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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Rude Awakening. . .

I now awaken from over two years worth of silence and slumber.

I remained silent for a variety of reasons, and now I shall document these reasons and also address some of the recent comments made on this blog. However, before I present my real bone of contention regarding why I was away, I shall use this post to deal with these shoddy digressions made by a couple of nobody hack, anonymous cunts who think they're rooting like a bunch of ignominious whores alongside an equally savage and ravenous audience.

A fact for all the few nobodies who do actually 'read' what I 'write'. This blog hardly gets any visitors, so no, there isn't an audience. If I am the mad-man that I claim to be, then I am a raving lunatic in a massive chasm at the heart of an even greater and devoid oblivion. Now would anyone care to hazard a fuckin' guess and tell me what that makes of the chumps who decide to post insulting comments? Well done! It makes them the muck and mire of the chasm as they're bigger fools for knowingly and willingly trying to make spectacles of themselves in an arena that really is the furthest thing from being an arena.

A powerful word of advice for all the attention-whores of the world; don't hide behind anonymity and theatrics on the Internet's arena. If you really want to make a public spectacle of your shameless, illiterate, uneducated psyche, then sign up for something like Big Brother, American Idol, Survivor, etc.; there's plenty of Reality TV garbage out there to bring about the downfall of an entire civilisation.

I am merely a mad, yet humble jerk having his say. I am not interested in an audience per se; read if you want to read, otherwise, fuck the hell off! What are you doing here? If you think my posts are a waste of time, then you've just fucked yourself twice over by adding more words and time to my contention by combating my words.

“Oh, but doesn't that make me the hypocrite for feeding the ego of these low lives by responding?” - A self-musing.

I can see how this might seem like an act of hypocrisy, and I can also find a thousand reasons why I don't even have to defend or explain such an act. The number one reason being that I am human, and the number two reason being that everybody--especially those representing meta-ideologies and dogmas (religion)--seem to be choking themselves senseless on daily bouts of hypocrisies and self-contradiction. Nevertheless, I shall explain my act and also clarify that this is NOT hypocrisy.

Firstly, this is my blog. Contrary to popular, and stupefying misconceptions, this is not a democratic domain, and neither is it a commercial product being sold to a specific target audience/client. No one is my customer, and I am not obliged to pander to anyone's whims, tastes, or egos. On the other hand, if someone enters my back yard and takes a nice fucking shameless dump in the centre; they can certainly expect my combat boot right up their ass!

An anonymous—surprise, surprise—douche-bag using the screen name 'Ross Johnson' decided to get on here so he could 'diss' me on a couple of my posts. Fair enough, it is already clear and apparent that this insect of a half-man has insecurity issues; he's already hiding behind a pseudonym to make a non-existant, failing point. Clearly, my last statement about my 'born-again' Christian friend, got under this guy's skin. Maybe it was the way in which my speech was delivered, but regardless of the how, I did not insult anyone's creed, even though I can and will most likely do so whenver I feel that the need arises.

Well. . . yes, I am an ANTI-theist, and very proud of my beliefs. I make no excuses for having such thinking, and never did I imply that I have an open mind to religion. However, I do have a very open mind to everyone's right to chose what they wish to believe, regardless of how stupid or agonising I may find that particular belief. As a matter of fact, a good eros of my hatred for organised religion stems from the way religion has been traditionally used to usurp such freedoms. It is fine to be free to believe, so long as you are converting to a certain cause, but once you're a member of that theological cause, you're an apostate worthy of death if you decide to leave said cause. This basic right of choice and thinkin', my friends, is called freedom of conscience, and it is something that is frowned upon heavily, even in this day and age. All one needs to do is look in the right places and find just how suppressed people are when it comes to 'faith matters'. Even America--ashamed to admit--is slowly becoming a prime example. I have mentioned this a thousand-fucking-times, and I'll say it again; there's actual countries where people can be legally executed for changing their religion.

“But... But... Modern Christianity is above that; modern Christianity condones freedom of choice!” - You might argue.

Well of course! Have I ever denied this fact? No! It is one of the reasons why I don't always discourage people from converting to certain safer religions, if I truly believe that they will benefit from the move. However, there are people who convert for the wrong reasons, under the wrong pretences.

Now, 'Ross Johnson', do you care to know—two years down the line—what happened to that 'friend' of mine who converted? Well, he is now under full psychiatric care, because his 'Church' took a good chunk of his money, almost made him abandon his living as a builder and decorator. Pushed him to perform an unneeded exorcism on his nine-year-old son, which left the kid traumatised. Over and above that, the 'Church', made this clinically diagnosed bipolar patient, discontinue his very important medication, which actually caused him to fly off the handle at the most unexpected events. Hell, the guy's brother had to make a visit to the family and create an intervention because his younger/baby brother was high on God, and had become physically threatening to the loved ones that were worried about his condition.

Yes, that is my other issue with religion – false messiahs and do-gooders who seek to serve their own agendas under the false-flag of piety and universal morality. Indeed there are real preachers; humble and reserved servants of what they consider a higher cause. It is irrelevant whether I believe in that cause or power, but it is relevant that these people are sincere and humble in their acts. However, for each of these decent folk, you also have the opportunistic counter-parts looking to use Church, faith, whatever, as a means to generate revenue and control.

What I find baffling is this conundrum. This individual--'Ros Johnson'--is ticked off over what he considers my 'whine against religion'. What a fucking joke! That bothers him? There's bigger, more serious issues in this world to be bothered by than one man's dissent against dogma that has dictated the better parts of human civilisation pre-dating Christ or even the Jeudo-Christian ideologies.

