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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

F.U.C.K: Fucking Uptight Conservative Kooks!

I am so fucking pissed off right now that I can't type straight without punching something. Yeah, just my fuckin' luck, because over the recent days, I see to be rolling the dice quite well. So I met an old friend who's visiting UK, and we had one hell of an "interesting" conversation. By interesting, I mean a crazy one-sided condemnation of me for being 'a hippie liberal who's an apologist for fanatic Islam', when I argued that the war was fucked. Yes, it's a fucking ancient cliché, which expired the moment it came out, but my friend really rounded things up with that rotting rhetoric that goes something like this: "You can't support America without supporting its war in this time of need. If anything, you're supporting Islam-O-Fascism by condemning this war."


Syd, I realise that your progressively dangerous ignorance is probably the fruit of me not kicking your ass as frequently as I used to a few years back. It's a real shame, really, because once upon a time, despite your economic beliefs, I considered you a politically enlightened individual, but now it's apparent that somewhere over the last two years, you went from pro-free market to a corporate shill, and now to a completely disgraceful Bush apologist, you sad little myopic fucker! Let's just hope I can kick your ass back into the thinker's paradigm before it's too late and you're blindly thumping Pat Robertson's bible. I know you read through this shit, so be prepared, you fuckin' deluded nimrod!

As for the rant: So if you sorry shmucks decide to listen to this rant, then be warned: Heavy offensive material can be found. Oh, and thanks to another friend of mine for actually clipping it up and uploading it with the music and shit. Disclaimer from Kade: I take full responsibility, because fact remains that all this needed to be said! The pissing and bitching was so out of control and random that we got nothing done in the studio, and so my friend cursed me out and told me to record the damned thing in a pod-cast, so I can get it out of my system. In his words, "Take a shit already!"


Now I'm gonna' bite my fucking fist, and wait until I can head off to Argos at the earliest, simply to purchase a nice punching bag for the beating!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Crazy Rant: To be, or not to be - Drunk!

Premise: Fuck you! Fuck each and every fucking one of you!

I'm sorry, I am quite literally 'blah' at this point. It's one thing to live in a world where people numb themselves with drugs, but it's entirely another to have the same numbing agents do jack shit for me.

As any capable being knowing me would know, I don't have mass for alcohol tolerance - literally, again. I fuckin' don't. When I say I can be fucked up on five pounds or ten dollars, I mean it sincerely. Hell, I've come to realise that this is a very exaggerated estimated, because I could get smashed on far less. Yes, I walked into a party, sober and serious as a man about go on mass-vengeance, and through -very- annoying circumstances, guzzled down three glasses of red-wine within a window of five-minutes. Well, the rest after that is a painful ordeal. I call those five minutes, my personal heaven, by the way.

"Just three glasses of red wine?" - Some might as ask.

"You don't know my fuckin' anatomy, Junior, so shut the fuck up before I break a wine bottle over your head without any fucking regrets!" - The typical irritant response.

I don't get drunk like normal people, because I get all the bad sides of being drunk. No, I do not lose my memory. No, I do not forget myself. No, I do not develop a bad speech impediment. Fuck, I don't even lose my recollection of the entire session, which is probably the most annoying part. I mean, this was a night for me; sniffed cocaine, and had more alcohol than my physique can allow me. So all I got in return was the odd state of remaining lucid and cogent, with extreme dizziness, visual-imbalance, and the natural inability to stand up without clinging onto something; not to mention, laughing on my ever-so-vibrant cynicism. Yes, quite literally all the bad points of getting drunk, without any of the good. I ingested this shit to numb myself and forget, but instead, my senses heightened, while my physical balance was the only factor of diminishment.

Yes, this is justice, isn't it? "Why the fuck don't I feel numb?" I wondered as my candid nature went into high-gear. Yes, the only thing I got out of this was nausea, dizziness and a very bad head ache. I say this about eight-hours-later. Bring me red wine right now, and I'll likely throw up--don't expect much to be there aside from some liquid and stomach acids--puke for the fucking win. The worse part, I have retained every annoying, gut-wrenching memory from the night.

This brings back an old account. I met this tarrot card reader a few years ago, and she told me that the only drug capable of numbing me, and soothing me, even, will be a gun-shot to my head, or drinking ichors from the very gods themselves. *Right*, god-blood! That's what I need: WHERE THE FUCK DO I FIND SOME? Could rat-blood get the job done halfway? Perhaps I should go to one of those vampire raves and have a go.


You mother-loving twats are friggin' fortunate to at least enjoy getting wasted for what it is: Being smashed beyond the farthest reaches of oblivion, and then not remembering a damned thing about the tripping experience. Yeah, people will take this for granted, because I guess it's standard - WELL NOT FOR ME, YOU FUCKIN' INGRATES! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Maybe I'll piss off some big guy and get a few blows to my head; nothing beats the amnesiac after-effects of a concussion.

