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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Heathens Are Coming!

So in my recent voyages into this perpetual-psychosis that is human nature, I have come across some rather amusing gemstones of profound ignorance and ill-fated ideas that are being promoted with assiduous effort for the sole purpose of justifying the fragile perception of a certain few deluded shmucks.

"There's an atheist conspiracy in the works and it is indeed this cult of the atheists that is the mastermind behind what appears to be a genuine New World Order movement." -- The Latest Turd of Nonsense

Oh. Really? Shit. Man. That’s such an eye-opener. I'll take pause so I can laugh, but not because of the sheer irrationality of what is being proposed here, but rather, because I am overwhelmed by hysteria. After all, there is nothing funny about the idea of a non-existant group-movement out to topple our theological beliefs. Frightening!

I mean, I can just abandon all credible facts and knowledge of everything Hitchens and Dawkins have pushed for here in the UK regarding the idea of freeing ideologies from one another's control, and removing public-funding of esoteric theological schools, and instead, doubt their motives and life-long efforts as nothing more than a mere ruse. All in light of the cock-eyed assumptions found in this New School of Thought and their latest annexation of complete rubbish that forms the ground work for this ‘atheist conspiracy’.


You know what we call this kind of confrontation of ideas? That’s right: a no-win situation. It is nothing more than sprinkled bullshit on top of more bullshit, making up for our yearly-quota/recommended allowance of bullshit! Why do I call bullshit on this? Well, because we don’t even have a very accurate statistical count of ‘atheists’--three-percent at best--let alone those that have clandestine agendas to spearhead a proper ideological movement. All we’ve really got is a statistically acknowledged number of people ‘who don’t practice any religion’, and a small figure at that, which can just as well mean any spiritual agnostic looking to find God.

These douche-bag 'theorists' are trying to support a conspiracy theory that is contingent on a unified group-ideology, and their centrepiece for this theory is a non-cohesive group of unrelated, individualistic people who we only know to share one ‘negative claim’ that can’t even be officially documented on any census to date. This is a recipe for failure and a perpetuation of this bovine-philosophical purgatory in which most frail-minded, agenda-driven theologians find themselves. Like it wasn't already enough that their personal beliefs in the supernatural had to be preached as logic and fact to dictate real-world policies; now the very faith-element that some of these posing believers hold pride in, must be protected from the hostile influence of a fickle-thinking that barely makes up for any portion of the global populace. What a fucking joke! And talk about being insecure. Any dignified individual with a creed or genuine faith would laugh at such a theory, as would any non-believers, because both sides share a stable and sane outlook -- a reality where a meager, unrelated few could never have any reason or potential to oppress a relatively ginormous margin of people with institutionally-protected beliefs.

Seriously, there’s a time and place for one to don the tin-foil hat, and this ain’t one of those moments or subjects. When people are making up shit, at least they shouldn't lose their absolute grip over reality; something as subjective, individualistic, and potentially nihilistic or humanistic as atheism cannot support such an agenda because it lacks any kind of cohesive structure or grounds for collectivism. Assuming that there’s an 'Atheist Conspiracy TM' is tantamount to assuming and professing one’s own idiocy of epic proportions on a grand podium for the entire world to ridicule and mock.

Granted, many of us have had our moments where we've jumped the gun, or have been eager to buy into a convenient 'alternative explanation' to a reality that we cannot accept at face-value. However, it is always better to carefully select and pick supporting ideas and theories; to know what one's talking about as opposed to randomly spewing every fallacious-musing heard on the web like some broken stereo. Hell, if people are so bent on intentionally promoting absolute nonsense, at least they can be a bit more tactful with the deceptive use of ideas and selective facts. Even when it comes to propaganda driven by lies, there's a very blunt and obtuce margin that separates unique fabrications engineered through ingenuity from the plain old mediocre, random, nonsensical horseshit that one could find rotting inside any dead horse's ass.

Atheist conspiracy? Fuckin' hell! Please, tell me where these all-powerful non-believers/guys are so I can sign up for the cause. Heh. More on this at a later point in time.

Take it easy, fuckers.


Friday, October 15, 2010

A Long Overdue Homage

In this life of shenanigans and vulgar theatrics, all of which I appreciate and revel within, there’s a key note of timing that is always missing. This disrupts and detracts from the charm of such antics and with such glorified gimmicks execution is a cornerstone to perfection. Without it, you simply have a pointless exhibition devoid of any self-reflection or depth.

This is the kind of keynote that is always overlooked by many people, ranging from the boisterous artists to the pompous political pundits; a curse of having a seismic ego with no barriers or sense of purpose. For example, there’s certainly a very specific time and place for one to be an unyielding, uncompromising, stubborn, belligerent, insidious, hideous, invidious, fuckin’ asshole! You nail this sweet-spot, and you're an epic hero with smashmouth charisma, but if you miss - you're nothing. Absolutely nothing! And the sad reality is that most of us don’t know our place well enough to get that timing right.

So here’s a fuckin’ toast to the ignorant, oblivious Rockstar! Let us bow to this idol -- the on-stage God Complex and ‘never say die’ attitude. The endless supply of promiscuous groupies and the multitude of STDs. Let us also honour the notorious drug addictions--because nothing says 'bad ass' like livin' life ont he edge--and the countless fuckin’ puncture wounds that overshadow the plethora of tattoos! All hail the art of plain fuckin’ indulgence and ignorant trains of thought on a nauseatingly excessive scale. The kind of downward spiral that would have even the least humble amongst wishing for a swift and dignant death as a release from this lexicon of shame. Rock on, you arrogant bastard; won’t be long before you end up drowned in a pool of your own vomit, bile and blood.

Here’s another fuckin’ toast to the Rhetorical Rodents that lurk in the sewage of the political sphere – our beloved pundits. A grand toast I make to acknowledge these cunts for grossly spinning and distorting the context of truth to serve their every foul whim; even if it incurs the wrath and judgement of the entire global conscience over the appalling nature of their tactics. Again, it won’t be long before your filthy skeletons break free of the closet -- from the sex-scandals to the blatant expositions of hypocrisy that can be poetically juxtaposed against your own shallow judgement of others. The concept of Poetic Justice cannot not be more majestic with your downfall as you're picked apart by the vulture-mentality of your own kinship.

At the end of it, I would not be surprised if most pundits would wish that they had gone the way of the Rockstars, but given how their kind are known to prostitute their own dignity on a daily basis, it also wouldn’t surprise most of us if they continue to walk through life un-phased and unscathed – simply loathed and scorned for being the perfect representation of subhuman gunk.

Does this have a point? Are there hints of self-reflection in this sarcastic diatribe? Did something happen recently that provoked this outburst? Fuck no! This is just a general observation and acceptance of the status quo by the supposed ‘rebels’ that actually help maintain this mind-numbing stasis that we call the mundane system. Who wouldn't want to honour these goodfornothings and their futile melodrama? They're the perfect personification of reality.

Take it easy, fuckers.