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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beyond Blood & Ashes - Released

Beyond Blood & Ashes, the full concept album, is finalised and completed. All of the music—some of it still unrevised—is also available via Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, MySpace and Last FM. Full lyric videos are also available on my YouTube channel.

Full Playlist of lyric videos from Beyond Blood & Ashes

This is an important date because now the physical CDs with cover art will also be available for those who are interested. I recommend visiting the Facebook page for more details on how to go about acquiring a copy.

Cheers for the support.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Discussion Regarding Islamic Extremism in British Schools – Why One Should Never Trust an Apologist

I recently got the chance to watch an episode of BBC's The Big Questions. The episode was a discussion that centred around the recent controversial issue of Islamic extremism being syphoned into certain schools. As always, the discussion degraded swiftly into a mishmash of obfuscation and tacky evasion at the hands of the Islamist apologists who tend to come to the table with a disgusting confirmation bias, which dictates that their puritanical ideology can do no wrong and if stoning women is deemed Halal/Kosher by their select cabal of scholars, then the rest of the world is at fault for having an issue with such Draconian penalties. My immediate thoughts on the entire video went like this: "Apologist pricks are apologist pricks."

The video involved the stereotypical Islamist extremists, cloaked in the equally unflattering veneer of shameless apologists, and engaged in the pathetic demonstration of obfuscative rhetoric.The one particular moron who made a spectacle of himself, began his intrusive and digressionary rants during a discussion that involved Maajid Nawaz, a reformed Moslem with genuinely secular and moderate views. An individual who--in my opinion is one of the few among the silent moderates of his creed--is taking active action against the militant and reactionary element of Islam through The Quilliam Foundation. He is by no means an apologist or another shameless Islamist showman, avoiding the task of answering some serious questions regarding the incompatibility of theocratic Islam and the modern world. Upon this fundamental pretext, naturally speaking, Maajid Nawaz tends to wind up the large herd of backward-minded apologists in the Islamic camp when he makes the very real case that modern and liberal societies should not regress on their progress by reverting to Sharia law, or to entertain the musings of regressive theocratic maniacs and dogmatic preachers, most of whom generally come from the extreme-side of the Islamic paradigm. This is where the moron in question--the rather well-known Islamist and apologist, Adnan Rashid--could not help his own backward sensibilities from getting the better of him as he started to express disjointed objections to what was being discussed. 

Adnan Rashid started rambling incoherently against Maajid Nawaz on serious questions about old-world Draconian theocratic policy, such as the stoning of women, but being very mindful of not slipping in his own ideological views on the matter. After all, what self-serving apologist would engage in honest transparency when he can spend the majority of the discussion time engaged in deceptions, digressions and feeble mudslinging. Adnan Rashid dumped a repeated cyclone of outdated red herrings regarding Jewish law and how criticising Islam is hypocritical since such policies come from the Old Testament, and therefore, through some cosmic leap and defiance of all modernity and religious reform, every Jew now happens to subscribe to the same backward policies as extreme Islamists; talk about having a warped world view. He also seems to have missed the point where no modern civilisation condones or endorses practices such as stoning women, or persecuting--and imposing death sentences--upon homosexuals, apostates and blasphemers. In the civilised world occupied by many religious and ethnic groups, every one, regardless of their opinions, ideology or sexual orientation, have their freedom of speech, choice and conscience outright protected by law. How else could a scoundrel ideologue like Adnan Rashid have such a platform to express their nauseating ideological poison? This utterly mediocre malcontent thrives and barters off the very system that he seeks to condemn and destroy.

Anyway, Maajid Nawaz finally reached the end of his patience and soberly confronted Adnan Rashid on the question of whether Adnan Rashid--with his personal spirituality and theology--agreed with the idea of stoning women under Sharia law. What did Adnan Rashid do in response to this question? Did he bravely and firmly give an obvious answer condemning the concept in a manner that any civilised person from any spiritual mindset would give?! Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hell no! He deflected entirely and avoided answering the question. What a fucking self-serving apologist prick!

Since the previous video was taken down, I found a suitable replacement by way of StopSpamming's critical commentary on the same show. Definitely give his channel, blog and podcast, The Jinn and Tonic Show, a look for some excellent discussions, analysis and debates on Islamic apologetics.

How many Islamist apologists does it take to make a circle jerk? Just one: He'll talk his head up his own ass and still avoid answering the question.

Never trust or bank upon the intellectual integrity and honesty of an apologist!

This session goes on to reinforce a long-running concern among staunch secularists regarding a certain element of conservative Islam that seems to go unquestioned under the overly prudish and multicultural--not really multiculturalism at all, but extreme insulation--social liberal movement. An element within this cult of backward apologists that aims to dodge serious questions about their ideology. We are talking, of course, about the kind of questions that would expose the very obvious issues with their ideology and why indeed a lot of the criticism levied at Islam as a political ideology is actually very much justified and warranted for further social progress.

The contents of this video also support my personal and long-standing view that has been repeatedly expressed on this website for around a decade. I'll continue to maintain that the disgraceful display in this video is exactly why such apologists can never be trusted on their word or should be entertained or taken lightly when it comes to political discourse. They are indeed revisionist agents of a barbaric era looking to realise this era as antagonists of modernity and reason. They're the worst form of intellectual scum and a reason why younger, impressionable minds fall into philosophical myopia with no clear idea of what they  might be unwittingly supporting.

Humanists, and modernised theologians alike, need to expose these scoundrels on such basic questions and demand straight answers from them on such heinous subject matters so that the entire world can get a direct appraisal of the kind of ideology these maniacs promote. The Quilliam Foundation has sought to not only bring a more nuanced approach to understanding Islam and separating the genuinely peaceful and quieter element of secular and modernised Islam from its barbaric counterpart, but they have also taken on the due diligence of combating this element. 

Do I hear you screaming 'Islamophobia'? Well, if that's the case, then I say Islamofascism!

I shall conclude this entry on an important note of my own, because speaking of nuanced approaches, something needs to be said about our crippled ability to address the serious issues that are presently inherent within certain religious and political ideologies. Let us not mince words here or become emotionally unhinged in a loss of perspective, because the extremist elements in Islam do need direct and solid confrontation, and we need to accept the abject reality that religious ideology--to an extreme--does play a very fundamental role in legitimising the twisted world view and blood thirsty convictions of the Islamic dogmatists. There isn't a religion or ideology on the planet that is free of this problem and to pretend otherwise is an exercise an circular idiocy and pointless appeasement. 

