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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Inconvenient Leak

The following is coming months late, but whatever. I know this is coming after a new year; we're in 2011 -- another year of staunch declarations for both the hopeless and those with iron-will. Yeah, I'll just pretend like it's another day and move on with the discussion.

Not so fresh off the press--or as I like to call it, out of the horse’s ass—there’s international media drama over the two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand US Embassy cable leaks, exposed by our information-barters at WikiLeaks. Before this little fiasco, hardly any of us even knew about WikiLeaks, let alone its fonder, Jullian Assange -- a man who is the centre of much controversy for not just being a shameless 'cyber terrorist', but also a 'rapist'; what better way to rally up the apathetic masses.

Of course, now that we have the circus-freaks on a feeding-frenzy over these supposedly 'world changing' leaks, we know everything about this Assange character, down to the political nailing of his character with allegations of rape. How nice and convenient; we're detaining this nobody because he's a rapist, who also happens to be the founder of a non-profit organisation that loves to get a hold of unfathomable, and unattainable information that could pose a threat to the security of the entire civilised world. For now, I won't even get into the rather convenient circumstances surrounding these leaks and the implications all the hype and drama behind these leaks might have on our grim future.

There's obviously a long list of issues and subjects one could discuss pertaining to WikiLeaks' latest move, but for now, I am only interested in how this is starting to fuel the fire amongst radical-reformists who feel that this is the perfect opportunity to define and declare 'cyber-terrorism' as concept and increase its promotion as a viable threat to the prosperity and sanctity of this post-modern illusion that we call the freeworld. Now don't get my knee-jerk reaction wrong here, but I do find that it is awfully convenient that this bullshit angle over how these leaks are some 'catasrophe' is now leading us down a path of declaring war on concepts such as 'Freedom of Information' and the internet domain as an alternative medium for information and ideas that -- while sometimes jaded and false -- might also be free of contamination from the status quo of the mainstream.

I won’t play referee in the main debate over whether or not WikiLeaks should be heralded as a breakthrough force in the 'Alternative Media' and 'Freedom of Information' movement, or whether they should be condemned publicly for shamelessly revealing sensitive information that might carry some serious political and global ramifications.

Take careful note that I use both the positive and derogatory terms as not only a representation of what the opponents and proponents of WikiLeaks feel, but also of my own stand. It's all nothing more than the putrid, amoral consequence of the information market's rising demand for more controversy and drama that is geared to generate revenue and support certain special, elite interests. There are no heroes in this world, because to be a fuckin’ hero, you gotta’ be someone’s arch fuckin’ nemesis, and that’s just the bottom line of being trapped in a world with conflicting interests for the supposed ‘common good’. I can repeat this mantra to death, but that’ll imply care on my part and truth be told, I really couldn’t spare a fraction of conscience or even give a pauper’s share of shit with regards to what anyone thinks about WikiLeaks -- good or bad. The point here is that these events have now become the prelude to further drama and reform in political ciricles when it comes to the internet; this is where my interest comes in because this will implicate a lot of individuals from all over the world.

Another somewhat related-aspect that I am also interested in is the reaction to some of the information that is now being published by News Outlets regarding the highly-confidential—and oh, dear Christ, controversial—content of these messages, as well as the way WikiLeaks is being perceived. My primary focus for now of course, isn’t the opines in the news it self — I might as well shoot myself in the head — but rather, the way in which the internet community is reacting to the information that is being supplied.

To take an example; two primary issues came to light a few-days-ago. One issue being the American paranoia and disapproval with regards to the present British Coalition government, and mostly strong disapproval of David Cameron. The other--more amusing--issue being these secret pleas for help by certain Arab states that are demanding prompt action against Iran's rise to power. So, apparently, the A-rabs are frightened of a potentially Nuclear Iran. I guess all those theories about a deep-rooted division between the Shia and Sunni sects as well the schism of the Iranian-identity in an Arab region is certainly proving to be substantial. This latter leak I find both hilarious and fitting since it is usually the very pundits of the Arab states that whine and decry foreign intervention and attitudes against rogue states in their region. However, behind closed doors, or beneath the shifty veil over confidential phone lines, the story’s an entirely different breed of drama. For one moment, I would like to put aside the subtle overtones of hostility and in turn, hypocrisy between the two leading allied powers – Britain and The United States. For one moment, I would even like to put aside the very peculiar manner in which these 'sensitive leaks' have somehow appeared out of no where, and brought with them no leverage or real 'world changing' results that we've been told to fear, but enough fire-power for certain pundits to rally people against Freedom of Infornation.

