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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nassim Taleb: An Undeservingly Exalted Moron

It just so happens that every now and then, the mention of any random politically well-known sleazebag will rile me up just like the resurgence of a poorly flushed 'floater' turd left over by a fellow drugged-up patron at some underground music gig where the toilet facilities are borderline third world.

The paragraph above is exactly how I feel when I come across random troglodytes who keep harping on about Nassim Nicholas Taleb and his authored piece, The Black Swan, as though he is some financial and scientific genius for coming up with a book that chronicles how shills like him manage to stay legitimate and afloat in modern society. Of course, such an intellectually bankrupt and morally arrogant shmuck can only appeal to the naive ineptitude of a specific branch of the struggling ‘masses’ who seem to enjoy being dictated under terms of absolute ignorance and arrogance; I can’t help but think troglodyte because there is little intellectual merit in placing, what can be best described as Salman Rushdie’s ugly evil twin, upon such a mantle.

For the remaining length of this post, I will focus on Nassim Taleb’s 2010 interview with NewStatesman. I believe that this particular interview manages to fully capture the tone and textured personality of this turd—err, economist, and just how he manages to hold such a strong grip over a certain quadrant of the human population who have become so meek and desperate that they would surrender their higher critical faculties to a self-serving, bovine, Libertarian mascot of doom (Hassan, 2010). 

One can always start by pecking away at the irony, but in this case, one would be pecking away eternally since Taleb’s ramblings often are an odd case of the ironic. Now I find it awfully ironic that an ape-headed, proto-elitist shit-head, whose greatest achievement is joining the ranks of other scoundrel ‘dooms day traders’, actually calls legitimate scientists and critical minds—no matter how extreme—of the rationalist movement, such as Dawkins and Harris, a bunch of ‘gullible charlatans’ (Hassan, 2010).

It’s both ironic and funny, since between those two words—gullible and charlatan—I can easily describe Taleb and the poor wavering souls that seek his condescending council and hang by his every word like a withering infant clinging to its mother’s baron breasts before giving in to the eventual providence that is death—but hey, it’s their fault since they allowed themselves to succumb to a black swan event. Watching morons gush over this man’s sheer mediocrity and infuriating arrogance is in itself, an experience worthy of being mirrored against carrion or other forms of deathly decay. Nassim Taleb is the quintessential scoundrel economist – a fucking shill for the corporate gang-bangs and an apologist for the elitist status quo peering down upon those mongrel plebeians because we all know what a bunch of depraved vermin they all are, right? And this gluttonous professional thief and denigrator of true valuable human wealth  that goes beyond artificial fiscal terminologies, has the gall to call men of much better philosophical and moral standing—Dawkins et al.—a bunch of charlatans because they’re ‘new atheists’ and apparently pose some kind of threat or challenge to his hot-winded demagoguery? Talk about the idiomatic case of the pot and the kettle!

I certainly find this to be a disturbing case of irony and a pivotal example of where the state of public discourse has ended up, when outright crooks and gutter-festering scum—who virtually pride themselves on the suffering of others and manipulation of market tactics—can call anyone, let alone established critical minds, ‘charlatans’. I could argue that this is just another case of a bovine shit-head simply projecting himself upon those who he finds threatening to his carefully weaved hypocrisy of materialism with a swinging door to faux spirituality, but let us not even get into that mess at this point – the man’s a slimy rat who gets away a bit too often with the same dodgy act because he is excessively celebrated for what I consider to be trivial contributions that are grossly over-exagerrated while also overshadowed by his perpetual disdain for anything and everything that does not factor into his conceited worldview.

As the pompous pseudo-intellectual that he is, Nassim Taleb even has the audacity to argue that atheism is some kind of vacuum that begs for, and justifies religion, for it begets human arrogance. I am certainly starting to see a pattern with this pig-face, since he and his ilk can be considered the modern-day cabal of arrogant elitism; living off of the chaos and pitfalls of a market while risking very little of their own skin in the process and laughing at the rest for being too naive. Yes, the same naive idiots who also naively buy into their nonsense and about-turn change of character from ‘competitive douche bags’ to ‘intellectual paragons’. Double-speak and self-projection are the primary elements of this man’s putrid profile and a reminder to all that even higher levels of social discourse have been shamefully hijacked by these types of cockroaches and their self-asserted ‘status quo’.

Finally, I proudly celebrate my own bias by saying that this grade-A cunt should be left to languish in some ‘Idiot Ward’ beyond the thirteenth circle of hell for having the audacity to pull the ‘Communism is an Atheism Experiment’ straw man argument. So he writes a book that is mind-numbingly obvious with no real solution, so now he gets to defacate utter nonsense from all orifices. Yes, the corpulent mongoloid pulled out the dreaded ‘c’ word in the aforementioned interview, so I am invoking another rather frowned upon ‘c’ word to counteract the point of how this piece of low-grade shit actually manages to link demagogues and fascist dictators—note: not dictatorship of proletariats, but rather, individuals and power structures that have more in common with Taleb and his ivory tower than he’ll lead on—with a concept of non-religiousness that has, at its very core, an outright rejection of such fascistic level of control and dominion over others.

