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Sunday, May 18, 2014

First He Bled, Then He Bowed: Another Track Release

A strong part of my Beyond Blood & Ashes storyline was this conflict of egos that manifested with an evil, atmospheric synergy through the tracks Bleed at the Steps of My Altar and False Deity. The latter of the two was lost to the channels of time as some of the individuals who used to help with the recording process disappeared from the scene. As a result, I was left with of the older, raw data that was just junk to my system and I could not put it together without serious effort that could very well be channelled towards re-writing the track with a fresh edge and reinvigorated sound. 
An Old Classic Re-Imagined
Having very recently re-imagined and produced False Deity, I was very pleased with the outcome; however, this left me with Bleed at the Steps of My Altar, which was begging for its own revision in order to stand firmly as an unholy anthem alongside its sibling. As announced last week, work had begun on re-recording, and even re-shaping this old track.

Today, I am proud to release a revamped, resurrected version of Bleed at the Steps of My Altar. One again, even more atmosphere and a near primal sense of chaos have been injected into this track but with the paradoxical benefit of superior quality. The track relies even more on a doom tempo with discordant, diminished chord work; the track is profoundly amazing in a Luciferian sense and I advise everyone, yet again, to devote over six minutes of their time to subject themselves to this catastrophically epic dose of sonic chaos.

Official Lyric Video for Bleed at the Steps of My Altar

As always, the support is appreciated and on this note, I will add that work is already underway on getting a revised version of Vagrant Destiny ready for this concept album as all these tracks are crucial components of the core story. Here's to more unholy, guttural psalms for the aeons ahead, human vermin and legionnaires!

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