issue.

I was certainly not toying with any abstractions when I said, rather categorically, that there was approximately three albums worth of content that I had experimented with and generated over the years. Now it is time to unleash this sonic torrent upon the world so that it may clear the way for the real apocalyptic greatness, and concept album that is Beyond Blood & Ashes, which will also have a generous, 'album-wide' demo appear on the Decade of Torment CD.

I personally value this demo as its untamed chaos paved the hellacious birthing ground for the genesis of Beyond Blood & Ashes as a concept album. The story and sound of Beyond Blood & Ashes emerges rather directly from the raw material within the creative primordial entity that is Decade of Torment.