Instead, I'd like to take things lightly and focus on the more amusing bits of 'sensitive information that was leaked', between the two of the aforementioned. I would like to focus on this greater, backstabbing cowardly attitude being exhibited by supposed paragons of the Moslem world, such as King Abdullah. Nothing best describes this fascist vermin’s two-faced ego than his metaphor for the Iran solution, “Cut off the head of the snake.” Two-timing doesn’t get more pathetic than this man’s egocentric, barbaric, theocratic regime that is dictating an entire state through an archaic religious legislation that keeps its citizens in stern-check with consquences such as punishments of inhumane proportions by way of brutal incarcerations, public-lashings, amputations, and even death. Meanwhile, the king of the land prances about demanding to be treated like the bloody leading face of good will and faith in this staged deception that we call modern geopolitics. Better yet, the same fighters of progress, democracy and freedom are happily in bed with this hedonistic criminal. You want to end tyranny in this world? Then start with Saudi Arabia; this ought to be the first country on your list.

"Cut off the head of the snake? You fuckin' kiddin' me?! Has this vile serpant looked in the mirror lately? All I've seen him do since I've existed on this forsaken planet is shed his slimey skin and drip venom from his mouth. . . King Abdullah is the fucking snake, people! I ain't no fan of Ahmedinajed, but he's just a straight-up prick, and he makes no conscessions about his esoteric pride and values as the leader of a sole nation struggling against the rest of the world." -- My Thoughts (Even though I don't see any ground being broken with this leak.)

It should also come as no surprise that in these very leaks, many other suspisions come to light. Including a long-standing investigation into Saudi-donation towards terrorism. So not only is King Abdullah a fuckin' two-timing cunt, running the world's most backward state, but he's also the backbone of the very evil that he so deceitfully projects onto Iran. Again, I implore people to not get my intentions wrong here; I think Iran is a disgrace as a country, and also a disgrace on a personal level for most of its forward-thinking citizens. From its treatment of women, to its equally archaic Sharia laws against Freedom of Conscience, speech, and personal liberity -- I find Iran absolutely repugnant, because not so long ago, this country used to be a non-Islamic state with a culturally progressive leaning. The way I see it, a potentially progressive state was laid to waste and that is always a far greater disappointment and tragedy than having to come to terms with the Draconian visage of a nation that has always been plagued by inward barbarianism -- Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, like anything that's vulnerable, Iran fell prey to the zealotry of the theocrats. However, let's not fool ourselves, because while Iran has become a rogue state, Saudi Arabia is a far greater evil. This country is a historically established cornerstone pillar in this empire of evil with generations of institutional oppression and strict conditioning of its people under the most terrorising sense of law by the sword -- 'obey or die!' The only reason certain Arabs are getting so wound up over Iran is because quite possibly for the first time in Islamic history, their Wahabist-dictatorship in the Middle East faces a potential threat from another minority Sectarian School of Thought that wears hundreds of years of oppression like a blunt chip on its shoulder; and now this sect holds in its grasp a dangerous weapon. Such a fuckin' typical reaction, befitting of the fascist, mysoginistic, backward, barbaric, elitist ethos that forms the spine and constitution of Saudi Arabia and its vile dynasty of ruling pigs.

I am done for now as we can all rest easy with the notion that these 'leaks' have done little to threaten anything. All they've done is expose more candid-drama from behind the scenes, while reinforcing the agenda against the internet medium as an alternative hub for news, discussions and ideas; certainly convenient for those with ulterior motives.


As a parting gesture for my gross digression, while still staying somewhat on topic, I would like to share the following strip with any poor soul that makes the mistake of subjecting themselves to my quixotic ramblings.