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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fire Burns

I was hoping to post something about 9/11, since it was a very powerful and dark event in our history. One, that for a variety of reasons, has entirely changed our world and the kind of world where we now bring our children; thought explaining politics was hard before, but now it is another twisted ball game.

Anyway, I will make a proper post about this subject next year, marking the ten-year anniversary of the tragic event.

However, all was not quiet as this year's 9/11 had its own share of controversy with Pastor Terry Jones' ambitions of political grandeur. Obviously, most of us din't know of this lunatic up until his recent exposure, courtesy of the media. He was really a nobody-pastor with a small following in Gainsville, Florida. All this changed, however, upon his recent conception -- 'Burn a Koran Day', which has sent ripples of outrage across the political-world when he announced that he would burn a Koran on the 11th of September, 2010, and that he would like others to join in this act as a symbol of protest against the fanatic branch of Islam. The media, being the media, fed off this story like a coke-addict in withdrawal, snorting their way through through an entire Spring Break's worth of stash.

Obviously, the news spread like wildfire into our favourite and reactionary parts of the world such as Asia and the Middle East, sparking great protests from all corners including threats of violence and demonstrations that were indeed threatening and violent in their outcomes. All this before the official day, so we were all still waiting for the proverbial 'big bang' to occur when suddenly, news surfaced that the pastor abandoned his plans after he was allowed to meet with the Imam and discuss the matter of the Ground Zero Mosque.

“Great, interfaith dialogue. . . How fuckin' productive.” - Immediate Thoughts

I've been lurking on the internet and found a few intelligent points of discussion on a few forums. One individual very poignantly pointed out that this is a result of the media-frenzy and its desire to generate news—generate a product to sell—that seeks to exploit more fire in the debate between those that believe Islam is the cause of 9/11, and those that believe Islam is being demonised by that very rhetoric and should instead, be allowed to participate through interfaith dialogue that would allow the promotion of Islam as a harmonious creed. In the process, the very entity that is the media has also split between the two sides of this debate in order to specialise in their flaming rhetoric and tactics to keep this matter as alive and thriving as possible.

“Nothing like creating more controversy, and thus, creating more cash!” – Taking a note from Wrestling Promoter, Eric Bischoff

“It is just one big pissing contest!” - A Certain Young Man's Earthly Wisdom

Nevertheless, I have not said anything, or drawn light to any facts that aren't already well-known amongst the intellectual audience. It is almost like a patterned series of events that many of us can forecast and predict. However, this time, there's even intelligent folk who are a bit stumped and thus, susceptible to the kind of arguments that would compromise their rational outlook and ability to reason, and it is this development that I find very interesting in all the disturbing ways.

You see, here's what I find interesting in this mess.

Naturally, there are certain people who think there's a media-conspiracy that is promoting Moslems as tolerant and what not else; a sordid compaign that presents false-information that is contrary to what these very people consider 'the truth'.

Then there's the opposing brand of people who think there's a media-conspiracy that is promoting a stigma against Moslems by using selective facts and focus on only religious extremism; painting the entire religious following with the same coat of 'fanatic branding' paint.

To exacerbate matters even further with deluded-indignation, both parties are making martyrs out of themselves under the belief that their respective 'fight for truth' is marginalised in light of the bigger picture; that they are the minority/underdogs in an uphill batttle and have the greater struggle at hand since evil has a way of spreading.

“Why don't they both just kills themselves and leave the rest of us be?” – The Middle Ground

Then there is the sane world that stands in the middle and sees how both sides walk around like idiots wearing their blinders as they embark upon the steep slope of narrow-minded bigotry. These people are capable of identifying that not all people are the same, not even amongst the sub-sect of moderate/non-fanatic Moslems, as some are modestly religious while others are only 'Moslem' by title but practice or believe little in any concept of faith - I'd call 'em agnostics with a religious title at best. That's right, a child born to Moslem parents is automatically deemed 'Moslem' on our statistics and within culture, even if he/she goes on to have sodomy at an orgy with ten gay partners while eating pork, drinking alcohol and proclaiming, "What the fuck is 'God'?!"

“I question the ratio of this middle-ground to those that are now acutely divided.” - Prime Concern

Unfortunately, such awareness is all but absent in the world of political bloviation as the media and the public love to feed on clear-cut, divided arguments. This only supports the theory that humans—despite exuding great declarations of individualism—actually have an inherent disposition to be pigeon-holed; probably does provide a clearer, securer position in matters rather than stress on greater responsibility and critical-thinking. However, small digressions aside; people are divided, and like being divided over such matters.

I can't be certain, but maybe it is our primal instinct to find meaning in conflict by having sides who have distinct roles and a clear-sight of who is their 'enemy'. There is no doubt that such a recipe makes for a good blood-bath/an acrimonious encounter, and while even I get my amusement out of such conflict, I do hate the greater ramifications this has on the insights of us as a viewing audience. Slowly, even we become consumed by the irrational-thinking; polarised like a bunch of rabid apes. We become engrossed in a brand of malicious ignorance where we condemn others, where we have stringent unreasonable beliefs; where facts are not used to form the correct conclusion, but rather, misinterpreted to support the aforementioned irrational beliefs.

“I hate that one type of ignorance that is used to intentionally promote myopic agendas. The kind of ignorance that is deceitfully concealed under a mask of feigned intellect and quasi-rationality.” - Final Thoughts

Naturally, this whole situation did spiral out of control, even if Terry Jones gave up on the idea of burning the Koran. I don't care what changed his mind; could've been his imaginary friend called 'God', or could've been clandestine fear and threats. Unfortunately, the media frenzy and blood-thirsty masses still got their appetites sated as many Christian institutions in Asia were targeted and desecrated, even though the Koran wasn't burnt. In all sense of reason, burning a mere book—a symbol--cannot compare to burning an entire place of worship or refuge to the fucking ground. Indeed a double-standard has been exposed when it comes to religious tolerance. I wonder what Pakistan's Zamir Akram has to say about this situation, because I am sure some of us would have a good laugh at how that shmuck would convolute fact and logic to support the agenda of his overlords. Bad jokes, aside, this matter has exposed that double-standard in religious respect, along with the ever so sensitive nature of religious sentimentality when it comes to the psyche of the Islam'o'fanatic mindset; they really do wish to believe that their religious legislations are exceptional to the point of unanimous, worldwide servitude. What's worse, this will only fuel the right-wing fire in the developed world and further the negative stereotype of Moslems.

The fire of vengeance continues to burn, but it isn't incinerating mild symbols of dogma, but rather, the very decency of human volition and rights.

In closing, I would like to share a video where 'The Amazing Atheist' goes on to 'Burn everyone's Koran', thus, burning the Bible, the Koran, and Richard Dawkin's, 'The God Delusion'. Now I do have my biases and beliefs as well, but if there's one opportune moment where I would consider burning 'The God Delusion' then this would be that very ideal opportunity. It's just a fuckin' book, and to be quite honest, the essence of the gesture far exceed the preachings in any written-dogma or supposed 'word of God'.

Good for him... well done.