As citizens of the world, where we have the privilege of free speech and conscience as our fundamental rights, we should be addressing these problems at face value rather than treading gently around them like a bunch of inept twits because of simple-minded, knee-jerk, pseudo-liberal, spineless rebukes, predicated on that tiresome first-world colloquial paper tiger that is Islamophobia. Yes, Islamophobia, a near-myth that Andrew Cummins quite accurately summed up as, "A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons." Well, two can play at that; try Islamofasicm! 

This utterly neurotic, soft-touch guilt complex of the quasi-tolerant liberals has resulted in a form of self-imposed fascism while dangerous ideas and thoughts go unquestioned and unchallenged -- this is a functional death sentence to democracy and the free market of speech and ideas. The overly dramatic, self-loathing element of the left, needs to stop invoking the word 'phobia' so loosely where there is hardly any kind of irrational fear–or phobia–involved. It utterly fails to counteract some very real, legitimate and practical concerns that are being raised about a certain death cult of barbarians. After all, we are dealing with an ideologically totalitarian movement seeking  to thwart the entire world back into the dark ages, ruled by the blood-stained swords and legacies of tyrannical and morally deplorable demagogues who'll forever remain beyond any semblance of account or reproach due to political ineptitude, cowardice and patronising levels of cultural appeasement.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finality & Track Release - Apocalyptic Sin

Behold the missing element to the completed unholy glory that is, Beyond Blood & Ashes.

This also happens to be the longest track of the album delivering an epic theme that draws heavily from a track a worked on years earlier.

Given that the track itself is around 10 minutes in length—and as the case for all my tracks, should be experienced to its fullest—I'll leave the speeches out of this entry. 

This is Apocalyptic Sin! Enjoy...

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Track Release - Providence

The album is definitely near completion with only two tracks remaining as of last week, and I gladly drop that number down to one.

This is yet another track that I've passively worked on for years. It was originally conceived in bare form back in 2007 but it's grown substantially since debuting as a brief two-minute instrumental over at EmoSpace/MySpace.

I present to you all, Providence... A somewhat cataclysmic track that sees mechanism transition in osmotic fashion into sheer diminished chaos within the same breath of six running minutes. Out of the album, this is probably the most chaotic offering only on account of the fact that it's merger between two very different styles to further emphasise the dissonant theme being addressed.

So I command thee, vermin and legionnaire alike, devote the next entire six minutes of your life, every single second included, to experience the sheer chaos of this track; don't get too lost in the technical and mechanical instrumental opening, because it aptly sets you up for the chaos that ensues at somewhere around the half-way mark.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Re-Recording Release - Throne Seeker, 2014 Edition

In light of the fact that Beyond Blood & Ashes is shaping up with a certain sonic fidelity and standard, I took on the task of re-doing another track. This was something that I considered less than necessary as the track in question was something that I came up with just last year and released earlier this year; the quality was fine. On the other hand, when the rest of the tracks are shaping up with a certain aggression to the production value, then allowing this one to remain in its original form would be a undermining its potential.

Having that said, I present to you, the 2014 re-recording of Throne Seeker. This one brings to the table a longer atmospheric intro and outro, a harsher and stronger surround sound and just as much pace and blasphemy. 


Throne Seeker by Kade Storm

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck:

Saturday, July 05, 2014

New Track Release - Resurrection

The following track is both important and special for a variety of reasons. As I've vaguely alluded in the past, while I have been largely alone in these ventures, I have had the advice, support and seldom collaboration of some brilliant minds.

The collaboration involves a close friend of mine, Rob Cavalo, former lead guitarist of UK underground thrash act, Social Head Removal. Rob and I go a long ways back and we share plenty of strange stories. However, needless to say, beyond just a 'partner in crime', he's been an invaluable ally and friend. My kids know him as Uncle Rob and he's a bit of a big deal in our home. Unfortunately, he's quite the character as well—no surprise there, given that he is my friend—and has a tendency to literally disappear from the grid for years on end because he's such a fucking enigmatic adventurer.
This track is titled, Resurrection, and it is originally intended to be part of our project called Apocalypse from 2009. Yes, we had a band and there was some attention surrounding the sample of Resurrection for a few months, but then other priorities kicked in and of course, Rob's tendency to vanish also coincided with those priorities. I've tried to get a hold of him, but whatever; fact is that I considered Resurrection's lyrical and thematic approach as very complimentary to the narrative of Beyond Blood & Ashes. So after having met with Rob in 2012, I got his blessing in adapting the track to my own album as well.

From a technical perspective, and contrastingly speaking, Resurrection is the fastest track on Beyond Blood & Ashes, which is generally following a doom tempo. This particular track was written as a kind of post-thrash metal track with groove metal elements drawing from the works of Lamb of God and Machine Head. The key differences in my adaptation being that while the original was written in drop C tuning, this rendition is in a mammoth drop G with sinister lyrics—conveying the same point—and quotes pulled straight from the Bible. I consider this both a pivotal track, but also a kind of mission statement to some of the more evangelical folk who seem to be following my music and consistently warning me about getting right with Christ. Heh.

This one's dedicated to all human vermin, fellow legionnaires, and monotheistically fanatical shitheads. I present to you all, Resurrection!

Kade Storm - Resurrection

And Rob, amigo, if you're reading this and stewing... then good! You know how to get in touch, brother. Until then, I'm glad that at least one of us was able to get this one out into the creative ether.

Skelethal Art by Ann Van den Broeck:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Track Release - Corroded Prayer

I return this week with a new track. As previously posted, work was in progress for the album, so it was only a matter of time that the tracks would start rolling out again. The release of this track did face an initial delay due to external circumstances so I saved it up for the weekend.

This one is titled Corroded Prayer and is actually one of the rougher, primitive and grittier-sounding tracks of the album, designed in such a manner for intentional effect. As a matter of fact, a lot of the sound effects and work on this track required some additional planning and these effects will be common staple for the remaining tracks on the album, which is why I chose to record them in the order in which they are being recorded.
With this track out of the way, I have completed and released six of the nine total tracks for Beyond Blood & Ashes. The completion looms just around the corner and it is very much an inevitability at this point as all the material's already written out and decided upon, simply the recording and production are ongoing processes.
Only 3 Remain

I present to you all, human vermin and legionnaire alike, Corroded Prayer. Enjoy...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DEMO Changes & Bleed at the Steps of My Altar - Behold, Blood Before Ashes

I've had a serious change of mind brought on by a fundamental realisation that was warranted and this did cause some delay with studio work but the next track is going to be released very soon, likely this weekend.

