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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Koran Wars - Rattling the Cage of Islamic Sentiment

The winds are changing and it is indeed that time of the year when the global Islamic community decides to further its head up its own collective ass in a self-defining moment of Draconian barbarianism. I would like to explore this latest story that spurs from the depths of the American-Soviet Cold War fallout disaster that we've all come to know as Afghanistan, or in the case of some of us who like our heroine, 'My opium heaven, damn it!'

As always, there was a protest, and you guessed it, the topic of mass-public consternation – to put it lightly – was the desecration of that pathetic rip off of the Old Testament known as the Koran [1].

A considerable amount of noise was made over what appeared to be the accidental discovery of charred copies of the Koran outside a Nato base, discovered by some local collectors. Despite some apologies and expressions of regret, the subject spiralled into a cataclysmic spree of protests all over the country and even its neighbouring terrorism sponsor, Crapis—err, Pakistan. You know, the place that seems to pride itself on being a failed state and has about the collective intelligence quotient of an ignorant academic, at best.

We'll start with a quote from the BBC article.
“At least six people have been killed and dozens injured in Afghanistan after protests spread over the burning of copies of the Koran at a US airbase.”

Seems like people really like to make an awfully big deal out of this outdated piece of scripture that human lives and safety become secondary thought. One would think that the God that created all this miraculous life as a testament to his own glory would probably design it in such a way that prioritises the living essence of his creations over abstract literature. Then again, I belong to a school of thought that never really held the concept of God or Godly intellect in highregard.

Yet another quote.
“Protesters in Kabul shouted, "Death to America!" and threw stones at Camp Phoenix, the main US base in the city.”

Yes, of course. NATO's joint operation – spearheaded by America – is implicated, but as always, the Pro-Taliban pinheads are quick to chant 'Death to America'. Quite frankly, I think the debate about whether or not these guys sank the towers is a bit trite at this point since it seems like they'd happily destroy much of the civil world if they could afford their blood-soaked fantasies in a practical sense. There comes a stage when blame becomes pointless since the celebratory moral support of heinous actions should allot an equal guilt on those celebrating mass death and blind vengeance. I genuinely see a little difference between those that do violence, and those who endorse, enable, and sponsor said violence.

Hah! I can't pass up the following.
“In Jalalabad, protesters burned an effigy of US President Barack Obama, and BBC Afghan reporter Babrak Miakhel said oil tankers had been set on fire.”

Now they've done it! They're racist! So much for all those 'Obama's a secret Moslem, Martian, Jew, Communist, Atheist (Contradiction), etc.' theories being proposed by the elks of the Tea Party movement. Now I'll take my break so that I may laugh my guts out!

How about this one?

“One protester in Kabul, 18-year-old Ajmal, told Reuters: "When the Americans insult us to this degree, we will join the insurgents."”

Well, don't be 'offended' when they perceive you as a hostile threat and put you out of your miserable life. Let's get one thing straight, when one person insults, and the other responds with killing, that isn't justice. I couldn't give a good God-damn shit about what any book or any paedophile from fourteen-hundred years ago has to say about the subject. A mere insult or expression of speech doesn't warrant terrorism or indiscriminate murder.

Here's another excellent demonstration of supreme bigotry and arrogance, sourced from a Yahoo article.

“In neighbouring Pakistan's largest city Karachi, around 100 Islamic seminary students protested against the Koran burnings. 
"Pakistan's government should summon the American ambassador and demand an apology. And if he doesn't apologise, he should be kicked out of the country," said Abdul Basit, a protest leader.” [2]

I am all for the US diplomacy ending with this country, and while they're busy kicking the US ambassador out of that failed abyss that they call an Islamic Republic, perhaps the Anglo-American pact can kick that parasitic terrorist pathogen of malice known as Pakistan off of its pay-roll. Clearly they've done about nothing during this war on terror while much of their diplomacy has been this contrived double-edged gesture as their military is one of the biggest terrorist organisations in the region [3], conveniently sponsored by the US while offering very solid back door support to the barbaric religious sentiment. I think it'd be great if Pakistan's left on its own for a while so that this failed, cancerous, terrorist state can finally collapse once and for all. It'll truly be for the greater good, because not only will we be rid of idiots like Zamir Akram and his pretentious notions in the United Nations, but we'll also be free of a genuinely compromised attempt at democracy that has only hurt the region and compounded its political stability for over six decades.

But before we draw things to a close, let's examine the following, again going back to the BBC article.
“US officials apologised on Tuesday after Korans were "inadvertently" put in an incinerator at Bagram airbase.
Officials at Bagram reportedly believed Taliban prisoners were using the books to pass messages to each other.  
The charred remains of the volumes were found by local labourers.”

Now I am all for being a critical thinker and not letting people off the hook so easily, but that right there sounds like a genuine reason. Furthermore, even if this isn't a serious gesture, the fact that the US government and military were politically obliged to offer an apology and deem the act one of bigotry, more or less hands the moral victory to these culturally stunted brats who insist on taking this stupid book from old-world Arabia as the literal word of of a very dubious God.

My closing thoughts go like this, I am very disappointed that I wasn't invited to participate in the burning, what with all of this being an absolute act of insult as deemed by the ignorant thugs burning effigies of Obama and screaming death slogans to America and its vast populace. Hell, with these sordid bunch of idiots, I might actually take pleasure in insulting their culture when their culture breeds such maddening violence against any and all elements that -- dare we say -- feel little or absolute indifference towards their belief system. Let's get one other thing straight, I respect their right to believe whatever garbage they want to believe, but that in no way should be conflated to mean that the rest of us who also occupy this world are in some way contracted to actually accept and respect said garbage. I am genuinely coming to the conclusion that these people would much rather suffer their own home-grown fascism as opposed to facing some much-needed enlightenment.

Enemies of reason don't become more evident than a nation of illiterate fanatics who're disproportionately behind the times – by centuries. The world needs to move on, and it cannot with these constricted mind sets at the rear of the bus! It's time that we stop making excuses for cultural differences and just acknowledge that some cultures have no place being around, especially when they deem by law that every voice of dissent against their myopia be put to death.

Anyway, I am done amusing and ranting myself over this ordeal. I guess it's just one of those things that we could turn into a regular event since we had similar drama with American pastor, Terry Jones, not so long ago. It seems like the more these fanatics react, the more effort is made by onlookers who seek to rattle this cage of irrational cultural sentiment that's known as Islam.

“Oh, look, someone's riled up the rabid monkeys yet again!” - Closing

Take it easy.

– Kade

[1] BBC World News. (2012). Six dead in Afghanistan Koran burning protests. Available: Last accessed 22nd February 2012.
[2] Mirwais Harooni and Hamid Shalizi. (2012). Karzai urges calm as six die in Afghan Koran protests. Available: Last accessed 22nd February 2012.

[3] U.S. Counsulate (Dacca) Cable. (1971). Army Terror Campaign Continues in Dacca. Available: Last accessed 22nd February 2012. 


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