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Sunday, August 28, 2011

London Riots: Criminality and its Causes – Mutually Exclusive Subjects?

Given the recent events in London, I was watching Sky News on the following Friday morning after having endured the chaos of the London riots over the earlier leg of the week. Many of my supposedly educated and enlightened contacts over the social network were posting brief little blurbs about using extreme force on these rioters, and perhaps even having them shipped off to Somalia or some other war zone as cannon fodder. Someone even proposed that we bring in National Service for the explicit goal of shipping off these kids to Afghanistan so they can 'watch their friends get blown up'. Yes, we get the message; people are angry, and before we try to understand this situation, many of us will be venting without compromise – even I'm guilty of this charge.

While the rest of us were blowing our stacks, Sky News decided to take things further by having one of their correspondents do a brief interview with a few of the looters, and of course, the interview revealed the obvious. So what is this obvious that we're talking about? Well, for those that are of decent character and intellectual fortitude – you know what I'm talking about – it is an expression of no remorse, a sense of rebellion against a status quo that views them as society's discarded elements worthy of not only being rejected, but not even being noticed or considered for viable opportunities that would allow them a chance at integration or betterment.

Now let's get one thing straight, we're already calling them 'opportunists', which they are; so what makes an opportunist? A sense of wanting and exploiting for opportunity when it isn't typically present. Sorry, but this whole one-sided, 'it's plain criminality - end of story,' argument comes back full-circle to the same 'cut off from society opportunists' rhetoric prompting a need to figure out why this sense of despotism has come about and taken centre-stage. Make no mistake that this isn't justification of the acts -- which seems to be another common straw that detractors are relentlessly grasping at to shut down any further pondering -- but these riots and the declarations by these 'youths' is a clear-cut indication of something being very wrong with the state of affairs and a need for further investigation of the sociological and economic elements that are the unconscious-driving force behind these chaotic scenarios.

Many wise sociologists and observers have stated time and again that freedom is more of an illusion than a factual precedent. Granted that we are free in theory and will, but this sense of freedom is entirely limited to a certain set of parameters that are far outside our paradigm of control. What are those parameters? At the risk of oversimplifying – just as most of society is diligently doing at the moment to suppress further investigation of this topic – when someone is raised and groomed to rob or beg, then they're simply free to chose between the two options. What alternatives does one have when there are sophisticated elements that both limit and ostracise these individuals against their own volition and choice – they're then forced to operate within the resulting parameters. This is the undeniable alienation of socio-economic classicism in this modern age – certain groups just don't mix with others and as a result, are unable to avail opportunities in the same vain. You can't just step outside and say, “I am better today,” and viola, everything is fixed. Naturally these crimes were serious and worthy of unanimous condemnation but surely the criminal subjects need to be studied and their motives fully understood. The interview by Sky News was one measly step in the right direction and damn did it incur public wrath.

So how does the public react to this little interview? Do they absorb the totality of the events, realising that while condemnation is present and acceptable, further investigation and understanding must be worked into the equation as well? That there's probably a reason why we're getting an upsurge of 'disaffected youths'? Oh, hell no! They react by immediately expressing outrage, throwing allegations of attempted justification at the news source. Collectivising not only the subjects involved in the thuggary, but also the media radicals who're taking the extra step to not only expose and condemn these acts, but also make the legitimate extended effort to understand the eros of the problems. As I watched the interview show for the first time, I almost guaranteed my wife that Sky News will soon be flooded with complaints from pundits getting on their soap boxes in order to slam certain journalists and social workers for having the audacity to actually listen to these kids and dare further to posit an explanation that goes beyond petty simplifications. . . such as, "they're criminals, plain and simple."