About this realisation; Decade of Torment is the farthest thing from a demo, and this is an elementary fact. If I am to direct someone towards the apex of my creative ventures, Decade of Torment would be the very last item I would hand them, because despite being very personal and valuable, it is merely a primal, raw and—at times—grossly under-produced chronicling of my entire music venture in chaotic form. It is most certainly not an appropriate representation of what I aim to offer, sonically speaking, when it comes to Beyond Blood & Ashes.

Therefore, on the above note, Decade of Torment will be around as an album and compendium of sorts for those who are interested but it is by no means my pitch or demo. The demo will compromise of three selected and modified tracks from Beyond Blood & Ashes, and will be aptly entitled, Blood Before Ashes.
A Demo Beyond the Ages
The image above isn't just some temporary place holder. Yes, we've already got it ready for printing, so check out the work below as I'll take this opportunity to promote Bleed at the Steps of My Altar one more time since this track commands eternal appreciation. 

Enjoy the ear bleed...

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Decade of Torment DEMO - Almost Ready

I finally managed to get the hardware to access ancient material dating back to the earlier recesses of the last decade, a juncture in time that serves as a landmark for the genesis of my creative madness—and outlet—that is extreme music. Naturally, compelled by my morbid curiosities, I gave the old material a solid listen since I am on break from recording and working on putting together the tracks for the soon to be available demo CD, Decade of Torment.
Difficult to argue for album progress
when the material's ready anyway.
Now I was expecting something radically different as I revelled in the ways of the earlier years, and my expectations were accurate. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the attitude, intentions and thought-process that continue to fuel my pursuits were just as present before, but only a bit more raw, unfocussed and primal. 

I can honestly say that while my music has evolved, the change has been very much evolutionary and consistent in its direction; it is an improvement, built upon a dark creative foundation of blasphemy and deity complexes. I should also add that although there is a lot of material to share, and despite salvaging all these tracks, I still know that at least three other tracks are missing and lost to the times with the once prominent Scrub Records who were hosting my work on their radio station back in the day.

Nevertheless, I have ended up with a very long list of tracks, in fact, the following picture, on its own, can tell quite a story.
And with the exception of two, they're all decently long tracks.
As can be appreciated, we're looking at twenty tracks... I might even have to cut one of them out because as it stands, hardly any of these are small tracks. This massive demo chronicles nearly ten years of exploits dating back to a point in my life where this vessel's brain was still undergoing the basic transition of adolescence into adulthood. Stupid fucking flesh! 

Anyway, the album clocks in, after really trimming all unnecessary corners, at one hour, thirty-nine minutes and thirty-nine seconds (1 Hour; 39 Minutes; 39 Seconds). To give the mathematically annoyed ones a more direct perspective, that is just over ninety-nine minutes (99 Minutes & 39 Seconds) of pure, raw—speaker tearing—content. So bring on the over burn for the compact disc, because this will just barely fit on a CD with the proper over-burning techniques, and even then, I might have to abort one of the tracks from the final cut if space becomes an issue.

I was certainly not toying with any abstractions when I said, rather categorically, that there was approximately three albums worth of content that I had experimented with and generated over the years. Now it is time to unleash this sonic torrent upon the world so that it may clear the way for the real apocalyptic greatness, and concept album that is Beyond Blood & Ashes, which will also have a generous, 'album-wide' demo appear on the Decade of Torment CD.

I personally value this demo as its untamed chaos paved the hellacious birthing ground for the genesis of Beyond Blood & Ashes as a concept album. The story and sound of Beyond Blood & Ashes emerges rather directly from the raw material within the creative primordial entity that is Decade of Torment.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Track Release: A Vagrant's Destiny

I seem to be following a pattern as of late since I have another re-imagined release of 2007's Vagrant Destiny. This new rendition will be known as A Vagrant's Destiny as it fits in better with the lyrical and thematic concept.
Another Classic Re-Done
One again, I feel a creative fire and sheer pride over what's been produced; it shows how far the concept and the idea has come over the years and I am glad to have pursued an approach where the older tracks would be re-calibrated and brought up to even drearier and darker atmospheric sound that epitomises my recent efforts.

I present to all legionnaires and human vermin, A Vagrant's Destiny...

Now for five straight weeks, I've engaged in unholy diligence at a studio level. I appreciate all the support and so on that note, I will be taking a break for a couple of weeks after which work will resume on concluding the remaining four tracks for Beyond Blood & Ashes.

An interesting and very much aside note, but it would seem that from all the work that is taking place, the closing track clocks in at exactly 6 minutes, while the opening track clocks in at exactly 6 minutes, and the middle track of the concept album also happens to clock in at 6 minutes. Quite a fitting subtext or even an omen... Hah! I'm certainly looking forward to unleashing this sonic behemoth upon the world in the near future.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Atlas Flumped: A Reality Check for Objectivists and Randists

Kade: What unholy of unholy defecations... There's a guest post on my blog. This one comes from one of my honourable friends, fellow humanist, but also friendly theological rival, Geoff Ulrich. Probably one of the rare few folk who pulls even fewer punches than I am willing to pull when it comes to criticising dogmatists and political extremists. Check out his blog that will be running in the near future and linked to my website. So, without further wait...

Atlas Flumped: A Reality Check for Objectivists and Randists
by Geoff Ulrich

Lately I have run into increasing numbers of people espousing the Randian/Agorist Paradigm. Individually, these are some of the most reasonable, rational people until the topic of "The House That Rand Built" comes up. Then their brains go on a walk-about vacation not to be seen, or heard from, again until the end of the conversation. Furthermore, the mental gymnastics they perform, in service to "government is the source of all evil" is massive false equivelency. This would be laughable if those same gymnastics hadn't produced a singularity in their head that is a huge, sucking vortex that swallows any logical thought or historical context down it's maw to be spewed out the other side as hyberbole, historical revision, and political reductionism. It is unfortunate really, because without reasonable, logical debate on the topic the myths of that society won't be forever dispelled. Until this happens the society it proposes will continue to find fertile ground in the minds of other, impressionable people; thus perpetuating this insanity.

