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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Australian Progress in Reverse, Also Known As, 'Why Tony Abbott's a Neanderthal Cunt'

Well, to be fair, this is a rather cruel attribution to the Neanderthals, who were otherwise known for having decent brain mass and adaptive skills. Hell, I carry a higher-than-average percentage of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA myself. So my apologies to any anthropologists or palaeontology nerds; Tony Abbot isn't a Neaderthal. On that same token, my apologies to all manner of cunts out there; this douchebag is no cunt. Tony Abbott is either a special kind of sub-human entity, or he just got dropped a few too many times on his head when his mother saw his mug.

I'm all for compassion towards nature's 'freaks', but it needs to be said that this is the face of someone who was definitely concussed a good few times as an infant.

This is actually a serious matter, because Australia's got its own eccentric right-wing revival in the form of the Liberal Party under the leadership of current Aussie prime minister, Tony Abbot, also known as Vladimir Putin's ugly—and mentally challenged—bastard, sired from his secret love affair with Tony Blair... never to be spoken of again.

Political Circus: The new wave of Neo Conservatism

Neo Conservatism has taken on a life of its own in the new millennium, but in a manner that's made it highly accessible to fringe lunatics looking to bring in a whole new vision of what can be best described as 'new right'. This is a rather myopic extreme right ideology thinly veiled by the pretention of political centrism, or devil forbid, moderateness. This makes the vetting process rather difficult because if the ideology wasn't already putrid enough, its representatives epitomise a whole new realm of nationalistic, elitist and overly-self indulgent madness.

Australia is presently undergoing the motions of electing the Liberal Party into power. Their version of the liberals is a whole other concept; Aussie 'libetards' are the equivalent of the presently misguided, self-serving American Republicunts, and Tony Abbott is quite possibly one of the most comical nut jobs to have graced political power in recent times. Armed with an absolute disdain for gays, immigrants, asylum seekers, women's rights, minority rights, basic human dignity and intelligence; this man is the all-in-one dream package for any deranged puritanical voter. In just under a year of acquiring power, he is overturning considerable levels of social and private life progress that was made in Australia; he could be the quintessential political retard to succeed at turning Australia into America in the shortest amount of time, not even David Cameron and his crone-brigade could match this man's elitism-charged lunacy, although they do come close at times.

Voting Lunacy: Piss Poor Apologies for an Even Poorer Choice

Why am I even writing about this? Come to think about it, I don't really know. It's not like any of this is news or enlightening material. Australian's—by the mob majority—voted in a relatively backward party, and with the progressive theme of the times, they placed the most extreme maniac among their ranks onto the throne. As a result, the oppressed political minority are repeatedly extolling the virtues of previous governments and leaders, with the exception of a select few who seem to think that due political process matters so much, that it doesn't matter if it produces scum bag leaders, so long as the process itself goes unchallenged. Ah, there's my motivation for having a go at the Australian political scene.

Some numb nuts, and many of them I consider friends and colleagues, are rather butt-hurt by Julia Gillard's antics regarding Kevin Rudd being thrown out of power. Of course, it was one—among many—shameful chapters to have graced party politics, and no one was really happy about the development when Gillard took the seat of power for herself. However, it is rather annoying to hear someone bitch about how she was never 'voted into power'.
"What the fuck are you smoking? Because I want some!" – My Demand

Party Politics: Why One's an Idiot If They Really Think They're Voting Solely For an Individual

You don't vote an individual onto the throne, you vote an entire political hierarchy—by way of a party—onto the throne and with that comes a chain of command and leadership, which can, indeed, change hands. We're not voting in individuals, we're voting in parties, even if our party vote is determined by the individual on the poster. It's fucking asinine, in any remotely democratic country, to act dumbfounded over the idea that a party in power can have multiple candidates who can step into the leadership position.