Stay cool, fuckers.

Kade - Your unholy drunk, who wishes that he could be a real drunk, ONCE FOR A FUCKING CHANGE!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Valentine's Piss!

Off topical premise: Post-midnight rage is the fuckin' booze for the soul.

Recently, a certain someone asserted that most of us were busy on Valentine's Day. Many gave a sarcastic yes, and I responded with a 'hell no', to which this 'certain someone' readily agreed; "Oh, you I am sure of. It's not your thing."

Excellent, people seem to know me better than I know myself; perhaps they also hold the cure to cancer and mortal limits; perhaps they can help me become god. Am I being bitter and sarcastic? Why, yes I am! I spew out all this fucked up sarcasm because truth states otherwise. I did in fact team up with a friend of mine on Valentine's Day. A friend who was in a friends with "benefits" clause with me, not so long ago; a clause that we still invoke on very rare occasions.

We teamed up, just for Valentine's Day, and went out of our way to bother a lot of couples, celebrating their love-façade. Oh, and when I say, "out of our way," I mean very much out of our way; every effort was made to annoy and agitate the droves of love-sick morons in denial of the inevitable.

It was all fun and games, until an abrupt end - I started making a Molotov Cocktail, and this worried my partner in crime, as she's always been the disciplinarian compass in my life. As always, she had fun with me, but made sure to draw the line when I was getting ahead of myself. However, this time, for some odd reason, I got pissed off, and so we called it an early night and I fucked off to my own self-dwelling hatred.

To sum it up, I had fun, though the ending did leave a lot to be desired. Now many would think that this is pitiful, and that I am probably some sad putz, deprived of the concept of true caring and "love". Furthermore, many would deduce that I use the fucked up shenanigans on Valentine's Day to compensate for my own emotional deprivations. Well, they're wrong for the most part, but that's still cool, because regardless of how right and wrong they maybe, it was the fucking mother-load of fun! I don't care, because it was a fucking hoot!

Yeah, sure, perhaps the joy was ascertained at the taxing misery of other, caring individuals. Yes, I plead guilty to deriving pleasure from annoying the hell out of the Valentine's Day saps! Yes, I'd like to put a fuckin' arrow through Cupid's left eye, and then go for the right one as well. However, I see nothing wrong in this line of hedonistic logic; fuck morals and ethics. If George 'Dumb-Yah' Bush--the fuckin' president and chief execute of the world--can kill some twenty-thousand civilians, and sacrifice over two-thousand of his own troops in order to turn an autocratic secular state into a religious theocracy for some cheap oil, then I think that provides me with ample leeway to have all the fun I can have at the expense of the bleeding hearts in denial.

Yes, I fucked up Valentine's day for a hearty few, and I enjoyed it. Fact: I did team up with someone on Valentine's day, but I actually celebrated it for what it's worth: Fucking with peoples heads!

Valentine's Piss!

Hey, mister, why so mean?
Because your ignorance is painful,
You fucker, can't you glean?

But love is being celebrated,
Why do you spread this hatred?
Is your fucking brain sedated?
I was having fun as your day was berated!

So then it was all mockery and fun for you?
I relish the vitriolic anti-Valentine's sentiment that I spew!
And why do you want to take out cupid's eyes?
The podgy fucker can't aim, so he doesn't deserve to see!
I might as well donate his eyes and liberate a blind person from their misery!
(I can also bet that at least he'll know how to use his bow and arrow with some dexterity!)

Happy Valentine's Day, fuckers! And yes, it is around ten-days too late, but who cares? More importantly: Do I care? Fuck nah! Anyway, have a good one!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Religious Rant: Anglican leaders "rule" against gay bishop

Today’s little nugget of hilarity:

Excellent piece of news today, as the Anglican leaders passed a ruling on ‘gay bishops’. It’s funny how this whole charade is titled and staged like a legitimate ruling, with a legitimate process of consideration and debate before the ruling is passed. Yes, like the dogmatic shmucks would consider even entertaining the idea of associating any form of homosexuality with their religion. We might as well be straight about things and title such stories: “Anglican remain true to their nature!”

“Oh, really? Wow! And here I thought that finally, after hundreds of years worth of ruling in favour of nothing, gay religious leadership would be the one subject matter would be the one thing above all things to get favourable treatment. *Sure.*” - Urgent sarcasm. I bet they just sat in a room for a few hours and whipped their own backs for being sick little sinners while indulging in homoerotic fantasies.