No. Really.
Most of the proponents of this paradigm can't even address the basic moral, social or economic issues that get brought up to repudiate their claim that a Randian paradigm is one that will work. As if the work of the philosophers and economists, struggling for years, trying to solve it's initial flawed proof of concept and not being able to isn't a rather glaring indicator this "proposed society" has some fairly serious issues at it's heart. Then there is the oh so lovely moral morass of social Darwinism.
Each and every time I tell one of these folks: "You know, it's hard to take you seriously when you admit things like rape and theft are wrong, but don't bat an eyelash when your proposed society has no laws against rape or theft and will almost certainly devolve into feudalism and all the hell that comes with." I generally receive a response as something resembling "Cull the wheat from chaff." Seriosuly, just, what the fuck?
The core components of the Randian/Agorist Paradigm are the following:  
1.) Co-operation will occur because in this society co-operation is necessary and man is inherently moral/altruistic.
2.) Completely unregulated free market economy.
3.) The extolled, and selected for virtue in the society is selfishness. And finally...
4.) No government of any type as government is corrupt and immoral.
The first problem here is that the initial presumption, man is inherently moral, is a complete fallacy. Morals are learned behaviour and must be taught. So, right out of the gate this society is buggered to a fair thee well because its foundation is built on a flawed presumption. Define Irony? The second hurdle here is that the selected for "virtue" -- and I vomit a little when I use the term virtue for this -- selfishness is in direct contradiction to the idea all members of the society will work together because they are moral and altruistic. The two virtues are mutually exclusive. The not so funny part is this society is selecting for those very people that would doom this society to be run by the likes of sociopaths and those that would have no problems violently taking what they want. The second and fourth core components also have, let's call them, serious issues. These issues stem from the not so small fact that money/capital is actually a function of government.

Governments are what ensure money has value, is backed by something and is stable. Obviously, the free market they love so much runs into a brick wall when they remove government. No money! 

So, their society will either have to create a central coercive/moral authority to back their money or they are reduced to the barter system. It's fairly obvious that they didn't think this through too well while they were busy doing the organ grinder, mentally diseased chimp routine spewing forth the vitriol of their matriarch to anyone that would listen. So, sidebar finished, we can conclude this society would not create government they'd go with barter. This suggests that land would become their primary source of wealth. Seeing as land value is determined by what is built on it, what goes through it, or is under it we know that land is not liquid capital. 

So what do they do with all that land? 
Option 1: They use land as it was used in the past. A platform for agriculture and the raising of livestock to be bartered with their neighbors in trade for other goods. 
Option 2: They take land by force, adding to their own personal wealth through warfare and coercive authority. Might makes right. 
Option 3: They use some combination of the two other options. This then raises the questions: Who works those fields? Raises that livestock? Is it the army—or some army—that takes their neighbor's land away via aggresion? Well, it would be those that don't have the means to get land or wealth of their own. A serf class. 

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, it's because it should be from a historical perspective. The above concept is taught in most schools as Feudalism, a troubling cornerstone of the Dark Ages. This is where the historical revisionism comes in to rear its ugly head. 

Their Objectivist/Randist/Agorist argument usually goes, "That wouldn't happen to us! Our society is based upon co-operation because everyone is moral and will do what is best for the society!" And this argument is actually made with a straight face. Then when it is pointed out that all humans aren't equally or similarly moral, the twins of moron logic enter, which are political reductionism and hyperbole; or some flawed appeal to their most holy of holies: capitalism and the free market. Then when it is pointed out that these have also been deconstructed, the argument reverts back to phase one, now with new and improved strawmen and more circular reasoning.

I guess the most telling argument, from a logical standpoint, against the Randian Paradigm is this: They are proposing to inflict a fictional society on the world! Let's run that again: a fictional society! One that has never been proven to work in reality, hell, it has never even been attempted in a modern setting aside from all those ugly examples of feudalism! Also, one that was birthed by a lady that created it as a response to another extreme position: Communism. If they had functioning frontal lobes, and hand't been lobotomized by their association with this paradigm, they'd realise that the Randian Society occupies the other end of the extreme spectrum where Communism resides. More importantly, another telling point comes back to demolish this notion... repeatedly it comes back in... The point being that... It. Is. A. Fictional. Construct. So Randist/Agorists/Objectivists, get over yourselves and grow the hell up before us adults have to take you back to the kiddie table.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First He Bled, Then He Bowed: Another Track Release

A strong part of my Beyond Blood & Ashes storyline was this conflict of egos that manifested with an evil, atmospheric synergy through the tracks Bleed at the Steps of My Altar and False Deity. The latter of the two was lost to the channels of time as some of the individuals who used to help with the recording process disappeared from the scene. As a result, I was left with of the older, raw data that was just junk to my system and I could not put it together without serious effort that could very well be channelled towards re-writing the track with a fresh edge and reinvigorated sound. 
An Old Classic Re-Imagined
Having very recently re-imagined and produced False Deity, I was very pleased with the outcome; however, this left me with Bleed at the Steps of My Altar, which was begging for its own revision in order to stand firmly as an unholy anthem alongside its sibling. As announced last week, work had begun on re-recording, and even re-shaping this old track.

Today, I am proud to release a revamped, resurrected version of Bleed at the Steps of My Altar. One again, even more atmosphere and a near primal sense of chaos have been injected into this track but with the paradoxical benefit of superior quality. The track relies even more on a doom tempo with discordant, diminished chord work; the track is profoundly amazing in a Luciferian sense and I advise everyone, yet again, to devote over six minutes of their time to subject themselves to this catastrophically epic dose of sonic chaos.

Official Lyric Video for Bleed at the Steps of My Altar

As always, the support is appreciated and on this note, I will add that work is already underway on getting a revised version of Vagrant Destiny ready for this concept album as all these tracks are crucial components of the core story. Here's to more unholy, guttural psalms for the aeons ahead, human vermin and legionnaires!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Track Release: Beyond Blood & Ashes

As per my last entry on the subject, human vermin and legionnaires, I am proud to present the finalised version of the title track for the up and coming concept album, Beyond Blood & Ashes.

This particular track is a cornerstone element of the story component, along with False Deity and Bleed at the Steps of My Altar. As a track, it captures a combination of tempos along with extreme metal styles—from doom metal tempos to industrial metal precision and the diminished, dissonant and chaotic aspects of black metal—violently merged with the cavernous atmosphere that I consider my trademark to create a quasi futuristic apocalyptic anthem of a hell-stricken dystopia.
Title Track: Beyond Blood & Ashes
I can definitely say with absolute confidence the monotonous doom machine is back in a form that is beyond comprehension, apprehension and even the most errant of imaginations when some of my work got exposed last decade. An exposure that I decided to negate and throw to the winds because it's nothing more than my own personal catharsis and artistic venture. Recent times have brought with them an inspiration to not just continue my covert recording, but actually complete material and put it into action, which is exactly what's happening. I say this because I have some added news about another track that is being resurrected into a completely new form for this up and coming album; yes, Bleed at the Steps of my Altar, a companion track to False Deity, is going to appear next week, resurrected as a 2014 revision in its most unholy glory to date.

To the few lost souls out there; I appreciate the support and will make certain that their condemned souls have as much relief in their eternal suffering and lost struggle as products of this universe. In other words, I appreciate the support, human vermin!