“Oh no, this is perfect! This is how we should be! Imagine a world where we – the elitists in our comfort bubbles – righteously judge the misguided and ill-fated. A perfect world with all the perfect answers against all that vile filth and talk about self-entitlement spread by those mentally diseased Marxists. What gutter-crawling poison those Marxists are, right? I mean it's not like this world is descending into a spiral of materialistic inequality, brought on by manipulation for profit, betterment, and ultimately, a slippery slope thinking towards blatant overrule that has society fragmented and alienated over issues ranging from class, ethnicity, religion to just plain old – and the crown jewel – social-economics. What's that? They are lower class and poor because they deserve to be? Oh, but of course! It was fated from the start! Their destinies were already sowed into the tapestry of the astrological plane! Probably the work of that defunct 'God' person that people keep promoting in their delusions of idealism.” - A Dispassionate Closer

Yes, let us all promote more ill-intentioned, and very much intentional apathy towards this cause when we lack the intellect or selfless mindset to analyse and study the decline of our society and scoff at the weak as though they're vermin deserving of their misfortunes. Perfect little equilibrium – NOT – that we've got going in this equation. The day that reason is seized by elitist douche-bags to become part of a cold-logic strategy for simply 'weeding out the weak' or anything else that we consider 'less', is the day reason and rationale, and more importantly, humanity, have gone out of the window. It's moments like these that I'd rather side with theistic thinkers who often take a negative stand against this calculated form of existence. Why? Because some of these supposedly civilised folk would rather that we just dump all these kids in Somalia to get blown away and pretend like this whole event never happened – like it might not possibly happen yet again as a result of a very diminished, self-consuming, greedy, post-Capitalist morass.

Is this the justification that the so-called thinkers among us have resorted to in light of what has just happened? Fuck this pathetic descent into elitist fascism! Intellectual or not; such people should just walk into a field of fire and not come back until they're a gust of ash in the fuckin' wind, because they're just as much – and more so in the long run – our doom as these hopeless, misguided nobodies attempting the futility of looting! In fact, this lost generation of 'self-entitled ingrates' are a direct product of the same negligent, egocentric greed and profit driven society that has left us at the mercy of manipulative social architects like Rupert Murdoch and his ilk.

“By the way, about that little bit where I'd rather side with the disenfranchised theists. . . don't get carried away. I am simply on the side of those that can comprehend a reality where one can condemn an act, and then try to understand its causality, even if that means turning to inward philosophy. Whether these people happen to be believers in some fairy, or are blind-Dawkins devotees is not my concern. In this case, the generally graceful and decent of mind do wish to refrain from the act of judging and instead, assert understanding over the situation. Now this is by no means even an indirect endorsement of the psychotic proto-religious babble spouted by The Daily Mail's A. N. Wilson, who made a back-handed attempt to blame this whole mess on the immoral state of a 'religious-less' society when no more than three-years-ago, he was blaming the decline in Christian identity on those very Moslems and immigrants who he was now serenading for their community spirit and solidarity like some two-faced hypocrite without any apologies. Such a morally bankrupt man cannot be a believer in any Higher Moral Authority – I doubt he fears any God if he has the gall to peddle such nonsense and twist his own statements like some career politician with a clear-cut agenda.” - Just Saying (I'll address this matter in more detail at a later point.)

Anyway, have a good one, fellow Samaritans and alumni of this sham that we call civilisation. Continue your fruitful efforts towards ignoring the problem and just blaming the symptom. Always be sure to curse out the weak some more while condemning those of us that attempt to study and calculate the causality of this sense of entrenched dreariness. Of course, condemnation of criminality and study of its causality are indeed an incestuous union of Marxist proportions, since they should not be allowed to co-exist and instead be left mutually exclusive. Keep up this leap of logic and pay umbrage to the legacy of self-righteous pond-scum like Enoch Powell, or better yet, Adolf Hitler – I'm sure they'd be proud.

Meanwhile. . . Satan laughs! And yes, I kinda' mentioned Enoch Powell in the same sentence as Adolf Hitler – always takes a certain train of thought to get the whole cataclysm going, and before you know it, your guy's no better than the other fascist cunts who we're conditioned to abhor from birth. Oh, and in case the point's been missed: Satan's laughing.


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