Of course Gilard wasn't voted into power, neither was Rudd or Abbott. The Labour Party was voted in before and now it's all in the hands of the Aussia Liberals, and with that, the entire circus of politicians and their associated hierarchy that comes with each party. Rudd's following are just suffering from haemorrhoids over the fact that party politics resulted in him getting dethroned in a rather shameless manner, but the stupid arguments about how this isn't 'democratic'; are we fucking kidding ourselves? The entire concept is predicated on a party system and this is what we call democracy from what is being sold on the market. Don't like it? Then push for a change, but until then, wise up, you voters,  because you're never voting for an individual, you're voting for a mob and a slew of policies and proposals that will most likely go over that individual's head as he or she signs them into affect anyway.

Voting Out of Spite – A Poor Reflection on Our Grasp of Democracy 

Having gone through all of the above, no matter how horrifically underhanded Gilard may have been, there has to be a standard of critical thinking when making apologies for the political train wreck that succeeded the Labour regime. If apologists of Abbott defer to the laughable idea that he was voted into power, as an individual, and that fact somehow makes all of his destructive policies relatively 'acceptable', then they have their work ahead of them by miles. 

Democracy is meant to be a tool, not a divine process to be served absolutely. If the tool or process is constantly setting up tyrannical leaderships or fascist governments, then guess what: it has fucking failed and it doesn't matter how many times one mindlessly yells the word 'democracy' while ignoring the lingering irony; the process has failed. In an ideal, liberal, democratic environment, when all groups are not receiving representation and protection, then the process has outright failed. If democracy votes in the next Hitler or Stalin, then again, it has fucking failed and a tyranny is set to unfold.

If democracy means that the Tony Abbott's of the world get to literally demolish the progressive integrity of a leading first-world nation by thwarting it back into a disgraceful Neo Con idealism re-enactment, then not only has democracy failed, but the voting public has grossly failed itself. Individuals arguing from this appeal to democratic tradition, to witlessly absolve Abbott, are the worst of the bunch and should really get their political aptitude checked before getting into politics or even voting. Half the problem with the world today is that voting has gone to hell between the cynics and the morons, because the cynics—smart as they are—have been driven away from the process thanks to the morons, primarily leaving the morons, from each fringe, to vote without a fucking clue. 

Back-Fucking-Assward! – An Assclown Leader for an Assclown Public?

Tony Abbott's an old-world, puritanical dimwit hiding behind a right-wing Libertarian agenda. Unlike other hard-headed right-wing tyrants, such as Putin, he also lacks the political charisma and propaganda potential to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. In one sense, it is a shame that the voting public didn't see this coming, and speaks to their ignorance and apathy. In another sense, Abbott's less of a threat to the civilised world in general--given the obvious and somewhat tacky nature of his agenda--but still a colossal maniac and moron nonetheless. 

Again, the public need to wise up, and should start voting objectively rather than out of spite. Just because a given party has pissed off the voting public through slipshod tactics, doesn't mean that the voting public should proxy-default to the opposing party without even vetting them for the kind of hellacious potential they might present if allowed into power.

I would like to close this entry with the following; consider this my special note to all of humanity. 

Dear mentally impaired vermin, 
Voting is a serious matter. Democracy requires a delicate balance of objective thinking, pragmatism and deep commitment to principles and humane results; it requires an essential level of intelligence and discernment that many of you are failing to demonstrate. 
So prove me wrong and stop voting in these demagogic spastic parasites on what can be best described as a spiteful whim. I mean, just because Obama failed to bring 'change' and basically became a leaner, taller and tanned Bush, doesn't mean that disappointed voters should automatically seek salvation inside Romney's colon. Start exploring and creating real options rather than voting these circus acts into office just because the previous clown-college dropout wasn't nice enough.

Yours maliciously,
Kade Storm -- Your Eternal Overlord of Hellfire and Brimstone


Anonymous said...

three posts in a year looking to break 2010 record.. Lol!

Kade Storm said...

You might be thinking 2011.

So, given the fact that I've been honoured today by two comments from you, am I to assume that it is another boring day at the asylum?

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