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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moment of Madness: Just read!

I’ve played many games of the mind in the past, and by that, I don’t mean games of aptitude and academic value. I speak simply of fucking with peoples heads, fucking with my own head, watching them fuck up one another good, and then even having them fuck with my head.

This is why it pisses me off sometimes to determine or judge on how someone should be, or should feel, when really, I have no precedent over the matter. Who the fuck am I to say make such conjectures, right? So in spirit of this newfound wisdom, which I’m probably going to lose within a few hours, I’m going to deal with a bit of an issue through a dark twisted piece of lyrical poetry!

There’s something pending, in my name, and I must procure the results. Of course, it’s a matter of winning and loosing in my case, but something tells me I’ll be more empty after the whole ordeal, regardless of the outcome.

And now I know where I stand, so I shall embrace this dark epiphany head on!

Victory in defeat,
And defeat in victory,
My mind’s own deceit,
Perpetuating this misery.

Defined by numbers,
As I watch the frail egos collapse,
Defined by numbers,
Watching their neurosis relapse!

Have I really achieved triumphant glory,
Or have I really just come out empty,
Unable to save those that really needed to be saved in this story,
Now the shadows of deceit hunt me as their quarry!

Fuckin’ blog smogs of my own mind,
Machinations of the archetypical devil’s design,
I always command ‘em to fuck off to the abode of their kind,
But that really just means the core of my own twisted mind!

It was time for tings to be changed,
Switching around those ancient tables,
The cerebral game rearranged,
A new dynamic but within the same fables!

Yes, welcome aboard - come to me my dears,
You’ve taught me a great lesson,
Stalking and then drowning me in your ocean of crimson tears!

By occupying my vessel time and time again!
Probing the sentimental voids as my hindering bane!
Leaving me deluded in the vain!

So now I welcome thee back into my void!
Only this time, I’ve consumed you for my bidding!
Now I’m the designated stalker deployed!

Once I was yours, and now you are mine!
A role reversing dynamic of the slave master paradigm!

I may’ve suffered defeat in victory!
But now the mistress of darkness is my trophy!
So have I gotten victory out of defeat?
None but I shall caress the underlying truth to that riddle, for now it’s my game of deceit!

Defeat in victory,
Victory in defeat,
I am the fucking sadist, now in firm possession of his misery!
Triumphing and concealing my morale’s defeat with tantalising deceit!

Fuck this sincerity and contemplation; my smoking mirrors will dispel all mortal despair!
Venturing through smog murk and overwhelming temperature to get home to my nightmare!
The very nightmare, that either haunts me, or daunts my enemies; whatever, baby, I couldn’t care!
Eighth and final circle of hell, you wonder? Hah! My throne lies far beyond the devil’s lair!


Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!


Later, fuckers!

- Kade


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Nice work!

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