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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dealing with some flawed beliefs!

Once again, I return, oh deprived fuckers; I find myself mused -- I find myself motivated. In true honesty, my conscience must take what I like to call “a philosophical dump”, for I have had to endure a bit of something that has left my liver with a burning sensation ever since. People and spastics alike; Kade now returns with yet another rant, because now he’s had to handle the prospects of a very intelligent man, implicating the rest of the world as dumb in the face of America and its decision making prowess. Time for Kade’s chaotic psychological storm to kick in, for this time, he is fucking shackled and disoriented by a little sentimentality that we call respect; I just hope this intellectual colleague of mine can get the gist of what I am saying without taking offence - he really needs this gleaning.

“Before I continue, I’d like to ponder something… Why in fuck’s name do I like to mind-fuck myself by subjecting my blazing ego to the realm of the asinine? I have no fuckin’ idea, but it does bring on more than my desired share of migraines!” - Pre-Rant Confession

Recently, an unnamed, unidentified, and intentionally undocumented young brat, approximately around thirteen-years-old, but with the mental maturity of a three-year-old, decided to vent. Unfortunately, this proud Texan, of all people, decided to belittle and berate a very tragic event in American history by making an empty threat alluding to the repeat of that very recent tragedy. I shall not name this horrid event, but I will tell you all that it was recent, and it had forever morphed the face of this world, as we know it, at the expense of the innocent American public, and even a significant number of expatriates in America at that point in time.

The youngster was swift to offer a barrage of apologies; his points were loosely composed; his execution was lacklustre; however, he was still the same, poorly developed thirteen-year-old, and therefore, his unpolished speech was the least of our worries. In simple words, the stupid little fucker decided to apologise; not that his words really meant anything because he was alluding to attacking something that didn’t even exist any longer. This unfortunately, was still no excuse, and his apologies were much needed, which he made - explicitly accepting that he was in the wrong and that nothing excuses his conduct. Of course, in the real world, we’ve all too often begun to confuse “sorry” for an actual excuse; fuckers, “sorry” is admittance of wrong, doused in regret - it never was, and never will be an excuse or justification. Anyhow, the brat was cut a break -- lucky fucker -- and we got about our business, when an intellectual colleague of mine decided to step in.

Now, this colleague of mine’s a rare gem in my book. The years that he holds over his own biological age are phenomenally unfathomable; I will acknowledge moments of blatant fuckin’ awe, while comprehending this youngster’s intellectual capacity. This young man transcends the political and religious spectrum, because he’s probably even a minority within the minority of free thinkers who’s achieved this neo state of enlightenment. Therefore, my expectations were crudely manipulated, by proxy of the standards and esteemed respect that I hold this person to; there’s only three other individuals that I associate with this young dude, and believe you me, I know a lot of intelligent people!

“So yeah, when I label this genius bastard a demigod of the mind - I am speaking a fuckin’ loaded volume!” - Immediate Contention

However, my intellectual colleague, whom I’ll refer to simply as “Mr. Cerebral”, decided to have a sound and wholesome breakdown of the entire situation. He fuddled the conscience of the third parties that were responsible for sending this young brat over the edge; he took apart the brat’s own ego and attitudes that were dictating his greater and needed composure, which was all for a lack of better word, completely-fucking-absent from the unfortunate scenario; hence, the stupid threat. Of course, knowing Mr. Cerebral so well, I could not expect anything short of a political tirade, considering that most of the reaction from the other, less articulate youngsters had now turned into a political debate about American sensitivity. Mr. Cerebral explained to the little kids that certain things are not to be mocked, especially where the actual suffering of the victims is exploited - it’s just not the done deal, especially from recent history.

