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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Musings On An 'Americanism': Perhaps It's Time For That Long Overdue Embargo On The Export Of Fox News Idiocy

Yeah, I'm not going to talk about my ever-so-predictably unpredictable hiatuses, followed by less than stellar and largely uneventful returns. I mean, truth be told, this is one of the oldest, classic 'blogs' on the internet, and would anyone dare to guess what makes that assessment so wonderfully depressing? I'll offer a pithy answer: it doesn't involve even a hint of hyperbole. By this point, most blogs have turned into massive traffic hubs where the authors would shamelessly--and rightfully so--market every little polished turd with its own special hash-tag for the Twitter drones. Meanwhile, this personal soapbox of mine is like a frozen, venomous pathos that will—most likely—remain just as it is while time decays into obsolescence. So here's to 2014, another measly blink of an eye in that greater cosmic scheme known as chaos that, by its very tortured design, shamelessly begs for its subjects to pursue some form of abstract meaning and contrast.

Anyway, I have to admit that I've developed a growing, yet disturbing relationship with social media in recent years. It's never been my ideal cup of tea, but then again, my ideal cup of tea is another myth in the making, and definitely a subject for anther time. Needless to say, I tend to run into far too many provocative discussions that are only provocative on grounds of the sheer idiocy that pillars these pathetic collisions of tasteless moronic thought that we try to pass off as 'healthy dialogue'. Yes, I am in favour of dialogue, but I would be ever so grateful if you foul vermin--creatures of this dying Earth--come up with something that isn't just myopically incendiary, but also tempered with an equal measure of thought provoking intellectual quality.

"So what the fuck is he babbling on about?" - Wondered The Troglodytes

Well, have a look at the following video...

Sharia in Minnesota: How Fox News Kills Brain Cells

I got into a discussion on a friend's wall about the above-linked video. It was interesting, but not so much in that thought-provoking sense as it was in highlighting the kind of cultural arrogance and hubris that seems to afflict so many. So while some of the commentary was amusing, it was also polluted with disappointingly ignorant comments from individuals who I've generally found to be well-informed, hence the disappointment. Not only was I bored and agitated by the collective idiocy at play, but I was also disappointed by the poor debate form of certain individuals who I hold to a slightly higher standard than the rest of the sub-human race, especially when it involved the shameless marketing of a sleazy, cheap tagline that be best summed up as a new millennium Americanism.

So unfortunately, I just can't help but share the following 'Americanism' on this blog as it highlights a serious problem in a country that is quickly becoming the Saudi Arabia of the Anglo Saxon world.

The saying goes, "Assimilate or die." Not all that different from other notable brain farts, such as, "Love it or leave it!" and "Love it or die!" Well, so much for trying to match the blind nationalistic bravado of a bootlegger in the streets of Riyadh as he cheers on the execution of the next apostate to challenge the orthodoxy of the national status quo; after all, it's all about the putrid phrase that goes, 'assimilate or die'. 

There goes any real effort towards freedom and dignity or a land that champions individual freedom, because the above-mentioned quotes are alarming, abject contradictions on a cultural level. Perhaps these aren't true Americans, but making that judgement would be political correctness on my part. On the other hand, political correctness can only be used as a pejorative term when ridiculing someone for speaking up about the realities of minority rights or cultures--it totally doesn't count when claiming sanctuary in one's own cultural and cognitive biases, because those are naturally correct positions as we arbitrarily deem them to be correct.

If you, the reader, are not already thinking to yourself, "What a fucking load of horseshit!" Then I truly bid you farewell as you settle yourself at the bottom end of the evolutionary bell curve; don't bother reading further.

Now I love America as well as anyone else who can truly admire the Jeffersonian romantic notions of individual freedom and dignity. However, when I read culturally arrogant stuff like the above, paired with equally moronic statements about a collective Europe, I find it very difficult to defend American culture to outsiders who generally ridicule it for being intellectually and culturally bankrupt.

I look forward to the day when this vulgar export of ethnocentric arrogance gets traded in for something a bit more credible and historically noteworthy... Something that can actually do the country's current legacy and public reputation some worthwhile justice.

I shared my thoughts on this discussion on my own wall and a few individuals enquired about the nature of my post and its inspired origins. I explained to them that the related-topic reminded me of something that I've found deeply unsettling in the 'free world'. Something that inspired my addressing of an issue that's become a central component of blind nationalism in a post-9/11 America.

