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Monday, May 26, 2014

Track Release: A Vagrant's Destiny

I seem to be following a pattern as of late since I have another re-imagined release of 2007's Vagrant Destiny. This new rendition will be known as A Vagrant's Destiny as it fits in better with the lyrical and thematic concept.
Another Classic Re-Done
One again, I feel a creative fire and sheer pride over what's been produced; it shows how far the concept and the idea has come over the years and I am glad to have pursued an approach where the older tracks would be re-calibrated and brought up to even drearier and darker atmospheric sound that epitomises my recent efforts.

I present to all legionnaires and human vermin, A Vagrant's Destiny...

Now for five straight weeks, I've engaged in unholy diligence at a studio level. I appreciate all the support and so on that note, I will be taking a break for a couple of weeks after which work will resume on concluding the remaining four tracks for Beyond Blood & Ashes.

An interesting and very much aside note, but it would seem that from all the work that is taking place, the closing track clocks in at exactly 6 minutes, while the opening track clocks in at exactly 6 minutes, and the middle track of the concept album also happens to clock in at 6 minutes. Quite a fitting subtext or even an omen... Hah! I'm certainly looking forward to unleashing this sonic behemoth upon the world in the near future.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Atlas Flumped: A Reality Check for Objectivists and Randists

Kade: What unholy of unholy defecations... There's a guest post on my blog. This one comes from one of my honourable friends, fellow humanist, but also friendly theological rival, Geoff Ulrich. Probably one of the rare few folk who pulls even fewer punches than I am willing to pull when it comes to criticising dogmatists and political extremists. Check out his blog that will be running in the near future and linked to my website. So, without further wait...

Atlas Flumped: A Reality Check for Objectivists and Randists
by Geoff Ulrich

Lately I have run into increasing numbers of people espousing the Randian/Agorist Paradigm. Individually, these are some of the most reasonable, rational people until the topic of "The House That Rand Built" comes up. Then their brains go on a walk-about vacation not to be seen, or heard from, again until the end of the conversation. Furthermore, the mental gymnastics they perform, in service to "government is the source of all evil" is massive false equivelency. This would be laughable if those same gymnastics hadn't produced a singularity in their head that is a huge, sucking vortex that swallows any logical thought or historical context down it's maw to be spewed out the other side as hyberbole, historical revision, and political reductionism. It is unfortunate really, because without reasonable, logical debate on the topic the myths of that society won't be forever dispelled. Until this happens the society it proposes will continue to find fertile ground in the minds of other, impressionable people; thus perpetuating this insanity.

No. Really.
Most of the proponents of this paradigm can't even address the basic moral, social or economic issues that get brought up to repudiate their claim that a Randian paradigm is one that will work. As if the work of the philosophers and economists, struggling for years, trying to solve it's initial flawed proof of concept and not being able to isn't a rather glaring indicator this "proposed society" has some fairly serious issues at it's heart. Then there is the oh so lovely moral morass of social Darwinism.
Each and every time I tell one of these folks: "You know, it's hard to take you seriously when you admit things like rape and theft are wrong, but don't bat an eyelash when your proposed society has no laws against rape or theft and will almost certainly devolve into feudalism and all the hell that comes with." I generally receive a response as something resembling "Cull the wheat from chaff." Seriosuly, just, what the fuck?
The core components of the Randian/Agorist Paradigm are the following:  
1.) Co-operation will occur because in this society co-operation is necessary and man is inherently moral/altruistic.
2.) Completely unregulated free market economy.
3.) The extolled, and selected for virtue in the society is selfishness. And finally...
4.) No government of any type as government is corrupt and immoral.
The first problem here is that the initial presumption, man is inherently moral, is a complete fallacy. Morals are learned behaviour and must be taught. So, right out of the gate this society is buggered to a fair thee well because its foundation is built on a flawed presumption. Define Irony? The second hurdle here is that the selected for "virtue" -- and I vomit a little when I use the term virtue for this -- selfishness is in direct contradiction to the idea all members of the society will work together because they are moral and altruistic. The two virtues are mutually exclusive. The not so funny part is this society is selecting for those very people that would doom this society to be run by the likes of sociopaths and those that would have no problems violently taking what they want. The second and fourth core components also have, let's call them, serious issues. These issues stem from the not so small fact that money/capital is actually a function of government.

Governments are what ensure money has value, is backed by something and is stable. Obviously, the free market they love so much runs into a brick wall when they remove government. No money! 

So, their society will either have to create a central coercive/moral authority to back their money or they are reduced to the barter system. It's fairly obvious that they didn't think this through too well while they were busy doing the organ grinder, mentally diseased chimp routine spewing forth the vitriol of their matriarch to anyone that would listen. So, sidebar finished, we can conclude this society would not create government they'd go with barter. This suggests that land would become their primary source of wealth. Seeing as land value is determined by what is built on it, what goes through it, or is under it we know that land is not liquid capital. 