Unfortunately, young Mr. Cerebral ventured off into a territory of the political paradigm, which very much overlaps the philosophical, and to this day, remains a conundrum more thana  harvesting grounds for facts. I had not expected even Mr. Cerebral to have firm views on the matter, because it’s intellectual suicide to be sure about the unsure on a grand scale; even the best of us humans are still mere slaves to our own perceptions. “What did the man say, damn it?! The readers eyes have been bleeding for some seven-hundred-words now! Please! Get to the fuckin’ point!” my conscience yells at me, and so I shall get to the nucleus of the philosophical anomaly. Mr. Cerebral decided to use the political transformation of the discussion to address his patriotic insecurity, which is all too common with Americans, these days; the belief that the world hates American. He claimed that this belief of how the world hates America, is largely so, because it -- the world at large -- is incapable of making decisions by itself, and this is why America remains where it is: the hated decision maker. According to Mr. Cerebral, the world is inept, incapable, and childlike in its hatred of America, and American decisions. Of course, the same man also ended his diatribe on a note about how American apologies for its mistakes in Iraq will never fly in the face of the global opinion; in similar capacity, the young-brat’s “sorry” won’t excuse his poor snap in judgement when he made the negative statement/threat.

My problem however, branched from that little contention about how the world just conveniently enjoys blaming American decisions, which in themselves are not to blame. Unfortunately, the ignorant implications of this comment could not be pardoned, even if the contention itself was a poetic and godly sample of creative articulation; nothing could make up for the bulk of false implications that sprout from such a thesis. Before I proceed, I’ll be the first to admit that I have, throughout my entire existence, pretty much sat back and defended western life and freedoms for so long -- and with such passion -- that such defence had become my dogma! I could not tolerate myopic eastern shmucks, denigrating American society, simply because Americans are not ashamed to address their issues publicly, while the eastern block’s been known to keep all of its dirt heavily concealed under a comically thin veil - the ignorance isn’t even funny, because there's just so much that is poorly hidden, yet unacknowledged.

“I pity the curry-smelling fool! Who thinks his backward society is in any way, shape, or form, above modernity! Such a fool is nothing more me than a fuckin’ waste of sperm, and even brain cells! Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that the entire world is high on Kool Aide, when even enlightened scholars have critiqued American politics for nearly half-a-century now!” - Following Contention

Indeed my urge to contradict, comes from my dichotomy with this belief that America's international policies have been flawless. As a matter of fact, just to contradict and counteract the implications of Mr. Cerebral’s conjecture, I shall touch on one simple example that will speak volumes about an entire culture and region that was potentially scarred and sent down a path of damnation due to America's ulterior politics. Be patient, fuckers; this isn’t a rant against countries, but this is a rant against apologist-opinions that offer holistic defence of American international policy. You see, I can agree with quite a few of America’s policies, but there have been some glaring wrongs, and now you should allow King Storm to address those reasons.

Therefore, I start with the rhetoric of the world not being responsible enough. I am sorry, but Bangladesh and India had every reason to blame Richard Nixon for perpetuating the 1971 blood bath, and then turning a blind eye to the infamous General Yahya Khan and his psychotic power trip, which resulted in the genocide against the Bangladesh people. Okay, fine, I can’t officially dub it a "genocide", because conservative estimates are still hanging around three-hundred-thousand Bangladeshi’s slaughtered by the military. On the other hand, I could get liberal and resort to R.J. Rummel’s citation of an estimated one-to-three-million that were brutally killed at the whim of this tyrant (Effects of 1971 Indo-Pak war), and whoopdy-doo, this is also the same saga that paved the way for the "Islamisation" of the region, introducing the role of conservative Islam into the state affairs, carried out by a pompous and very aggressive Pakistan-based military that has historically shown little regard for freedom, dignity and human rights.

“Can you all fathom the implications? A secular nation was broken down; a potential genocide carried out against its own people by a tyrant who left the way open for another cocksucker to exploit the aftermath of these atrocities and introduce that utter, and ugly filth of a jismic dogma known as Wahabist Islam into a secularly progressive environment, effectively empowering every fanatic motherfucker! If we know one thing for a fact, it’s that constitutions determine the greater mindset of the entire socio-cultural dynamics that follow in its wake! Ultimately, society falls back on its constitutional values. This is how the fanatics in that region were finally empowered: they got an officiously basterdised constitution to justify their archaic views. Oh, and would we care to wonder what Nixon had to say during the that time when all this hell ensued - even after that genocide against the citizens of Bengladesh?” - Bitter Rhetoric

Sadly enough, Mr. Nixon continued his support for Yahya the tyrant, even denigrating the Indian leadership in the process (Refer to paragraph three of Richard Nixon's Policies). Please, people, there is no way that one could twist this decision into a positive! There is no way that you could justify the three-hundred-thousand lives (some argue three-million), lost to a whimsical genocide; the entire social progress and secular evolution of a region, thwarted back over a hundred-years. This was all the chain reaction initiated from an American foreign policy  required that we spoil that capricious bastard, General Yahya, followed by Zia, who was another evil fuck, and despite having ample opportunity to identify his predecessor's follies,  more American administration foreign policy let him further contaminate and condemn the social sanctity of an entire culture and region.

