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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welfare versus Self-Righteous Social Security Memes: More Epic Failures in Political Reductionism

As always, I find more bait material in social media, this one emerging from my friend's wall.

It isn't so much the outright reductive logical fallacy of the meme that's of interest. Sadly, certain sects of the American populace are engaged in an abject campaign of self-loathing at this point, so for them to understand the serious ignorance of what's being promoted in this meme is an unrealistic expectation at this stage. These individual will learn the error of oversimplification on such a subject at some point; it's only a natural outcome of the reality that exists, but that lesson will come to them through their own cultural evolution and dialogue with others on the more sensitive sub-issues of the topic.
Well, since we're spewing bullshit-loaded platitudes,
I'll have a go... Anyone who thinks this idiot should be
allowed to procreate is a, wait for it... dip. Man, that
is just so fucking clever!

My amusement was actually stimulated by the infinitely moronic second comment that emerged on the thread. A comment where my ego and hand were forced and I ended up writing the following:
"Now anyone who thinks that someone being summoned into a life that they didn't even ask for, should be coerced to stagger through this imposed existence--and should earn their place in it without question, against an increasingly difficult paradigm of modern serfdom--is either a near-lobotomised ignorant dip, or quite likely, evil on some serious fundamental levels to publicise such a disturbing level of caprice."
Then I was struck by a wind of common sense and decided to turn this into a personal editorial-rant because it would be completely wasted on the intellectually challenged chimp who actually posted the comment, and who would probably be among the first of the unfit sacrificial causalities in their social Darwinian wet dream. Not to mention, the value of such a comment would be lost in the rectal cavity of social media where only nonsensical memes are destined to thrive; it's truly the proverbial hell hole of intellectualisms. After all, I value my words and my work, so I'll be damned if I leave some of these ideas and legitimate criticisms of a decadent, elitist meme culture in the epic limbo of social media that many have come to call Facebook.

It's understandable that the world's becoming an infinitely ugly place, largely because of the obfuscating institutions and this sense of exponentially expansive institutions that complicate our understanding of the basic social contract and the concept of individual liberty and freedom against the backdrop of such a contract. However, dear fucking internet, while I can sympathise with your legitimate concerns about issues of excessive spending, economic ignorance and abuses, I will advise that you don't add to that capricious ignorance by conflating that nonsense with your own misguided ideas and notions.

In other words: every single legitimate and stable welfare state is doing much better than that self-righteous train-wreck of a retarded platitude about social security. Stop this mud slinging and for fuck's sake, stop dicing off your own nose to spite your dumbfounded face. Seriously, just grow the fuck up, idiots!


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