Taking into consideration the recent political events and global dissension into madness, I dedicate this track to the lobotomised nimrods who seem to think that a certain religious ideology—that celebrates much special privilege and immunity from criticism in the developed world—is somehow, paradoxically speaking, a fucking scapegoat. I dedicate this track to the inane ignorance and reality-defying stupidity of these self-loathing idiots who would rather cut off their own noses to spite their dumb-founded faces than face reality with a bold and intellectually honest stance. I'll confess that self-flagellation among certain misguided vermin is certainly an amusing, albeit, utterly useless philosophical feature, but even this incessant demonstration of civil retardation can become boring rather quickly... and that simply leaves us with a pathetic posse of intellectually challenged morons and a whole void of unanswered questions because they're rather play the scapegoat card.

Therefore, in dedication to the troglodytes above, I present to you, Beyond Blood & Ashes...

Lyric Video - Beyond Blood & Ashes

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welfare versus Self-Righteous Social Security Memes: More Epic Failures in Political Reductionism

As always, I find more bait material in social media, this one emerging from my friend's wall.

It isn't so much the outright reductive logical fallacy of the meme that's of interest. Sadly, certain sects of the American populace are engaged in an abject campaign of self-loathing at this point, so for them to understand the serious ignorance of what's being promoted in this meme is an unrealistic expectation at this stage. These individual will learn the error of oversimplification on such a subject at some point; it's only a natural outcome of the reality that exists, but that lesson will come to them through their own cultural evolution and dialogue with others on the more sensitive sub-issues of the topic.
Well, since we're spewing bullshit-loaded platitudes,
I'll have a go... Anyone who thinks this idiot should be
allowed to procreate is a, wait for it... dip. Man, that
is just so fucking clever!

My amusement was actually stimulated by the infinitely moronic second comment that emerged on the thread. A comment where my ego and hand were forced and I ended up writing the following:
"Now anyone who thinks that someone being summoned into a life that they didn't even ask for, should be coerced to stagger through this imposed existence--and should earn their place in it without question, against an increasingly difficult paradigm of modern serfdom--is either a near-lobotomised ignorant dip, or quite likely, evil on some serious fundamental levels to publicise such a disturbing level of caprice."
Then I was struck by a wind of common sense and decided to turn this into a personal editorial-rant because it would be completely wasted on the intellectually challenged chimp who actually posted the comment, and who would probably be among the first of the unfit sacrificial causalities in their social Darwinian wet dream. Not to mention, the value of such a comment would be lost in the rectal cavity of social media where only nonsensical memes are destined to thrive; it's truly the proverbial hell hole of intellectualisms. After all, I value my words and my work, so I'll be damned if I leave some of these ideas and legitimate criticisms of a decadent, elitist meme culture in the epic limbo of social media that many have come to call Facebook.

It's understandable that the world's becoming an infinitely ugly place, largely because of the obfuscating institutions and this sense of exponentially expansive institutions that complicate our understanding of the basic social contract and the concept of individual liberty and freedom against the backdrop of such a contract. However, dear fucking internet, while I can sympathise with your legitimate concerns about issues of excessive spending, economic ignorance and abuses, I will advise that you don't add to that capricious ignorance by conflating that nonsense with your own misguided ideas and notions.

In other words: every single legitimate and stable welfare state is doing much better than that self-righteous train-wreck of a retarded platitude about social security. Stop this mud slinging and for fuck's sake, stop dicing off your own nose to spite your dumbfounded face. Seriously, just grow the fuck up, idiots!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Beyond Blood & Ashes - Usual Extreme Metal

Beyond Blood & Ashes - Usual Extreme Metal
My personal catharsis through  music continues, beating out even the existence of this blog.

Another track--the title track--for my up and coming album, Beyond Blood & Ashes, has been completed. This means that I am actually done with six tracks and have only a remaining three to work through. Technically speaking, the album's already complete since I have the primary six tracks that convey the story. I should confess that I like to borrow quite a bit from the black metal underground scene, which includes the recurring themes of eternal serfdom, blasphemy, an uncompromising infatuation with satanic imagery... and a preference for six-track albums. However, with the additional tracks on my mind, I am inclined to include them with the album as they can provide a sub-plot to the main story. These additional tracks will get done when they get done, although given the creative flow, chances seem high for these sonic abominations to appear on the final release of the concept album.

In the meantime, I'm also nearly ready to release a limited-run demo titled 'Decade of Torment'. This will contain some of the tracks to appear on the concept album, along with a number of 'work in progress' heavy instrumentals that are a mix of low-fi and some better quality material. The point of this demo is to present a chronicle of sorts of my creative trajectory, experiments, and even struggles with the writing process as over the years, I have ended up with a lot of incomplete raw material that could be enough to fuel around two extreme metal albums. Decade of Torment should be available around August 2014.

I'll also take this opportunity to remember the silent partners and individuals who offered their creative efforts and guidance. Individuals who have disappeared from the grid and become estranged over the many years, but individuals who I still hold in very high regard. On the surface, I am a lone wolf in these endeavours, but I've always had excellent support.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Armenian Genocide – Why Historic Revisionism Will Always Remain Inexcusable & Breed Animosity

This entry actually needs repeating around the current time of the year, because that's when the politically motivated folks get their collective nut sacks in a bunch. Unfortunately, the Armenian side of the narrative gets vilified and dismissed as some kind of 'century old', unmerited hatred for an entire group of people. In reality, however, it's more of a resentment towards the nature of the superficial olive branches--and denials of a very bloody genocide that is exhibited--by some of those people, including political pundits.

Because Revisionism Sucks
You see, this isn't about racism and bigotry or cross-cultural hatred. I'd rather not get into a monolithic interpretation of the Armenian or Turkish collective--or any collective for that matter--but one thing can be said with confidence. There isn't hate for much of anything other than the abject denial of a very brutal genocidal atrocity, as is the case with all genocides, which certainly took place in the region and against the Armenian people. No amount of platitudes addressing the presently unstable regional political climate--that everyone agrees could use serious improvement and genuine, across-the-isle, diplomacy--will address the inherent, cultural denialism and historic revisionism that has long engulfed this atrocity, resulting in the perpetuation of poor cultural stereotypes and animosity.

This was never about hate for any people or any nation; it's all one large region with a lot of common genetic and cultural history. However, there is a real sad and legitimately resentful disdain for the ignorance and historic revisionism that are shamelessly employed, and parroted, to avoid the more painful aspects of this historic atrocity and its accurate attribution to the cruelty of an empire long consumed by hubris. Efforts made towards such acknowledgement are usually rather weak, subtly dismissive and give the impression of a disingenuous olive branch, with even an audacious attempt at shifting blame and suffering. 