The late, great and sorely missed, Christoper Hitchens, who passed away last year on the 15th of December, has harped on about this very subject, debate after debate against his feeble-minded opponents, whenever that weak communism angle has been pulled; often a closing symptom of the waning standing of his opposition when they’d often fail to counteract his basic points. What Nassim Taleb is so deceitfully siphoning through cheap-charming speech, is a far fucking cry from an ‘atheist experiment’ or even a ‘Marxist experiment’, especially when we open ourselves to the pending realisation that it is not a socialist or atheist experiment when a frighteningly ambitious cunt with a superiority complex, seizes the ignorance of a generally ignorant, superstitious and intellectually oppressed populace, and replaces their sense of theological servitude and dependence with a different brand of what is essentially the same servitude but now at the mercy of a self-appointed God in the flesh. 

That’s right... All the Pol Pots, Maos, and Stalins (and even Talebs) of the world are nothing more than another manifestation of the same arrogant God complex and absolute certitude of dogma bullying and dictating of the weak to further its own agendas; it is a vice that can manifest in the form of institutions, or it can be conjured up in the form of theological fables, or it can even be realised in the form of fascist individuals or self-important economists who start to believe their own hype.  The aforementioned individuals couldn’t get anywhere without religion and without using the symbolic potential and acculturate force of religion where it would be most convenient, just as Naseem Taleb does when he attempts to backhandedly discredit the likes of Dawkins and socialist economics in favour of something that better suits his parasitic and cancerous need to outright prey upon the weak and even exploit them where possible.

A pattern indeed: in this disgusting exhibit of self-grandiosity, Nassim Taleb has created irrefutable irony. In his put down of new atheism, socialism, and atheist intellectuals that he cannot even back up with anything better than a pathetic digression, he has essentially created the perfect allegory to his own character profile and legacy as nothing more than a pompous, elitist libertarian and dogma apologist sucking on the cock of a very subversive establishment that always deceitfully presents itself as the ‘underdog’ and ‘contrary movement’ when its proselytisers happen to be well-settled privileged scum, such as Nassim Taleb and Peter Schiff, dictating and even condemning policy through selective-bias from a position of relative comfort and distinguished affluence.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of hearing about this man and how he is some kind of genius for apparently illustrating the obvious pitfalls of the bloated free market system. He isn't being innovative by constantly insisting on the notion that everyone should avoid black swan events by being robust, when in such an environment, someone always has to lose – everyone cannot win, otherwise that’s the very socialism that Taleb and his cohorts admonish and insist on demonising to irrational levels. Good for the idiot! He shamelessly babbles on a bunch of intellectually bankrupt statements against atheists and moderate free marketers, like every typical, self-righteous right-wing columnist—such as A. N. Wilson—while conveniently assuming that readers will miss out on the fact that those very statements probably apply a heck of a lot better to him and his breed of fiscal cockroaches.

I am sick and tired of hearing about this babbling dim-wit, who genuinely only manages to appeal to the lowest denominator for pointing out some obvious things and then spinning them into his political talking points. He is far from a big deal. He is the very charlatan that he baselessly accuses Dawkins and Harris of being; he epitomises the human arrogance that he allocates as a vice to atheism. Over and above all else, he insists that fascism under the ruse of socialist ideologies somehow supports his point when all it does is aptly show how well demagogues can turn the idea of dogma into a live-action role-play, and how well many of those people—in mentality—would get along with pigs such as Taleb, given their sense of superiority and disdain of others who are less aggressive in that 'law of the jungle' sense.

“But. . . But. . . The Black Swan is epi—” – Some Random Shmuck Before Being Bound and Gagged 
“Seriously, if I hear one more insistence on how something as trivial and outdated as The Black ‘Fucking’ Swan was some work of genius that excuses a mediocre self-serving egomaniac from being rightfully called a mediocre self-serving egomaniac, my mouth is literally going to part in demonically grotesque fashion—maxilla and mandible dichotomising through flesh—before I spew forth a flaming legion of evil rapist black swans who will then go on to ravage the world and inflict many unappreciated ‘events’ on these pompous pricks ranting from atop their ivory towers without a single fucking clue or even the graceful sense of self-awareness and irony!” – My Response

It’s a shame really that I have to actually question why men like Nassim Taleb have reason to become so invested in their own arrogant hype, when just across the other end of that social equation, there is an alarming sect of marks who generously feed such a mentality and enable the condescending egos of these self-appointed messianic freaks. The quicker we stop making gurus out of these scum, the quicker we can actually move towards the authentic, graceful form of individual standing and ability to reason that doesn't have to self-legitimise and survive off of its own mediocrity and pomposity by pointlessly scoffing at the backdrop of a collective civilisation or set of common ideas that allowed it the luxury to exist in the first place.