So what do they do with all that land? 
Option 1: They use land as it was used in the past. A platform for agriculture and the raising of livestock to be bartered with their neighbors in trade for other goods. 
Option 2: They take land by force, adding to their own personal wealth through warfare and coercive authority. Might makes right. 
Option 3: They use some combination of the two other options. This then raises the questions: Who works those fields? Raises that livestock? Is it the army—or some army—that takes their neighbor's land away via aggresion? Well, it would be those that don't have the means to get land or wealth of their own. A serf class. 

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, it's because it should be from a historical perspective. The above concept is taught in most schools as Feudalism, a troubling cornerstone of the Dark Ages. This is where the historical revisionism comes in to rear its ugly head. 

Their Objectivist/Randist/Agorist argument usually goes, "That wouldn't happen to us! Our society is based upon co-operation because everyone is moral and will do what is best for the society!" And this argument is actually made with a straight face. Then when it is pointed out that all humans aren't equally or similarly moral, the twins of moron logic enter, which are political reductionism and hyperbole; or some flawed appeal to their most holy of holies: capitalism and the free market. Then when it is pointed out that these have also been deconstructed, the argument reverts back to phase one, now with new and improved strawmen and more circular reasoning.

I guess the most telling argument, from a logical standpoint, against the Randian Paradigm is this: They are proposing to inflict a fictional society on the world! Let's run that again: a fictional society! One that has never been proven to work in reality, hell, it has never even been attempted in a modern setting aside from all those ugly examples of feudalism! Also, one that was birthed by a lady that created it as a response to another extreme position: Communism. If they had functioning frontal lobes, and hand't been lobotomized by their association with this paradigm, they'd realise that the Randian Society occupies the other end of the extreme spectrum where Communism resides. More importantly, another telling point comes back to demolish this notion... repeatedly it comes back in... The point being that... It. Is. A. Fictional. Construct. So Randist/Agorists/Objectivists, get over yourselves and grow the hell up before us adults have to take you back to the kiddie table.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First He Bled, Then He Bowed: Another Track Release

A strong part of my Beyond Blood & Ashes storyline was this conflict of egos that manifested with an evil, atmospheric synergy through the tracks Bleed at the Steps of My Altar and False Deity. The latter of the two was lost to the channels of time as some of the individuals who used to help with the recording process disappeared from the scene. As a result, I was left with of the older, raw data that was just junk to my system and I could not put it together without serious effort that could very well be channelled towards re-writing the track with a fresh edge and reinvigorated sound. 
An Old Classic Re-Imagined
Having very recently re-imagined and produced False Deity, I was very pleased with the outcome; however, this left me with Bleed at the Steps of My Altar, which was begging for its own revision in order to stand firmly as an unholy anthem alongside its sibling. As announced last week, work had begun on re-recording, and even re-shaping this old track.

Today, I am proud to release a revamped, resurrected version of Bleed at the Steps of My Altar. One again, even more atmosphere and a near primal sense of chaos have been injected into this track but with the paradoxical benefit of superior quality. The track relies even more on a doom tempo with discordant, diminished chord work; the track is profoundly amazing in a Luciferian sense and I advise everyone, yet again, to devote over six minutes of their time to subject themselves to this catastrophically epic dose of sonic chaos.

Official Lyric Video for Bleed at the Steps of My Altar

As always, the support is appreciated and on this note, I will add that work is already underway on getting a revised version of Vagrant Destiny ready for this concept album as all these tracks are crucial components of the core story. Here's to more unholy, guttural psalms for the aeons ahead, human vermin and legionnaires!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Track Release: Beyond Blood & Ashes

As per my last entry on the subject, human vermin and legionnaires, I am proud to present the finalised version of the title track for the up and coming concept album, Beyond Blood & Ashes.

This particular track is a cornerstone element of the story component, along with False Deity and Bleed at the Steps of My Altar. As a track, it captures a combination of tempos along with extreme metal styles—from doom metal tempos to industrial metal precision and the diminished, dissonant and chaotic aspects of black metal—violently merged with the cavernous atmosphere that I consider my trademark to create a quasi futuristic apocalyptic anthem of a hell-stricken dystopia.
Title Track: Beyond Blood & Ashes
I can definitely say with absolute confidence the monotonous doom machine is back in a form that is beyond comprehension, apprehension and even the most errant of imaginations when some of my work got exposed last decade. An exposure that I decided to negate and throw to the winds because it's nothing more than my own personal catharsis and artistic venture. Recent times have brought with them an inspiration to not just continue my covert recording, but actually complete material and put it into action, which is exactly what's happening. I say this because I have some added news about another track that is being resurrected into a completely new form for this up and coming album; yes, Bleed at the Steps of my Altar, a companion track to False Deity, is going to appear next week, resurrected as a 2014 revision in its most unholy glory to date.

To the few lost souls out there; I appreciate the support and will make certain that their condemned souls have as much relief in their eternal suffering and lost struggle as products of this universe. In other words, I appreciate the support, human vermin!