To really highlight the point being made, I'll confess that I do find the Turkish Prime Minister's condolence to the Armenian side, about shared pain, to fall well short of anything that could be considered a sincere gesture. When truly examined multiple times, and critically, it comes across as an appeal to political convenience and pretentious political correctness without the graceful admission of some harsh realities. I mean, really... shared pain? Come the fuck on, man; this pain was never shared. 

If people from both sides of the fence want to actually avoid the potential of cross-cultural bigotry, then this kind of ignorance driven by bondage with pride will have to be put aside. Furthermore, the realities of the blood-stained past will have to be admitted to the fullest, because for fuck's sake, an entire generation--and potentially an entire populace--of people were almost lost to the caprice of typical history, written by typical victors with a false sense of grandiosity.

I am definitely not pushing for blood-staining the hands of people who never had blood on their hands in the first place. The whole 'sins of the father will be visited upon the son' nonsense belongs in the confusion and idiocy of religious dogma and isn't my cup of tea; guilt by association is nonsense, plain and simple. However, we really need to stop washing the slaughtered life-blood of an entire culture off the fucking hands of the dead demagogic tyrants who've revelled in such sadistic elitism. Shame on those who are falling prey to the confusion that surrounds this serious matter and an even greater shame on those who're generating such confusion and obfuscation to support a distorted and revisionist narrative/propaganda.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Passing of Ultimate Warrior – Another Iconic Star of the Wrestling World Takes a Graceful Fall

I don't like to talk about wrestling all that often, since I have a complicated relationship with the professional wrestling world and its following. The business has undergone so many changes over the many eras, and with the internet age taking full swing and giving rise to the Smart Marks (SMARKS), it has become a bit of an argumentative hot bed for the intellectually challenged. It's tough to have a serious discussion about the backstage stuff, especially when it's become more apparent, but paired with the volatility and shallow cynicism of the typical internet SMARK who couldn't hack it in the critical thinking skills department at 4Chan.

Sadly, a good number of the outspokenly obnoxious wrestling fans are fickle and can't keep track of the facts. They're victims of historic revisionism, compounded by an unmerited sense of self-importance and business propaganda, as seen by the prevailingly sheer apologist view of the Montreal controversy that even publishers and paid writers cannot get straight because of the pervading white noise generated by this small but shrieking minority of wise crack banshees. 

Having that said, it was one hell of a shock to find out about the passing of the one and the only, Ultimate Warrior. My feelings about Warrior, also known as Jim Hellwig, have also been a very mixed bag. I've always admired the guy's spirit and gusto, but his politics, thinking and philosophy—for the large part—were an absolute turn off on account of the sheer dichotomy between said philosophies and this thing called reality. Nevertheless, character isn't about being spot on or right all the time, it is about being personal commitment, conviction and strength of will, and Warrior epitomised these traits at a level that few people could even hope to accomplish in their lives. 

Many wrestlers play a soap operatic gimmick on screen, but Warrior truly was one sincere character on and off screen, whether any of us liked the routine is beside the point; he was the real deal and he meant what he preached. 

Needless to say, I really liked this guy's spirit even though I could not agree with him on much of his politics or his utterly limited philosophical outlook. As I've already stated, I just I can't discount the fact that the world and the vast majority of an entire generation have lost one of their most fabled on-screen sources of inspiration; we've lost a real character and motivator. Jim Hellwig, truly, Warrior, exuded a king of gusto, confidence and empowering gimmick that influenced an entire era of youngsters and epitomised the individual battle cry spirit against the strife of life. Whether anyone likes it or not, he was truly inspirational to many and a strong voice in the community, which will not—likely for a long time—will be gaping at a big massive void of silence.

May his memory rest well, and may his words of inspiration—including the edgy and dangerous ones—provide delicate but worthwhile food for thought in future times to come. Very few could argue against or challenge the passion of the man's devotion to his ideals, which is something that we can't say for most these days; Warrior give rigidity a certain primal charm, and I'll always respect that strength of character.

Now I will say something in addition to what's already been said about Warrior's death. There's little rational and logical reason to assume that cardiovascular disease was just one of those infinitely growing coincidences that seem to plague the wrestling world. Calm down, you SMARK pricks, as this actually goes well beyond the sensitive issue of steroid abuse and the infamous scandals of the 80s and 90s—individuals subjected to an entire adult life span of persistent injuries, growth hormone changes, natural and otherwise, are not going emerge on the other side of that equation with the most bullet proof cardiovascular system. Sorry, wrestling chimps and gym rats: subjecting the human body to massive bouts of growth and body composition changes—that in themselves rival the weight of a small adult female—is going to result in long term problems ranging from damaged metabolic homeostasis to outright morbidity issues. Humans are ideally suited to being in good shape with basic fitness, which is not to be conflated with the madness of enduring a cataclysmic milieu of stress and growth hormones to develop an unrealistically large, beastly physique. This is likely a whole beast—pun not intended—of a topic for another time.

I'll close this on the note that Warrior did epitomise a kind of work ethic and strength of character that is rare in people these days, even among ideologues such as himself. The man even had this artistically tangential way with words and his fascination with concepts of universal majesty, and the minuteness of human life by contrast to its spirit, were often a very telling and even prophetic aspect of his worldly philosophy. One could even dare to question the coincidence and timing of his death, given his speech on WWE's Monday Night RAW show, where he talked about the very specific subject of icons and their lasting legacy in the minds of those who carry their ideas forward, even in the eventual face of death. So, on that note, Ultimate Warrior, Jim Hellwig, will be missed.

As always, your memory rests, but with your passion, Warrior.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Stephen Lawrence Murder Case Review – Recent Revelations Cast a Troubling Light on the UK as a Police State

The Metropolitan Police is in the hot seat, yet again, over the Stephen Lawrence Murder. Already, the level of controversy, scandals and polarising debates that have emerged because of police response to this murder has surpassed what most could consider the point of damage control. Public reaction towards Scotland Yard falls miles short of anything remotely resembling a sympathetic nerve or sense of tolerance; we're becoming a lot like our American cousins when it comes to progressive cynicism and distrust of the state.

Poor system? Or, poor management?
In light of the force's spying tactics, the victim's brother is demanding a role in the investigation. Meanwhile, the mother of the victim, Baroness Lawrence, is impressing upon Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to offer his full and undivided attention, along with co-operation with the judicial inquiry as ordered by the Home Secretary. An order that has come down as a consequence of the aftermath ofwhat the media is describing as—a 'devastating'review of the matter carried out by Mark Ellison.

