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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another day, another march - another stride towards futility.

A demonstration went out of hand in the West Midlands of the UK. Naturally, this evoked interest on my part since I worry like hell about the general mental state of the people on this island.

Readers interested in the few minor, and largely irrelevant details of this story can read/catch up on the following website:

Note before rant: 'Right-wing protesters clash. . .' Such a headline should most certainly catch a lot of attention and hits. The media-machine, of which I was once a proud part, is indeed becoming one the biggest, most shameless commodity brokers on the planet. It is no longer about honest output of news and views; it is about pitching the right kind of information to the right audience; either appease their ideological principles, or galvanise them and draw heat. Either way - publication wins and generates great buzz. Unfortunately, all this comes at a price as the integrity of honst truthful journalism goes out the window, and with that, any hopes of the reading audiences' chances of escaping their clandestine psychological prisons of ignorance.

"Cheap catchy headlines? Really?! Mainstream media - shame on you!" - The opening.

I have to really dwell on a certain musing before I proceed further. With all the chaos in this world and endless demonstrations for obscure, and ultimately ominious causes that none of us really have a clue of, do people have any idea who and what they are really fighting for and inversely, who and what they are fighting against? It seems like as though people these days are just idle and disgruntled at the same time, and lack any real knowledge of their purpose or direction. I can just picture an ordinary Joe who wakes up in the morning, sick of his fuckin' life and the fuckin' status quo, just like the rest of us bottom-feeders, and thinks, 'Hey, I'm gonna' get out there and join the first protest that's taking place. . . it don't matter if I have the blindest clue what this protest is about - it could even be a protest against me! But damn it! I'm gonna' protest!'

To get back to the crux of the topic, the English Defence League (E.D.L.), who I am very familiar with, were marching a protest against what they consider the 'Islamisation of UK'. As a result, the Anti-Fascit group, Unite Against Fascism (U.A.F.), performed their own counter protest, and of course, matters got a bit out of hands as factions collided with local authorities. This whole topic evoked great interest for a variety of reasons, but I'll try to keep my attack focussed. . . as much as possible.

Now, I could get into a long debate over the true validity and stance of either one of these two groups. I have known people who--for lack of knowledge and choice--pledge allegiance to the E.D.L., and they are some of the most non-racist, reasonably open-minded individuals who only fear the idea of Britain becoming a potential theocratic state, purged of its own culture and identity. Of course, I share common sentiment with these folk who uniwttingly get involved with the E.D.L., but I fall off this nationalistic bandwagon because I don't endorse the greater levels of backward, Pro-Nazi ignorance that seems to shadow the E.D.L.'s legacy in the political arena. Fact is that where ever these guys go, they lead a distinct trail of psychotic, anti-semetic, bigoted bastards in their following. It is a shame indeed, but it is also the truth.

At the same time, I know many individuals who stand against fascism and reactionary racial concepts. These people are also fine in my books, and I have plenty in common with them and their progressive views on a unified and cooperative society. However, I do find it disturbing when some of these progressive folk, almost without recourse and on pure gut-instinct, jump at the chance of condemning 'other fellow citizens' who might be concerned about the social freedoms of Britain being compromised by foreign cultures and elements. Surely, there should be a limit as to how much we can tolerate from the outside, especially when some of those ideas themselves might foster great degrees of intolerance within themselves. Imagine if UK became Saudi Arabia, simply because we wish to be accepting of Saudi Arabian culture; will we also stone rape victims and execute apostates and homosexuals every week?

"Yeah, sure. . . Perhaps I exagerrate on how frequently they execute heathens and what not else, but it is still quite close to the actual, frightening truths of what goes on in Saudi Arabia." - Clearing point.

My contentious approach is by no means an attack on the moslems, but they are not special or above anyone else, and their religion should not become a legal authority in this state – it has no place in scoeity beyond being a part of a person's personal belief by choice. On this principle, I personally, would not want Sharia law in this country. I find religious authority appalling and if people want a theocracy, there are alternatives – Britain is not, and should not be, one of those alternatives.