Hassan, M. (2010, June 18). The NS Interview: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. New Statesman - Britain's Current Affairs & Politics Magazine. Retrieved December 20, 2012, from


v/vmary said...

parts of this were super funny

Anonymous said...

what about the parts that were super scary? he makes me suffer reading entire barrage of text about some redundant fat ass i dont even know about and then talks about unleashing black swans. scary stuff, man.

oh and black swan is epic! lol!

Kade Storm said...


Well, glad that someone got a chuckle. Also, ignore anonymous; he's an old friend of mine--by a rather accurate guess--whose been trolling my entries for years. He gets bored.


You again. So, what's up? Slow day? Or is this a case of you getting lonely by yourself? It's mildly amusing--in the 'hey, look, my morning cereal bits have turned into an image of Glenn Beck crying'--that the moment a comment appears, you're there to play along like an emotionally stunted dog with abandonment issues.

"oh and black swan is epic! lol!"

Oh you!

Anonymous said...


Try harder

Brent Ousley said...

I've never read or seen Black Swan(it looked stupid from what I saw at 1st glance) but I'll say(at risk of seeming like a nut ridding sycophant) you hit the nail on the head about society & humans in general. The sheep we call fellow man make me sick. I'm not an athiest, I'm a creationist at purest belief, but I do hate religion. We won't get into that debate because it's mute & I don't believe in pushing my views on others. These sack riders you speak of turn anything they can follow into their own religion & act like they're classy for doining it. I'm not the literary poet you are with my words, being the beer guzzling redneck I am. But I do like to give props to someone who speeks their mind, holds true to their beliefs, & seems to back it up. Good on'ya dude.

Sanjeev said...

he did an allegedly decent quant book on derivatives and his first pop book had a few good lessons on statistics (best learned from doing exercises from an intro stats textbook), but yeah T's way overhyped.

Like G, the first guy who popularized T by setting up the Taleb - Niederhofer dichotomy/wrestling match.

I did enjoy watching these videos but some of the ass smooching was a bit over the top

Sanjeev said...

Duncan Watts 's book has a good collection (by no means exhaustive) of critiques of T's main theses


Kade Storm said...

Bloody hell. This place actually got more comments. Had no idea.

- Well, first off, Brent Ousley. Cheers for the comment, the gesture of support, the forthright expression of intentions, and the sincere attempt towards actually appreciating my perspective.

It's truly a breath of fresh air to find someone of your thinking and ideological persuasion, not lash out at someone such as myself, over what would be some very profound and considerable differences.

Cheers, again.

- Ah, Sanjeev. . . Thanks for dropping by in hell. Our parties are small in number, but they're wild as hell.

"I've never read or seen Black Swan." <- Well done! ; ) Not worth the time, but eh, some might find it interesting if they like hearing the obvious layered with an exorbitant serving of obnoxious know-it-all-ism.

"He did an allegedly decent quant book on derivatives and his first pop book had a few good lessons on statistics (best learned from doing exercises from an intro stats textbook), but yeah T's way overhyped." <- This, right here! Perhaps I should've been smart and written that rather than firing off a diatribe.

I've noticed that his name, and consequent popularity, climbed a few notches outside the upper-political echelon, once he became the darling child of a certain ancestral health movement. Well, well, look at us now. . . We have an economist on our side who uses the 'black swan' reference, so that's some worthwhile validation. I actually see more merit in the movement as it is, quite a bit, actually. But when they start to cling on to people like Taleb for validation, it feeds back into the cock-eyed libertarian stereotype that has become so common among these folk.

"Duncan Watts 's book has a good collection (by no means exhaustive) of critiques of T's main theses."

Good reference! I've heard similar. I think Duncan Watts would've been caught in an infinite loop had he attempted to draw anything conclusive/exhaustive from critiquing Taleb's self-glorifying, pseudo-intellectual babble. He's a wise man for sticking with the relevant points of criticism and then leaving the rest to common sense.

Khaneman, on the other hand. . . Well, some good stuff there but he's clearly a fan-boy, and you wouldn't be the only one to spot the oddly generous levels of lip-service on his part. It's almost like as though he's a paper tiger critic, planted there to make Taleb look good, even under the ruse of two opponents engaged in a real debate. It is certainly telling how proponents/apologists of Taleb tend to reference Khaneman in their defence of the man. How convenient.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to search for Taleb rebut of Dawkins, when I chanced to this page. As an admirer of Dawkins and Taleb, I can say that your vile has no justification.