The 1993 racism-motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence in South London has sparked plenty of outrage and controversy over the years, but the recent revelations from Barrister Mark Ellison's review of the case has shed a whole new light on the matter, reigniting both public interest and the subsequent outrage. With the enquiry revealing all manner of troubling findings, from police force nepotism to self-furthering agendas, spy tactics, surveillance, all culminating in just two of the six assailants being brought to justice over a two-decade period. So to say that the Metropolitan Police have been put on a notice, in a manner of speaking, by its primarily employers--the public--would be an understatement. (Parry, 2014). Social media is presently rife with demands that the entire system, government included, be scrapped, but that might be taking things just a little too fucking far; perhaps the witless wannabe-anarchists should ease on on such rhetoric, because they might just end up getting what they wishes for, which'll turn out to be something fare more alarming and unexpected.

This event—along with other recent controversies regarding spying tactics and undercover plots by the police—has provoked some stern public questioning of the force's professional integrity. It is not that people have anything directly against spying or surveillance, but the lack of results or resolve to acquire results—such as in this case—brings the entire law enforcement profession in this country into question. So polarising is this subject that it is even attracting politically motivated criticism from a wider circle about Britain's form as a nanny state.

Spying: Have We Gone Too Far?

At the end of the day, spying is just an act supported by skill and a surveillance strategy that also comes with a rather hefty price tag in terms of equipment, labor and time. It does not—on its own—imply an inherent negative or positive context or connotation; that comes with the intentions of the individuals or parties engaged in such a surveillance strategy or tactic. Spying and discrete surveillance can be used for both malicious exploitation, or for the noble pursuit of security and foiling potential threats to public interest and safety. It's a lot like an investment, actual resources are pooled into supporting a surveillance state, and this naturally begs the question about what kind of returns the public receive for such an investment.

Therefore, whenever a group of individuals or a public service body are taken to task about engaging in such tactics, one must weigh out the intentions behind the tactic, the amount of resources invested in carrying out the tactic, and the eventual consequence of such a tactic. In the case of The Met and the controversy surrounding the Stephen Lawrence case—from the spying and arguably disingenuous undercover operation, to the sheer amount of years with little results—one is obliged to put the police force on the spot for such poor showing. Developments on this case also feed directly into the public opinion about the surveillance state, which is far from positive or outright glowing, but as stated earlier, this can't simply be because Britain is as paranoid about individual liberty being curtailed in favour of quality security, as say, the Americans. In the case of the British public, it is less about ideology and more about pragmatism; less about ideals of being surveillance free and more about the lack of results despite increasing surveillance.

Faulty Institutions or Clueless Public Servants?

At present, fewer and fewer people have faith in the legal institutions and law enforcement that carry out these tactics. With this drop in public confidence, there's almost an equally complimentary rise in people who believe that the increasingly larger scale of state surveillance in Britain is failing to produce a proportionate level of security, accountability and swift sense of justice when balanced out against the level of privacy violations the public must face in return. 

Ultimately, this is a matter of pragmatism driven by emotional outrage. When an exorbitant nanny state is spending all this money, time and resource—during economic austere times—towards increasing the reach of the surveillance state at the cost of private life, people will naturally expect swift and non-controversial results. As per the Stephen Lawrence case, this ideal outcome is not being reflected, and goes on to support the declining public confidence in the judicial and law enforcement system. Currently, a good number of the public—regardless of politics—see state sponsored spying and surveillance as simply a one-way street that violates their private rights while doing very little to keep them safe; thus, justifying their growing disdain for an excessive nanny state that they consider unaccountable and worthy of only the most absolute form of incredulity.

As for how the present regime of the Iron Lady's little Tin Men—a term of endearment that will apply, from here on forth, to the present Tory regime—goes, it's all about cuts. I am rather amused by the half-wit tactics of these so-called 'fiscal pragmatists' as they seem to conflate the concept of efficiency all too often with the sullied idiocy of austerity. Ah, what the hell; joke time...

Two Tories walk into a bar. 
They both order their usual, which is generally some exotic spirit, but in some exceptional cases, the most premium larger when they're up for experimenting with a faint whiff of the lowly, unworthy commoner's lifestyle. It takes Herculean levels of tolerance, so let's hear it for our Tory overlords! 
Anyway, the barkeep serves the two gentlemen—with silver spoons for spines—a revised version of the larger, which tastes a little different, likely a bit funny to the overly pampered palette of a bunch of upper class pricks. 
The Tories, perplexed by the taste, enquire, "By Jove, this blend is rather quaint... Oh, barkeep, what happened to our order? This tastes nothing like the regular and we demand satisfaction." 
The barkeep explains, "Sorry, mate... The producers of the brew had to cut some corners and this has had an effect on the quality, although not too shabby... You know how it goes, lads, austere times, heh," he closed off on a joke. 
With alarmingly robotic and mathematical hive mentality sync, the Tory duo spewed their incredulity, "Absolute nonsense! This can't be austere, for it doesn't give us the satisfaction of trampling righteously upon the unworthy beneath us! If this were an austere blend, then it would be an absolute efficient blend! The unworthy at the brewery are surely doing it wrong! We demand satisfaction! This is not satisfaction! This is not austerity!"

Personally, I have a slightly objective and practical view of austerity and efficiency as mere strategies rather than tools for clueless ideologues. You see, one involves just cutting indiscriminately when required, while the other involves saving intelligently and dealing with the details. As far as I am concerned, if an idiot servant has been elected into office with the goal of not just saving money, but also primarily dealing with the inefficiencies of that system, and they simply defer to unintelligible cuts. Well, they're not exactly doing their job if they're going about slicing all of my services by half, while their remaining halves continue to haemorrhage money in wasteful dollops. With this kind of nonsense, all I am getting in return is the same wasteful crap perpetuated, but with half the convenience due to it all being crippled further. I might be saving a bit more but with a disproportionate decline in quality, those savings are meaningless because the end result and product is far inferior. This clearly implies that the serving idiot needs to go back to school and learn about the basics of efficiency, pragmatism and modernisation, or alternatively, get a better group of competent folk to inform his policies. No, Premier Cameron, Ian DUMB-CUNT Smith doesn't count, and actually speaks to the initial issue of inefficiencies within your administration, but further compounded by caprice and classist bigotry that your party just cannot afford--eh, see, fiscal terminology.

Bitter Digressions Aside – A Bit of serious and Critical Self Reflection is required

Indeed, digressions aside, the point remains that this country is starting to become increasingly sceptical of the police and authoritarian state. This isn't happening solely because of idealism, but because practical results aren't looking good—which feeds back into idealisms and revolt—and the present establishment's solution is to simply cut, while the remaining chunk continues bleeding out due to inefficiencies. A growing surveillance state with spy scandals, ineptitude, decades-long murder enquiries and undercover operations with pathetic results: these speak to the state of an inefficient process, with zero justification for the Thatcherism-prescription of downsizing said process, which when paired with pre-existing inefficiencies, escalates social chaos, paranoia, insecurity and a general disdain for the state. 