Taking into consideration the recent political events and global dissension into madness, I dedicate this track to the lobotomised nimrods who seem to think that a certain religious ideology—that celebrates much special privilege and immunity from criticism in the developed world—is somehow, paradoxically speaking, a fucking scapegoat. I dedicate this track to the inane ignorance and reality-defying stupidity of these self-loathing idiots who would rather cut off their own noses to spite their dumb-founded faces than face reality with a bold and intellectually honest stance. I'll confess that self-flagellation among certain misguided vermin is certainly an amusing, albeit, utterly useless philosophical feature, but even this incessant demonstration of civil retardation can become boring rather quickly... and that simply leaves us with a pathetic posse of intellectually challenged morons and a whole void of unanswered questions because they're rather play the scapegoat card.

Therefore, in dedication to the troglodytes above, I present to you, Beyond Blood & Ashes...

Lyric Video - Beyond Blood & Ashes

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welfare versus Self-Righteous Social Security Memes: More Epic Failures in Political Reductionism

As always, I find more bait material in social media, this one emerging from my friend's wall.

It isn't so much the outright reductive logical fallacy of the meme that's of interest. Sadly, certain sects of the American populace are engaged in an abject campaign of self-loathing at this point, so for them to understand the serious ignorance of what's being promoted in this meme is an unrealistic expectation at this stage. These individual will learn the error of oversimplification on such a subject at some point; it's only a natural outcome of the reality that exists, but that lesson will come to them through their own cultural evolution and dialogue with others on the more sensitive sub-issues of the topic.
Well, since we're spewing bullshit-loaded platitudes,
I'll have a go... Anyone who thinks this idiot should be
allowed to procreate is a, wait for it... dip. Man, that
is just so fucking clever!

My amusement was actually stimulated by the infinitely moronic second comment that emerged on the thread. A comment where my ego and hand were forced and I ended up writing the following:
"Now anyone who thinks that someone being summoned into a life that they didn't even ask for, should be coerced to stagger through this imposed existence--and should earn their place in it without question, against an increasingly difficult paradigm of modern serfdom--is either a near-lobotomised ignorant dip, or quite likely, evil on some serious fundamental levels to publicise such a disturbing level of caprice."
Then I was struck by a wind of common sense and decided to turn this into a personal editorial-rant because it would be completely wasted on the intellectually challenged chimp who actually posted the comment, and who would probably be among the first of the unfit sacrificial causalities in their social Darwinian wet dream. Not to mention, the value of such a comment would be lost in the rectal cavity of social media where only nonsensical memes are destined to thrive; it's truly the proverbial hell hole of intellectualisms. After all, I value my words and my work, so I'll be damned if I leave some of these ideas and legitimate criticisms of a decadent, elitist meme culture in the epic limbo of social media that many have come to call Facebook.

It's understandable that the world's becoming an infinitely ugly place, largely because of the obfuscating institutions and this sense of exponentially expansive institutions that complicate our understanding of the basic social contract and the concept of individual liberty and freedom against the backdrop of such a contract. However, dear fucking internet, while I can sympathise with your legitimate concerns about issues of excessive spending, economic ignorance and abuses, I will advise that you don't add to that capricious ignorance by conflating that nonsense with your own misguided ideas and notions.

In other words: every single legitimate and stable welfare state is doing much better than that self-righteous train-wreck of a retarded platitude about social security. Stop this mud slinging and for fuck's sake, stop dicing off your own nose to spite your dumbfounded face. Seriously, just grow the fuck up, idiots!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Beyond Blood & Ashes - Usual Extreme Metal

Beyond Blood & Ashes - Usual Extreme Metal
My personal catharsis through  music continues, beating out even the existence of this blog.

Another track--the title track--for my up and coming album, Beyond Blood & Ashes, has been completed. This means that I am actually done with six tracks and have only a remaining three to work through. Technically speaking, the album's already complete since I have the primary six tracks that convey the story. I should confess that I like to borrow quite a bit from the black metal underground scene, which includes the recurring themes of eternal serfdom, blasphemy, an uncompromising infatuation with satanic imagery... and a preference for six-track albums. However, with the additional tracks on my mind, I am inclined to include them with the album as they can provide a sub-plot to the main story. These additional tracks will get done when they get done, although given the creative flow, chances seem high for these sonic abominations to appear on the final release of the concept album.

In the meantime, I'm also nearly ready to release a limited-run demo titled 'Decade of Torment'. This will contain some of the tracks to appear on the concept album, along with a number of 'work in progress' heavy instrumentals that are a mix of low-fi and some better quality material. The point of this demo is to present a chronicle of sorts of my creative trajectory, experiments, and even struggles with the writing process as over the years, I have ended up with a lot of incomplete raw material that could be enough to fuel around two extreme metal albums. Decade of Torment should be available around August 2014.

I'll also take this opportunity to remember the silent partners and individuals who offered their creative efforts and guidance. Individuals who have disappeared from the grid and become estranged over the many years, but individuals who I still hold in very high regard. On the surface, I am a lone wolf in these endeavours, but I've always had excellent support.