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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Non Sequiturs & Charlatans: Why It Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult To Trust Most 'Religious Scholars'... Or Comedians

As always, I make the mistake of perusing social media, only to come across the following abomination of meme, shared by a close old contact, from established comedian, Papa CJ's Facebook page.

Read & Weep: If this armchair crap passes for scholarly wisdom,
then Islam seriously needs some better scholars.
So the winning question: Who committed the Armenian genocide? Oops. I guess anyone can look to history and pull out a straw man argument in favour of their cultural or cognitive bias.

I am reminded of the popular Biblical line, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." With this kind of logic, we're more or less doomed to go in circles without questioning anything. It would be a pointless acceptance of every vile act in history and every vile act to follow justified on grounds of the historical occurrence.

First off, we have to openly admit that pretty much all of the entire free world—thanks to its freedom, critical thinking, and separation of state and religion; something the Islamic theocratic cabal fails to comprehend—is able to fully admit to acts of genocide, terrorism, bigotry and moral misery. Meanwhile, certain Islamic 'scholars' often waste all debate time patting themselves on the back using the moral equivalence fallacy in hopes of simply obfuscating the issue when no one is arguing in favour of those hideous historical acts. You hear that, Mr Scholar? We don't need to be reminded of our blood stained history as we're doing a damn fine job flogging ourselves about it everyday. On the other hand, what have you done in recent times to civilise those few rogue and extremist elements of your own flock? Oh, that's right. You're too busy tossing red herrings our way to deal with the issues inside your own religious collective that often hurt that collective and its many peaceful observers. That right there is some twisted sense of priority.

I get it; the majority of Moslems aren't terrorists and that would be fine and dandy if that was the actual argument being made, which it isn't since the majority of the entire world more or less rejects this deranged stereotype that only appeals to the absolute low lives of Anglo-American society. Unfortunately for all of us involved in this cross-cultural dialogue, the straw man-inclined crooks who intentionally poison such debates with their meaningless red herrings just can't help themselves from playing the victim card in these discussions. Seriously, stop teaching us—who aren't interested in this religion—about its tenants regarding peace, acceptance, charity, fidelity, loyalty... foreskin, and whatever. Instead, reform those few errant members of your own creed who've taken it upon themselves to abuse certain interpretations of your scripture with the sole purpose of inflicting abuse on the rest of the world, including the peaceful members of their own religion who don't agree with such aggressive thinking. 

Yes, many horrible things happened over this millennia long thing that we call history, and even more atrocities continue to happen today... What is the fucking point here? Are we not allowed to discuss the present occurrences of such acts because they've already happened? We is the semantic police out on patrol for words like 'terrorism'? Can those folk circulating around these memes comprehend a world where one is not allowed to call out a moral wrong for what it is, simply because centuries ago, a similar moral wrong was allowed to prevail without criticism? If that is indeed the case, then logic and common decency have left the building.

It is thanks to our western history that half of these spoilt, self-loathing liberal folk can get to internalise their rebellion. Apparently, since we had the Spanish inquisitions--many fucking generations ago--that means we are absolutely forbidden from calling a religiously motivated act of terror, a religiously motivated act of terror. No, this isn't intellectual honesty or a serious examination of contemporary issues; this is a criminally ignorant justification of heinous actions at its crudest. 

Besides, let's examine one of these claims. The bombs dropped on Japan--a hideous part of our history--weren't done because 'God commanded' the act, it was literally the consequence of cold pragmatism for which we continue to self-flagellate to this very day. On the other hand, when a religiously motivated terrorist executes indiscriminate violence and murder on both fellow believers and non-believers, it is a necessary and painful act of pointless destruction mandated by interpretation of scripture. There is a difference, and pointing out that difference isn't racism or bigotry; it's a statement of fact. 

I would like to present you all with a hypothetical scenario, that is an all too familiar reminder of what happens in the world today, by today's standards—when we as a civilised society, regularly condemn concepts like bigotry, slavery, racism and religious stereotyping. In this modern world—that these scholars wilfully ignore—the fuck face with a bomb vest blowing up a mall, didn't comit the morally questionable act as a means to prevent further escalation of the World War II, they did it simply because doctrine and pundits told them that they had to commit said act. It was a mandate for them in order to escape a life of suffering while acquiring a divine dictator's approval for passage into a questionable afterlife of absolute, arbitrary self-indulgence. 