Parry, L. (2014, March 8). Stephen Lawrence's mother demands Met Police chief takes 'decisive action' | Mail Online. Retrieved March 23, 2014, from

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The World Loses a True Creative and Rebellious Genius – The Passing of GWAR's Epic Frontman, David Brockie, Aka Oderus Urungus

I am especially saddened by this very unfortunate development. Over the last decade or so, I have mourned the passing of quite a few musicians who I've held in high regard. I can't even begin with a list, but these were absolute icons and legends in the most humble, yet genre-defining manner; they truly innovated when heavy music had the headroom for originality. From the likes of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, for his chaotic yet hellishly melodic guitar work, to the alternative bass lines of Chi Cheng of Deftones, to the endless dexterity skill and blistering solo technique of the legendary—yet cultishly misunderstood—Dimebag Darrell Abbot. I feel like much of the core elements of my world, which revolves around heavy music, are starting to disintegrate rather unexpectedly.

Having that said, nothing pains me more than to gaze down the unknowns of life, with the absolute knowledge that David Brockie, an absolute comedic and rebellious frontman and apex creative genius, will no longer be gracing the artistic medium with his truly unique, crass and unapologetic sense of humour with a very serious, empowering and time-transcendent undertone. For this vessel of mine that people call a body, GWAR was a childhood catharsis; an excellent escapism into the imaginary Scumdog universe of anti-heroes fighting the good fight, which was simultaneously speaking, one of the most honest tongue-in-cheek appraisals of the reality that everyone must endure. This man epitomised true rebellion for the underdogs in its most unadulterated form; he never compromised and he kept going with relentless fervour; dare I say, he was the essence of GWAR and everything that gave classic punk rock its defining stand against the establishment. 

GWAR is like this grotesque, but heroic army that enlightens the smog-ridden, apocalyptic blackness of the world with their uncompromising fire and energy. These guys were fucking fantastic, and nothing made that energy stand out better than Oderus Urungus, Dave Brockie's eternal intergalactic alter ego, leading that burning charge against against all the insidious apologists, as well as the self-serving, Draconian and putrid fallout elements of the inbred status quo.

As a somewhat neglected kid with a lot of TV time, GWAR became a much-welcomed MTV staple of mine. Over the years—into an unwelcomed phase of my adolescence—I got a bit out of touch with their work, but was quickly reeled back in with Beavis and Butthead, and almost blew out a lung when I saw Saddam A Go Go in a fucking video game! That is such a mad yet honestly liberating track that has always been a part of my life and is now even a favourite of my tyrannical toddler of a son; it really resonates with the little fucker's own uncompromising approach towards life. Hell, I had very high hopes that sometime in the next decade—regardless of how shitty this cesspit of a world becomes—perhaps I could take him to one of GWAR's gigs, seeing as these guys have actually had a multigenerational impact on my family. So to say that I'm deeply saddened by this news is a gross understatement; I feel like I've lost a crucial point of reference in my life and in a sense, a spiritual guiding force that spoke to both the primal rebellion within myself and even my kids.

Saddam A Go Go by GWAR
This track always brightens up my day, and does the same for my kids. 
Try taking this away from my son and the little Scumdog will literally raise Hell from Earth!

What compounds my irrational sense of disbelief and denial is the fact that given GWAR's recent misfortunes of seeing death, I would never have expected the eternal Scumdog emperor himself, Oderus Urungus to also bid a permanent farewell to all that is life. Hell, it was just last month that GWAR were engaged in an epic tour of Australia and gave Australians--and most rebellion-minded folk around the world--the show of their lives with their special 'tribute' to Tony Abbott, and at the same time, wound-up the far-right and ultra-conservative element within Australia, which is really an epic double-win for everyone else. This guy was all about pissing off as many tyrants addicted to power and money, and he was relentless in his mission; one felt an almost supernatural sense of immortality emanating from Brockie's larger than life alter-ego and creative zest, and it is indeed a sad day that this ego will never grace the arts again. In honour of his recent ambitions, his devotion to all things creative and absolute rebellion, I would like to share the following interview from Soundwave 2014 that took place just last month during GWAR's controversial, but highly commendable tour of Australia; it is beyond impossible to believe that the entity in that video is no longer with us today. 

Speaking to the stagnant state of metal! Being larger than life as always!
All the while passionately rooting for--and standing in solidarity of--anti-tyrannical rebelliions!
What a fucking awesome beast!

Lastly, I would like to close on what I personally consider his most hilarious outburst; this guy is probably the only authentic Rockstar to blur the lines—disturbingly so—between his alter-ego and his personal values, and in a manner that warrants no apologies or explanations. A true champion of the underdog's cause as he gives Dave Mustaine a much-needed reality check.

Bwahaha! Emperor Oderus really put Mustaine in his place... 
and instantly made a bunch of Megadeth slave-drone-cunts cry like little bitches!

There were quite a few seminal tributes to Dave's memory. Most have heralded Randy Blythe's Instagram post as the most touching and moving. However, I found that nothing spoke more powerfully than the words of former GWAR bassist, Mike Bishop.
"Dave was one of the funniest, smartest, most creative and energetic persons I've known. 
"He was brash sometimes, always crass, irreverent, he was hilarious in every way. But he was also deeply intelligent and interested in life, history, politics and art. 
"His penchant for scatological humors belied a lucid wit. He was a criminally underrated lyricist and hard rock vocalist, one of the best, ever! A great front man, a great painter, writer, he was also a hell of a bass guitarist. I loved him. He was capable of great empathy and had a real sense of justice." (Style Weekly, 2014)
So in sticking with the tradition of eulogies that have been made in honour of Dave Brockie, I hope the best for his close and loved ones in this pivotal time of grief. Furthermore, I bid him an epic journey back to his home planet. The Scumdog Overlord, Oderus Urungus, continues to live on as an eternal memory; a character of chaos worthy of noble admiration, and a source of absolute inspiration. David Brockie was the real fucking deal and humanity was very fortunate to have experienced his gifted talents and utterly distinct creative prowess in the limelight. Going forward, I bow my head as a Scumdog in grief, but also empowered by the eternal flame that is cast forth as a paradoxical shadow of his grand legacy.

In Dedicated Memory of Dave Brockie AKA Oderus Urungus - One of a Fucking Kind! Horns up, Scumdogs!