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Friday, January 04, 2008

Theists: Suck on this!

This is a long time coming, and I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to express more views on this fucked up cesspool that you fuck-tards idealise as ‘Mother Earth’; hell, you fuck it up pretty good like a bunch of hedonistic mother fuckers! Hey, Earth’s a mother, and you people fuck it up; the math is elementary and so you guys are. . . mother fuckers.

A few months ago, I went to a pub with a friend of mine. There, we engaged in what was to become a long session of religion bashing, primarily Islam, and fanaticism, and literalism, and other isms that condemn humanity to the depths of decadency that we see today. Unfortunately, our conversation was cut short by a belching sack of shit, too drunk to realise that he was intruding on a conversation, and too drunk to realise that he was spewing his spittle into our drinks while farting shamelessly. You know what I think? I think that fucked up morons who can’t hold in their alcohol, might as well avoid the damn poison for the sake of keeping me from getting homicidal.

However, before we were interrupted, I did manage to explain my perception of spiritual leaders around the world. I explained how and why I am an anti-theist, and why I feel that ideologies fail because they try to nurture the ‘individual’ by imposing uniformity, which has fucked up societies in hideous ways for thousands of years. I also did a small monologue on my view of Christ as a good role-model, irrespective of his so-called ‘divine’ status, because I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about deifying every lump of a turd that comes along on the corner of the road known as 'life' or 'history' to some of you. I am a complete mind, and I don’t require a god or a king or a queen or a goddess to safe-guard my own self-created insecurities towards understanding my basal and higher nature as an organism and a humanbeing.

Now here comes the gist of the post; many of you accuse me of ‘hating religion’ and ‘harbouring a malicious, childish agenda against theism’. Well, fucktards, here comes the bitch-slap from the Anti-Christ – ME! That friend that I was talking to, has converted to Christianity. I met him today, and he told me… no, he thanked me for ‘evangelising’ him, which is a fucking hoot. So while you theocratic whores sit back and bash me for being ‘secularly narrow-minded’, I hope you can look past that uneducated, ignorant oxymoron – contradiction – to realise that your beloved ‘hater of god’ just helped a tortured soul find peace with the message of Jesus Christ.

Oh, fucking, hoot! Even I’m surprised, but y’know what, I’m gonna’ enjoy this little victory, because even in defeat, I gain a victory – I am that damned victorious across the entire ideological spectrum since the dawn of human hypocrisy… err, civilisation!

Take it easy, fuckers.