Furthermore, just because we have a history full of heinous acts, doesn't mean that we cannot question those actions in the future. I can't believe that people resort to this nonsense in this day and age; it speaks to the painful levels of intellectual bankruptcy that is taking place when we're taking our political queues from a bunch of self-serving 'comedians', literally. 

Please, internet. If you're going to throw nonsense on my plate, bring your A game. If you want to discuss numbers, then I am truly here for you because once we skim past all the hyperbole and look at the real state of societal progress in reverse, the equation looks much more dire. Try factoring in the suffering and oppression—on a state-level scale—along with the bigotry and penalties against freedom of conscience, choice and speech—these are real, present-day victims, Moslems and non-Moslems alike. Putting all this together, we're looking at an entire bibliography of genocides that have already taken place along with a whole slew of new ones that are progressing nicely while fraudulent scholars have the audacity to demand that we shut up because our own free information culture has the honesty to address other atrocities in from history. 

Sharing of such memes by any reasonable-minded person should be considered an absolute act of shame, as they have abrogated their moral, intellectual and human compasses for the chance to perpetuate this shameless display of self-aggrandisement and ideological apology at the expense of addressing serious global problems. This is quite possibly one of the most harmful, distractive tactics used to breed further confusion on the subject of global-scale suffering and plight from which no one group is free, regardless of their ideological allegiance. The world has become much too smart and self-aware to allow this kind of shoddy nonsense to penetrate the scholarly realm. 

It is high time that we boot these egotistical charlatans out of this fake discourse, and have a real discussion about how to move forward where real human rights are taken into consideration, predicated on non-coercion and abuse, with individual freedom and dignity taking central priority.


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scumdigger said...

I never understood why they talk about being Muslim not being the same as being a No sane person believes that crap anyway. This is why its hard to believe that this was seriously brought up in a debate. Guy was probably butthurt about the word terrorism and we dont call all criminal acts by anyone terrorism until it fits the profile.

Anytime we criticise terrorism one of these idiots thinks that its being applied to everyone in the religion. Why so defensive bro? Got something to hide? lol.

Kade Storm A.K.A. Hedonist said...

Yeah, as per my rants that go a good ways back now...

This tends to be a common red herring. When the extremist element is criticised for religiously motivated acts of terror, these guys lay down the gauntlet about how all Moslems aren't terrorists. Leaving the rest of us with the task of scratching out heads over why something this irrelevant was dropped right in the middle of the dialogue.

At the most basic level: terrorism isn't exclusive for Islam. We used the same label for extreme eco groups and the IRA, among others. It just so happens that Islamic extremists have mobilised on a much larger scale, so we get MORE of that terrorism. If these scholars don't like it, then they should address these fanatics rather than split hair with us about semantics.

I tend to think that it is a case of intellectual dishonesty. I would bet on it, actually. These pundit-pseudo-scholar types like to appeal to all sides. While they show up at these debates with this view that they're all about peace, they rarely have the guts to outright address the rogue elements tainting their cause. Instead, they just prefer to resort to deflection tactics and anything to basically shut up any criticism in the debate. I mean, basically, this guys is demanding that we don't condemn terrorism either so he can have his bread buttered both ways. So I am inclined to think that this is a disgusting case of intellectual dishonesty. Hitchens has call out quite a few scholars on this very token in the past.

Let's think about it logically. If you're a passionate believer in something, and someone else claims allegiance to the same beliefs but acts our in a manner that you consider fundamentally opposed to your belief system. Essentially, this other person is giving your belief-system a bad name. What do you do? Do you go about telling everyone else to shut up with their criticism--despite it being directed at the other extremists--because that is not what you're about? Or do you gather the intellectual courage to deal with the extremists among your own kin?

It's amazing isn't it, because for all the big talk about honesty and hypocrisy, certain theologians are the most shameless when it comes to flaunting their intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy.

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