My present line of thinking doesn't make me a fascist. In fact, it is quite contrary to fascism since using one esoteric religious-ideology to conduct the legal framework of an entire nation is indeed very fascistic by pure design. This is why American-pundits should kick themselves for how horribley they have helped in downgrading Iraq's progressive society. Besides, I also think it is intellectually irresponsible to use fables such as creeds and 'beliefs' in distinct cultural concepts of Gods and Angels to determine stringent laws and dogmas that dictate the ways of the state and its 'subjects'. People should be free to believe in their respective dogmas if they please, but those beliefs—silly or valid—should not be used as prerequisites for legal morality and life of all humans. Faith by it self it too fickle a gamble to actually invest forth the entire future and legal institution of a nation. Besides, all of us can't be forced to bow to laws that literally demand us to acknowledge and abide by concepts (Gods, Fairies, Angels, Demons) that all of us in the free world should be free to accept or reject.

Therefore, the only pragmatic recourse for those that do want to prevent the 'Islamisation of UK', is to honestly and gracefully, step the fuck back from the fascist flags. For these people, who fear their freedoms being compromised, joining another opposing and equally dogmatic controlling movement is but taking on the other side of the same fuckin' double-sided coin. It is wiser to use the true concepts of freedom and enterprise in both choice, speech, and conscience, to assert that England should remain above everything else, a country free of any religious institution or authority. Church of England doesn't count in the same capacity as it is more of a cultural and political linchpin than a religious authority; last time I checked, they don't demand of me to acknowledge a God, or force my children to study and abide by their theological doctrine.

"Sure, there's the whole thing about the monarch being chosen by God and all that, but most of us laugh at this notion and we don't get penalised in any way shape or form for exercising such liberty." - Just clarifying . . . again.

As for those that don't want fascism, I think this entire post makes an underlying point. How on Earth can these people who supposedly unite against fascism, further their cause by insisting that religiously indoctrinated legislation be imposed upon the people of this nation? This is a very simple philosophical paradox that really brings into question the intellect of these so-called 'anti-fascists'. Say if this was a true stringent Islamic state like Saudi Arabia; everything, down to basic protests for human rights would be censored to the extreme, and dismembered heads would be rolling in the town centre on a regular basis.

When it comes to true, murderously dangerous brands of fascism, I am all for being equally fascistic against such causes and to purge them from existence, since fascism can only be truly curtailed by an equally reverse rendition of fascism that would only be used to exclusively target a specifically dangerous brand of thinking and culture.

“Call it killing a killer mentality... One must resort to murdering a movement that promotes murder, in order to end the fostering evils of that movement.” - My take . . . not a perfect one, but the only viable option at this time.

However, protesting against, and demanding the removal of speech from a bunch of guys who are—in a nut shell—simply asking not to be forced under religious law, is very counterproductive and quite pro-fascist from certain points of view as already mentioned.

Of course, this is all common sense, and that kind of thinking has no place in public debate these days, by and large thanks to the provocative, market/money driven media headlines and articles that are better geared towards pushing peoples' buttons than touching on real facts.

The moment news of this demonstration was released, people were bleeding themselves dry over outcries of how one group or the other was bad, and of course, with this, a great support for the British National (Nazi) Party emerged. Someone reasoned that before we all bow to the B.N.P., we should remember that if Nick Griffin truly had his way, anyone that he considers genetically unfit would automatically lose the right to live.

What a poetic tragedy; to join the fight against theocratic reform of the nation, one must actually pander to the whims of an equally repulsive and foul breed of thinkers who will eventually inbreed themselves out of a grotesque existence.

I will deal with this last segue in a follow-up post, because when it comes to ignorant cunts barking on about 'Racial Superiority', a gargantuan mountain of words come to mind; mostly offensive, vulgar, down-right violent swearing. However, an equal degree of criticisms also emerge, so again, I'll deal with this next time. . . and I'll try to keep it clean.

Take it easy, fuckers.


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