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Monday, February 19, 2007

Political Tirade: Bomblast aboard train in India - sixty-six lives incinerated


Another average day, and then the news that got my colon in knots:

Excellent! What a way to start the fuckin’ day - breakfast with bigotry and genocide!

You know what, I’ve been reading, hearing, reading, hearing, and reading about this shit for as long as I can recollect, and damn it, now this shit is starting to interfere with my sweet memories of my hot baby sitters from when I was a destructive toddler. The rudimentary premise to this whole shitty conflict has burned itself so badly into my long-term memory that I wish to remove the relevant part of my brain like the cognitive tumour that it is, and feed it to my friend’s dog.

I’ve had it with this shit. What the fuck are these terrorists trying to achieve? Really, what was all this for? You don’t wan’t peace to finally wrap up this fifty-year-long/least amusing feud? You want more war? You want your moms and sisters and children and what not else to suffer the hostile constraints of the Indo-Pak dynamic? Are you fucking stupid? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? Bah! That’s what they always do, and most of us have come to accept this! Well fine then, I accept this, but now I say we get past all this bullshit. Fuck the peace, because such morons don’t deserve peace.

“Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said leaders on both sides of the border should move forward with efforts to secure peace.” - Excerpt from the same piece of news.

“You want peace, neuter the entire MMA, and their supporters!” - SERIOUSLY! CASTRATE THE BASTARDS!

As a matter of fact, to hell with this whole ordeal of finding enlightenment and moderation; a primate mentality will remain just that, and last time I checked, we didn’t expect monkeys to comprehend higher human reasoning. Hell, if I hear any more pacifists rave on about how humans are superior creatures with the ability to reason, then so the hordes of hell stop me, because I’m going to fuckin’ reason my boot up their asses. The aforementioned story is a perfect example of just how much most can reason, and just how much these particular idiots have been ‘reasoning’ for the last fifty-fucking-years!

You know what, let it all end! Destroy one another already, you fucking armed and dangerous emotional train wrecks; I’m sick of watching you people resurrect your stupidities to the front page with your antics that are beyond “yesterday’s news”. We get it: YOU CAN’T MAKE PEACE, AND CONSTANTLY WANT THE WORLD TO GASP AT YOUR VIOLENT, SENSELESS THEATRICS WHILE YOUR LEADERS RESORT TO THE SAME OLD, CONDEMNATION-TO-RESUMPTION ROUTINE! Seriously, that’s all these Indo-Pak terrorists are, a bunch of overgrown emo-babies with lethal armaments. So let the fuck wads kill each other, and then die an angst ridden death as they attempt to reason the hate worthy martyrdom amongst one another. I wanna’ see that region reduced to a massive sheet of nuked plexi-glass, because it’s become that fucking old, annoying and socially/ideologically irreparable. And why do I condemn the region, because apparently the bystanders seem to cower in fear, playing right into the whimsical actions of these terrorists.

“Oh! Oh! They maybe few in number, but they’re big and mean! I’m scared!” - “Then tell me why all of you shouldn’t just fuckin’ disappear along with the big and mean terrorists!” - Look at what I’ve been reduced to; justifying collateral damage like some egocentric republican (I’ve fallen to a record low!).

I want something new in the news aside from this same old nut-sack nuggets about the ‘freedom fighter’ angst against any peace between India and Pakistan. It’s stupidity on repeat cycle, and damn it, I’m getting fed-up of this bullshit! Fuck this whole road-to-peace and initiate one final battle-royale; let ‘em all perish, so there can be one less nuance/reason for me to develop stomach ulcers!

Stupid fucks!



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