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Sunday, March 23, 2014

About Bloody Time: UK's First Prosecutions against Female Genital Mutilation

Well, this was rather unexpected. Again, courtesy of BBC via the social media, we get to welcome news that, apparently, the United Kingdom has had its first prosecutions against female circumcision/genital mutilations announced (BBC, 2014).

Scene of the Crime: A doctor at Whittington Hospital in London, allegedly
carried out this heinous procedure. Now maybe we can start going after all
those crimes against male infants who undergo a Draconian genital mutilation
process that society isn't too keen to address at the moment.
The internet and the world at large—the civilised elements, at least—are in glee of this news and welcome this development as a seminal moment in social progress. Unfortunately, I am not all that impressed by any of this as I'm left questioning why it took this bloody long to address a matter of such fundamental importance where the physical body rights of individuals is outright violated, permanently so, by proxy of superstitious, delusional, utterly theological edicts of the parents who blindly follow such abusive dogma.

There is nothing groundbreaking about this legal move on a matter when the legal precedence, framework and tools for such essential manoeuvres have existed as far back as the end of the Second World War when we founded the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hell, even the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) addresses the matter of individual liberty, dignity and speech as a fundamental matter. Despite these provisions being placed to our benefit, we have extended special privilege to complete maniacs for their personal religious sensibilities, all in our fickle devotion to tolerance. What about the human rights of the speechless infant? Or the repressed and oppressed female child being subjected to something so profoundly abusive?

So in light of all these pre-existing institutions—that have been widely used and even abused by some of the most criminal elements of society—why isn't there a long litany of prosecutions against criminally ignorant parents who permanently maim their children's genitals in the superstitious name of their personal delusion and brainwashing? Yes, it speaks to both our ineptitude and shame that only now have we managed to initiate our first prosecutions for something as heinous as female circumcision when there is no humanitarian or legal grounds for allowing parents to mutilate the genitals of any child—regardless of gender—without their informed consent. 

This entire topic of circumcision highlights—to the exact proximity—the kind of religious privilege and exception enjoyed by certain brackets of society. The kind of hideous nonsense that needs to be openly berated, ridiculed and outlawed with criminal penalties, but Premier Cameron would rather focus on banning consensual rape porn (Wright, 2013); why are so many first-world leaders inclined towards coercive policies while turning a blind eye towards crimes of coercion and abuse? This is essentially an outright betrayal of our secular and progressive philosophy that emphasises our standing as civilised world powers. Furthermore, this is also an alarming pattern at play and it is not even mildly offset by this pathetic declaration of prosecutions—against female circumcision/genital mutilation—as it was at least thirty years overdue.

We, as a society, need to start getting our secular priorities straight rather than listen to more apologies and nonsense designed to protect some of the most alarmingly disturbing aspects of puritanical religious barbarianism.

Of course, anything is better than nothing, and I still welcome this as a shard of good news and hope. However, I will remain a firm critic of our laxness towards this unchecked privilege that is enjoyed by various factions of the religious collective cabal; a largely disingenuous union that has only served to continue societal divide and perpetuate tribalism, and with it, the baffling, unquestioned acceptance of some some of the most ghastly, grotesque rituals.

Enough with this protective racketeering around religious sensibilities; no infant, child, or person should have their body permanently maimed without their informed consent, simply because we as a culture chose to overly tolerate this dogmatic servility towards rituals that have no place or purpose in the modern world.


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