You see, if we really look back at the recent decades, it becomes harder to deny that this rather aggressive 'us or them' phrasing took on a whole new life of its own around that era, and initially began as an attack on critics of American foreign policy before expanding into anything and everything to do with foreigners or anyone who thought outside the echo chamber of the prevailing and mostly fashionable consensus.

I'll refrain from dishonest retreats as I am far from a paragon of universal tolerance myself. I get annoyed by people who don't exercise the effort to at least try assimilating. However, forcing such stuff on the individual--especially on grounds of their personal culture or identity--is another alarming matter, one that most connoisseurs of the free world should take a firm stance against.

Also, since it's been brought up, I should explain the background. The wall post that I am referring to--that inspired this entry--had less to do with language and more to do with the the hysterical, yellow journalistic response to the so-called 'spread of Somalian culture' in Minnesota. Thanks to the typical case of Fox News/Faux Noose doing its typical mental gymnastics, people were being convinced that just because Target was reassigning Moslems to tasks other than handling pork, that Sharia law was somehow taking over the region. Hey, it's their right to reject handling whatever on grounds of personal comfort and that's something they work out with their employers. This had nothing to do with Sharia, but it didn't stop the hysteria train from taking a disturbing stop at the 'Assimilate or Die -- That's The American Way' station along with idiotic mentions of how it's worse in Europe, which is pure nonsense on more levels than one could count. I mean, if one is pretending to sound smart while feigning knowledge about a continent that they clearly know jack shit about, at least base the talking points off of something other than a British National Party pamphlet that even some of the most ignorant mongoloids in Britain laugh at because of the sheer fictional bullshit value of such shameless political self-parody that's being passed off as a bizarrely moronic party manifesto. 

Now getting back to the assimilate or die false dichotomy. Assimilate to what, exactly? Some beliefs? The majority of the public are into retarded Hollywood and pop idol culture anyway. So does that mean we're all subject to shit like Justin Bieber, or risk facing death? The only universal concept that should be followed is that of freedom of belief and speech, without any special privileges or exceptions that allow one party's belief system to be imposed on the same personal rights of others. Whether we like it or not that means people are free to refuse handling of pork--or whatever--on personal or religious grounds and if their employer wants to negotiate with them on that objection, the's the market force at work. This assimilate or die nonsense implies that there's some old world orthodoxy in place and that's a very dangerous slippery slope and in my sincere, cultured and educated opinion, very counter-American. 

Regarding the matter of culture; embracing a free and open society on a cultural level is very important but it is also important as it begs another question of its own. Who is really committing a crime against the unique virtues of the American culture and its spirit? Who would one find guilty of rejecting this culture? Would it be the naturally ignorant foreigners who have yet to fully realise or know better? Or do we exercise a bit of cerebral prowess and shift our attention to the wilfully ignorant locals, squirming in the throes of a false sense of pride, as they continue to indulge their rampant revisionist appetites, driven by gross selection-bias while babbling on the same bigoted, ethnocentric rhetoric. All this cultural debauchery without even a sense of the lingering irony that could be easily gleaned or realised through self awareness and a bit of humility. I believe that this is a rather rhetorical question, as it gives real consideration to the origins of a nation that was originally a colony and sought independence from the 'old country' as a means to become a new melting pot. It's just downright ironic to look back at all that and then make obnoxious monolithic threats about assimilation to some vague orthodoxy that shouldn't even exist.

Only in this age of circle-jerk intellectualisms, with journalism and news media reduced to the dignity of fucking hash tags, would one find Fox News squander away such a golden opportunity. A bit of a shame how they threw away the one fine and rare example of capitalism's virtue; a free market business, Target, catering to its employees needs through an independent, non-intervened, dialogue and then reassigning them to acceptable roles within the company. Really, it was a win-win for the 'capitalism is freedom and separation between church and state' liberty motif, but then a festering shill on a news show that has been a self-parody for the better part of its life cycle, reached for the stars—literally—and turned it into a Sharia law diatribe designed specifically to feed the culture war flurry. 

Furthermore, it takes such saddening levels of intellectually bankrupt bullshit, such as the news piece video above, to bring out some of the most painfully ugly ideas and impulses in generally well-meaning individuals. Individuals who can seriously be considered good people by any other measure, but who have also sadly become serious casualties of their own ignorance, which is doubly compounded by a dwindling pool of clear information and knowledge supply, stifled further by criminal levels of white noise created from such disgracefully poor showing that is being passed off as journalism.


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