Talebs work is not silly and as obvious as some would like to believe. That the world is ruled by super silly people such as Bankers and those who call themselves Economists, from the the top is quite important to his works. He says again and again about Fat Tony to illustrate the simple fact is point.

The genius of Taleb is not in pointing out that there are fat tails and not even that these fat tails are underestimated, but that the world we are designing and building (interconnected, globalised, interconnected) makes us very fragile.

I dont think you guys understand him. I speak as one of the three brothers, each coming from extremely poor backgrounds and who have succeeded well in life. The most successful among us is the least educated and personifies Fat Tony.

As I said earlier, I like Dawkins and was just searching for Talebs Critique of Dawkins

Anonymous said...

Taleb appeared once more with his Antifragile book. If you think Black Swan was bad this one is on whole new level. Your post should be referenced as required reading to every piece which mentions anything of Taleb.
That he gets any recognition is evidence of sad state of our world. Apparently big part of the population, worse, big part of population actually reading any books is no longer able to spot flawed logic, terrible writing and lack of essence even if presented in the purest form.
Thank you for this post. Small part of my faith in small part of the population got a small boost.

Kade Storm said...

To Anonymous 1:

Apologies for the very late publishing of your comment. As you may find, I'm not nearly as active on the blog scene, yet this blog's actually quite ancient.

Having that said, let me just address your primary objection.

My 'vile' against Taleb and its justifications, or lack thereof, according to you.

My response:

Fair opinion on your part. Thing is though, everything that has been stated so far, still remains a fact and comes straight from the horse's own mouth via interview, regardless of the points you've added.

Those other factors don't change the illogical and ideological gymnastics played by Taleb in his interview. They fail to exonerate him of the charges that have been levied against him for being intellectually dishonest.

The rest, I'm afraid, is personal opinion. Is he the worst of the bunch? Certainly not. Is he the only one to engage in this slipshod, self-aggrandising attack on other intellectuals with far greater standing than him? Again, no; he's quite late to *that* party.

However, I chose to have a go at him anyway, because he tends to fit the unique bill of the self-righteous economist who is still very much an economist like all others, but attacking others randomly in an attempt to alleviate himself from the muck and mire that has been created by his own ilk. The same flunky sociologists who are still failing at predicting markets in any meaningful manner with no grasp of the complexities of human behaviour and its own unpredictable variables. Case and point: Soviet Union was an Atheist Experiment and Dawkins/Harris are charlatans -- I know my stuff, don't I? LOL!

Hitchens debunked this nonsense years ago and his video is still just as fitting:

You like Dawkins. That's well and good. We could talk about him some time, sure. I think he's done okay as an evolutionary biologist. He's also 'okay' in my books as a spokesperson for reason and enlightenment. I'm not heavily invested in his style, but he's a good scientist and that's really no foul these days.

Taleb, on the other hand, remains an economists who repeats and peddles the same clichés, believes his own hype too much and then makes absurd and intellectually, factually dishonest attacks on real agents of empiricism and reason while endorsing the very cabal of agents of that self-serving power structure that he decries. Didn't you hear? David Cameron is his poster boy, and one need only see what that Tory administration thinks of the 'lowly' underclass. I wouldn't need to even make this post as my 'vile' is actually, and absolutely beside the point. Taleb does a perfectly fine job of digging a bottomless hole for himself with his pathetically irrational anti-Dawkins & Harris diatribe while patting himself on the back for the cheap mental acrobatics. Nothing remotely clever or logical about this man for overstating the obvious while paying lip service to the same privileged scum and denouncing mythical 'atheist states' and much more credible individuals. A man of his standing should really watch himself because he's casting big stones in a fragile glass house.

Kade Storm said...

To Anonymous 2 (The one who posted in January).

Thanks for the comment and backhanded vote of confidence.

I tend to agree on all points. I find that there's certainly a correlation between the Taleb romanticism and a suspension of both logic and reality. The term 'Cognitive Dissonance' comes to mind as people go through great pains to rationalise all of his most obvious and absolute intellectual transgressions away.

Yet, it would seem, that the strongest cases that can be made for Taleb's defence by his ardent supporters, are usually irrelevant non sequiturs. Pointless distractions about other things he may have said or done that in no way explain or excuse what he might--at the time when his apologists are in full swing--be accused of doing. Like I said to the other anonymous; his virtues or my personally charged rhetoric about him doesn't change the intellectual dishonesty and arrogance that was reeking from his interview. Logic is clearly not his arena, but even reality seems to be a far fetched concept for the obtuse residents of ivory towers.

Anyway, I wouldn't rule out the rest of the human vermin just yet... I think our long term prospects aren't as bleak as one might be logically forced to deduce, given the current state of affairs. Heh.

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