Therefore, perhaps we should lay off excessively bold claims about how the world is categorically wrong in contrast to the one nation that's always taking initiative. Any intelligent individual will know that when you place yourself outside the box and consider some ground facts, it sounds fuckin’ stupid to assume that an entire world can be wrong for having so many different and legitimate reasons, the aforementioned example, included. Besides, it’s not just myopic and destitute nationalists of other nations who berate American policies; you also have intellectuals following suit--ones based in America, and of American culture and persuasion. Has anyone ever stopped to ponder that notion? This isn’t about country against country, because an authentic intellectual’s honesty soars beyond the dignity of a country; such individuals are often open to criticising their own in lieu of committing to an honest observation. A true intellectual's rarely gonna' suffer from a nationalism-induced need to distort the truth - he/she will only be devoted to the truth, and his/her own selfish ass! A truly intelligent individual does not have his/her pride fused into the paper-pride of a country or region, because their dignity revolves around their own intellectual fortitude and prowess; they don’t need to fall back on a country’s dignity to feel complete, and thus, offer uncompromising honesty. Hell, such intellectuals rarely even disagree with the American spirit; what they do disagree with, however, is the authentic follies in the international policies, much like how I disagree with Nixon’s approach to dealing with/spoilling General Yahya Khan. Is this because yours truly and other intellectuals are just about as myopic as a typically foreign moron? Fuck no! It’s because a wrong is a blatant wrong, and the facts speak from themselves, much like they did in the case and implications of the Indo-Pak war of 1971.

Besides, even Mr. Cerebral cannot evade the fact that by acknowledging American actions in Iraq as mistakes, he effectively admits to their own follies - case and point joining an entire list of mistakes. It’s about high time that American patriots admit the mistakes; it isn’t evil; it isn’t wrong - it’s just being honest with one’s self! Hell, if you're truly patriotic, you'd have the guts to observe the wrongs of your own. Things have been screwed up, and just for the record, I’ll go onto reiterate my stance that Iraq is another screw up in the making. Ten years from now, you will fathom the true depths of what I had to say today, for downgrading that nation’s secular constitution into that of an Islamic state will give rise to another Iran-like group mentality. After all, as already touch on; good, progressive constitutions can go onto motivate great social progress, while bad ones go onto justify some of the most insidious atrocities known to humankind.

“Yes, America, another mistake, and I don’t identify this because I wouldn’t know how to deal with it… I identify it because the true depths of honest and free expression shaped my mind. The same mindset that was nurtured into me through appreciation of the modern American culture and philosophy! And in spirit of that intelligent honesty, I will continue to reiterate the time-tested thesis that if you keep creating Islamic-theocracies, you’ll continue to empower future fanaticism.” - Closing

“As for my intellectual colleague, and object of my envy, Mr. Cerebral; I hope he realises that this wasn’t an attack against his intelligence, but rather, the highlight of some very crucial facts that were trivialised in his initial overlook. Sure, the world does run its mouth into the gutter all too often over the mention of America; I fuckin’ hate it, and defend the true spirit of American progression with a passion. However, I’d be damned if I’ll ever abscond honest intellectualism to defend blatantly damaging policies and political flaws, which American administrations have been responsible for creating.” - Closure

Now, I must return to dissecting a true puzzle; why the fuck do I get myself into these situations, and even more flammable rants? Perhaps the mind-numbing high plays the role of a subtle incentive in my situation, or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking and poor rationalisation. Anyway, I am fuckin’ done!

Stay cool, and stay smart, you crazy fuckers.



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