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Monday, March 17, 2014

A Tale of Two Super Powers: How the Cold War Never Ended, And Why the Anti-War Brigade Needs To Wise Up

Image Courtesy of The Cold Warrior
With the 'landslide' voting outcome in Russia under the ruse of a referendum backing the Almighty Demagogue Putin's plans for Crimea, the political sphere on the internet BBC, 2014). There is a lot that I find amusing about the selective biases and self-serving hypocrisies that have spawned from this latest, but utterly predictable, saga in the on-going cold war that never really ended.
has got its collective ball-sack in a vice grip (

The part that I find profoundly amusing, though, is how the anti-war brigade is shamelessly prostrating itself at the steps of Putin's personal temple. Because any excuse is good enough to bitch about the American war-military industrial complex, even witlessly buying into the propaganda of the war-military industrial complex of a far greater tyranny (DAWN – Democracy AgainstWar Now, 2014).

"Perhaps I should've titled this entry, 'Between Putin & Pundits – How Critical Thinking Has Become a Damaged Parody'." – My Thoughts

Obviously, there is considerable merit to the arguments regarding American and EU involvement in passive coercion of the democratic process in Ukraine. Even Howard Bloom did an excellent commentary on the matter very recently and I advise everyone to have a listen to this interview on the X Zone Radio show (The 'X' Zone Radio, 2014).

However, acknowledging this point doesn't really bring any kind of ground-breaking facts to the table. The manner in which post-World War II geopolitics have unfolded, much of the world's trajectory falls in the hands of a few nations. At this point, passive coercion is a default state of global management. Even the states that often bemoan America's power monopoly seek sanctuary in that monopoly when in times of trouble or serious need.

The Cold War is a painful inheritance of the Russian-American legacy, but Putin gets to snidely snipe away at America because the Iron Curtain collapsed, giving him and his crones the ideal righteous indignation card at hand. It's just such a shamelessly offensive appeal to emotion from a position of convenience while the man represents everything that was wrong with demagoguery during Soviet leadership and everything that is wrong with interventionism today. The terrible fallout and state of most eastern-European States and even Central Asia, is as much a Russian onus as it is Anglo-American. Alas, the yanks must carry the shame exclusively because they ended up with the world police mantle while certifiable power maniacs--in that very traditional, Hitler-esque/demagogic sense--can sneer away and commit any act of active aggression as they cry wolf over the big bad American Bully propaganda. 

I remember when my dad told me about this diplomatic function just a few weeks after 9/11. The Russian delegates were making tongue-in-cheek jokes about how we screwed up their goals in the region and now we're paying the price, but the one chief wise crack making the cracks also said that it is probably convenient that Russia could wash its hands off the matter when it played a much more insidious role in initially throwing back an entire country that epitomised social progress in the Islamic world up until the '70s, now there's an unexpected oxymoron by contemporary standards. It was so fortunate that America took over the mess just as the powder keg was pre-destined to explode, so now we can conveniently blame one side while suckling on the breasts of an absolute tyrant.

With a unanimously loathed America that is overstretched with the task of keeping all its intervention assets together, all this political campaigning and smearing becomes all too easy. This gives the opposing power and territory maniacs an excellent platform to both denigrate the world police while slowly expanding their own--far more insidious--mob reach.

Make no mistake. I've always spoken passionately against demagogues and theocrats. However, if forced to chose, I'd have to take the American hypocritical, arrogant tyranny over Putin's cabal of zealots. It's actually a rather straight forward choice.

What is centrally disconcerting about the public response to this whole fiasco is the state of what I call the true 'people's will'. Something that Hitchens declared dead last century. Now we simply get these overly idealistic anti-war groups that claim to be against all form of war, but without even a trace of shame or self awareness when they actually further another warmonger/power maniac's propaganda. Something has to be said about this acutely moronic lack of self or situational awareness; we owe it to ourselves, not to get caught up in these false dilemmas, let alone picking the worse of the two evils just so it can absolve us of our brat-like national guilt for being products of first-world power states where we have the fundamental right to mindlessly rebel against anything. 

Inward rebellion is very important and a symptom of strong, noble character. This tactic by the anti-war folk, that involves peddling every shred of nonsense regurgitated by Putin's PR squad, does a great disservice to the real merits of sincere, internalised rebellion. This is a squandering of merit and opportunity by those hypocrites claiming to want absolute freedom and change from a system that they consider fundamentally flawed, because they exercise their protests though the ignoble and illogical act of simply vindicating another criminal's agenda. By this point, we should have some fucking standards and honesty. If we're against tyrants and wars, the very last thing we should be doing is giving more air to all this 'Uncle Vlad Putin is right' hogwash that has severely tarnished our intellectual credibility in these matters.

Summarising all of the above into a pithy conclusion, the problem that I have with the anti-war folk is that any kind of solidarity shown towards Putin is the most fundamental form of hypocrisy at play and a frightening betrayal to the anti-war and fascism cause. This man's political legacy and passive aggressive expansion of influence is a unified and very much premeditated campaign that is headed towards realising global control for himself in a manner that even outwits the hubris of his 'communist' predecessors.

The world and its ever so vocal public need to wise up, make less white-noise and actually hold all parties to scrutiny rather than shamelessly service the agendas of one evil over another perceived evil. There's a time to be pragmatic and play the 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' card, but this is certainly not one of those times and Putin is no friend—under any circumstances—of a civilised world that claims to champion individual freedom, rights and dignity. Shame on you, Anti-War Brigade; you've poisoned your own principles and sold out your integrity for the cheap thrill of quick and convenient content that couldn't hold its own against critical scrutiny.


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