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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Armenian Genocide – Why Historic Revisionism Will Always Remain Inexcusable & Breed Animosity

This entry actually needs repeating around the current time of the year, because that's when the politically motivated folks get their collective nut sacks in a bunch. Unfortunately, the Armenian side of the narrative gets vilified and dismissed as some kind of 'century old', unmerited hatred for an entire group of people. In reality, however, it's more of a resentment towards the nature of the superficial olive branches--and denials of a very bloody genocide that is exhibited--by some of those people, including political pundits.

Because Revisionism Sucks
You see, this isn't about racism and bigotry or cross-cultural hatred. I'd rather not get into a monolithic interpretation of the Armenian or Turkish collective--or any collective for that matter--but one thing can be said with confidence. There isn't hate for much of anything other than the abject denial of a very brutal genocidal atrocity, as is the case with all genocides, which certainly took place in the region and against the Armenian people. No amount of platitudes addressing the presently unstable regional political climate--that everyone agrees could use serious improvement and genuine, across-the-isle, diplomacy--will address the inherent, cultural denialism and historic revisionism that has long engulfed this atrocity, resulting in the perpetuation of poor cultural stereotypes and animosity.

This was never about hate for any people or any nation; it's all one large region with a lot of common genetic and cultural history. However, there is a real sad and legitimately resentful disdain for the ignorance and historic revisionism that are shamelessly employed, and parroted, to avoid the more painful aspects of this historic atrocity and its accurate attribution to the cruelty of an empire long consumed by hubris. Efforts made towards such acknowledgement are usually rather weak, subtly dismissive and give the impression of a disingenuous olive branch, with even an audacious attempt at shifting blame and suffering. 

To really highlight the point being made, I'll confess that I do find the Turkish Prime Minister's condolence to the Armenian side, about shared pain, to fall well short of anything that could be considered a sincere gesture. When truly examined multiple times, and critically, it comes across as an appeal to political convenience and pretentious political correctness without the graceful admission of some harsh realities. I mean, really... shared pain? Come the fuck on, man; this pain was never shared. 

If people from both sides of the fence want to actually avoid the potential of cross-cultural bigotry, then this kind of ignorance driven by bondage with pride will have to be put aside. Furthermore, the realities of the blood-stained past will have to be admitted to the fullest, because for fuck's sake, an entire generation--and potentially an entire populace--of people were almost lost to the caprice of typical history, written by typical victors with a false sense of grandiosity.

I am definitely not pushing for blood-staining the hands of people who never had blood on their hands in the first place. The whole 'sins of the father will be visited upon the son' nonsense belongs in the confusion and idiocy of religious dogma and isn't my cup of tea; guilt by association is nonsense, plain and simple. However, we really need to stop washing the slaughtered life-blood of an entire culture off the fucking hands of the dead demagogic tyrants who've revelled in such sadistic elitism. Shame on those who are falling prey to the confusion that surrounds this serious matter and an even greater shame on those who're generating such confusion and obfuscation to support a distorted and revisionist narrative/propaganda.


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