“Ross Johnson, you want outrage? There's the Catholic Church, which is actually acting defensive against the allegations of child abuse. Not because they believe them to be untrue, but because they find them to be negative publicity. Priests do something heinous and wrong, and as a result, the institution actually plays the political card by expressing defensive indignation. If this was any other group of people who even dared to look at a child funny—forget actual sexual abuse—they would be branded a 'vile cult' before being persecuted AND prosecuted to the fullest degree by the law—world wide—down to their last member; known forever as sick twisted paedophiles. Meanwhile, an established religious group not only gets away with worse acts, but also gets to yell at the rest of us for pointing our fingers. You want outrage?! THAT IS FUCKING OUTRAGE! Go piss yourself senseless over that debacle, instead of cringing like a wounded bitch over your own inability to stomach my dislike for your personal beliefs and personal tastes, you fucking fraud! I don't claim to be neutral, but neither do I claim to be inhuman. It is funny that in your half-witted diatribe, you actually brought up priests and child abuse in your spewage, because you could not have picked a more hideous time to sabotage your own moral standing, dumb ass!” - Personal message for Mr. 'R. Johnson'

Regardless of the endless merits and cons that I could point in the direction of religion, or even any human ideology—atheism inlcuded—this blog post must not digress into that territory because that's uncool, and not to mention, I am feeding the sick needs of the ignorant 'Ross Johnson'.

As for the other anonymous who posted a few comments regarding Ross Johnson. I ain't a fan of this dude's words, but in this case, I'll agree. . . Yes, very amusing! I couldn't have put it better myself, but let us get one thing straight—again—this is my blog, and not a public service. You don't get to declare it dead, or alive, or even existing for that matter. I post when I want; I merely chose not to post for a while for a variety of reasons that I will address—by my choosing—properly in a new post.

I find all this interesting because many years ago, another anonymous poster made some disparaging comments against my statements. I think I was ranting against terrorists and how I wanted them to contract testicular leprosy or something. This did not bode well for the socially-conscious anonymous who declared that I am no better than they are before he proceeded to lecture me on the real ills of the internet and the blogsphere. I responded to this comment and made a few points clear, since I wasn't going to just sit there and take criticism for matters, which are unfounded. However, the guy did make one point: The internet is a cesspool, and just swearing cover-to-cover on this medium only sinks one further into this ocean of gunk. I agreed with this, but I found that the point was somewhat defeated since even that poster—as noble as his/her intentions might be—was also hiding behind anonymity.

However, the point's already been made over and over again. The internet is a staging theatre of doom for anonymous cunts spewing nothing short of what can be best described as literary diarrhoea that has no place in the annals of philosophical recognition. Yes, even Winston Churchill came off as a bit funny and charming while being a complete tool, but that took some degree of cunning wit and silver-tongued forte. Churchill was a charmer as a jerk, and it worked nicely for him and his career. On the other hand, this 'Ross Johnson' phenomenon is no different from every other billion posts on the most redundant, streamlined internet forms – useless and a paramount example of wasted time, space, and air. Wasted, baseless indignation!

Also, 'Ross Johnson', you had a slip-up of words there; “bollocks you are”. Indeed, bollocks I am, and bollocks I have! Because that is something you sorely lack, you fucking egocentric disgraceful coward. Fact remains that I don't hide behind a pseudonym/alias when I place myself and my words as an open target for low-life, smearing-punks like you to attempt making a name for themselves. However, if this happens to be your real name, which I find highly unlikely (almost as certainly doubtful as I am of God), it still doesn't change the fact that you're still an egocentric disgrace, but only in this instance, it makes you shameless as well, since you've aptly demonstrated just how little grasp you have over the fundamental principles of reading and comprehension. It is individuals like yourself who make a clean, solid case for pundits in the American-sphere, against the first amendment – The Right to Free Speech.

You want to talk about whining, you little faecal curd? Shut the fuck up for a moment, and then seep in some of the soothing silence that takes over when your nonsensical internal/external monologue is abrogated from the realm of existence. (I'll thank Bill Hicks for that one when I see him rockin' in Hell.)

“You don't like what you read, then no power in this world or beyond (HA! HA! As if!) is stopping you from fucking the hell off into any other dominion of your choosing! But if you react like a reactionary dick to a concept, simply because you utterly fail to comprehend the meaning of words, then do the rest of the human gene-pool a favour by ridding yourself of the internet and purging your own seed.” - Closing comment.

“If indeed I am am the egotistical cunt, and a sick master of his own stage; spewing biased hatred for religion. Then you as the rebellious commentator, are nothing more than the filthy fucking wad of used up gum beneath my boot!” - The finale.

As for the rest of whoever/whatever/nobodies, who read this blog or stumble upon it by sheer accident. Welcome back to my own private hell, which ain't all that bad, actually.

Stay cool, fuckers.



Anonymous said...

Nice post but dude so serious!!!

Ill say whatever i want!

This blog is dead! This blog is dead! DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!!

Kade said...

Y'know, I don't like to feed wild animals, but I'll make an exception in this case.

. . .I won't even bother guessing your age, but next time your mother's at the pharmacy, do make sure that she tops up on your Ritalin prescription.

Anonymous said...

ouch man.... that hurt!


Still dead!!!
fail kade.. fail!

mmm ritalin!

Kade said...

I took a look at the visitor tracker, and it seems like we not only have the same country, but also the same ISP.

Your sad act has now motivated me to activate 'comment approval'.

Normally, I am all for the free and absolutely insane speech. However, times have brought some changes.

Rather than deal with these stunts and more belligerent rambles from the likes of 'Ross Johnson', I am content filtering the comments.

Besides, I already stated that this blog is not a democracy. So I see no reason why I should live up to a fuckin' promise that I never made.

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