Seriously, this ain’t no ruling. They already had their fucking minds made up, and for me to believe that they actually gave any form of consideration to things outside the tunnel-vision of their doctrine--especially gay bishops--is a fucking joke. As a matter of fact, it’s made into such a sad fucking joke because we’re given this impression that Anglicans actually entertain ideas outside their faith; it makes me laugh to the point of lung-failure, right before being engulfed in the bile-ridden urge to kick these zealots and their media representatives, square in the fucking nuts. Sadly, it’s a laughable fallacy, and also old to the point that it isn't news! It isn't NEWS! And this kind of old, tired, and useless time-consuming horseshit, fucking pisses me off.

“Oh Kade, you fucker, you’re always pissed off!” - Common observation.

“Wrong! I’d be very happy if I could break the Ayatollah into pieces, and then use those pieces to beat the Pope into a pulp!!” - My common response.

I’m capable of having an experience where I’d rise out gleeful and least pissed about anything. It’s just that the general perception of the media and the world can sometimes get to me with their trivial coverage of issues that aren't relevant and really fit to be deemed as 'news'. The pretentious drama is annoying; this incessant beating about the bush can get old real fast. Like hearing shit about how the middle-east is trying to achieve peace, and how the Anglicans are ‘considering’ gay-related issues, when their decisions were already set in stone over a thousand years ago.

The linked/aforementioned article is a very glaring example of time-wasting drama within the mainstream media; they have nothing better to report on, so they make up this shit about Anglicans spend their time supposedly considering issues that in reality they'll never tolerate or accept. The Anglican leaders didn’t pass a ruling, they only reaffirmed their millennium-long intolerance for something that they’re just not prepared to accept, let alone even consider. The title implies that they thought this through, and that a sincere, honest case was made to consider, which is a fucking joke and an insult to our collective intelligence! This is my problem, because these monkeys are portrayed by the media as thoughtful beings, when they’re clearly the contrary! And why does the media do this? Oh, I don't know?! Maybe because they lack talent or the desire to find a fresh new scoop? Or perhaps they're in on it? Here's a real question: Who the fuck cares?! Because it's their job to provide us with real news! If I wanted bad jokes, I'll read the comic section! Now where's my fucking news?!

Besides, was it just me, or did I detect a hint of zealotry and threats?

“Anglican traditionalists believe gay relationships violate Scripture and they have demanded that the U.S. church adhere to that teaching or face discipline.” - Excerpt from article.

Discipline. . . Oh, fucking hell! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Man! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I was to ignore the nouns in that statement, I’d swear it sounded exactly like something one would hear from an Islam-o-fascist/fundamentalist. . . or some sick twisted paraphiliac with an even sicker religious kink.

“You’ve been a bad, bad little believer. Time for a harsh spanking. Time. For. Discipline.”

So, what will the Anglican leaders do, exactly? Sign up Bush for a fuckin' Hell Mary? Hah! That would be one hell of a sight, and for once, I’d actually root for the Anglicans, because I think it would be a fitting irony to watch one group of zealots spank the political shill of another group of zealots known as the American Neo-Cons.

Fucking hell! Not a single day goes by without something stupid coming up. Let’s just finish this drama and accept that the Anglicans won’t accept anything, okay? Let’s accept their inability to accept. I don’t wanna’ hear news about how they rule against this or against that. Fact remains that they always rule against, because hardly anything in the modern world confers with their outdated traditions. So why must all of us hear about how they can’t rule in favour of anything? We get it! Just like we got the previous stories - they can’t rule in favour of anything, just put one big banner on top of every news site, informing readers that the Anglican leaders rule against everything related to modern times, and then shut the fuck up.

Stupid zealots!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Political Tirade: Bomblast aboard train in India - sixty-six lives incinerated


Another average day, and then the news that got my colon in knots:

Excellent! What a way to start the fuckin’ day - breakfast with bigotry and genocide!

You know what, I’ve been reading, hearing, reading, hearing, and reading about this shit for as long as I can recollect, and damn it, now this shit is starting to interfere with my sweet memories of my hot baby sitters from when I was a destructive toddler. The rudimentary premise to this whole shitty conflict has burned itself so badly into my long-term memory that I wish to remove the relevant part of my brain like the cognitive tumour that it is, and feed it to my friend’s dog.

I’ve had it with this shit. What the fuck are these terrorists trying to achieve? Really, what was all this for? You don’t wan’t peace to finally wrap up this fifty-year-long/least amusing feud? You want more war? You want your moms and sisters and children and what not else to suffer the hostile constraints of the Indo-Pak dynamic? Are you fucking stupid? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? Bah! That’s what they always do, and most of us have come to accept this! Well fine then, I accept this, but now I say we get past all this bullshit. Fuck the peace, because such morons don’t deserve peace.

“Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said leaders on both sides of the border should move forward with efforts to secure peace.” - Excerpt from the same piece of news.

“You want peace, neuter the entire MMA, and their supporters!” - SERIOUSLY! CASTRATE THE BASTARDS!

As a matter of fact, to hell with this whole ordeal of finding enlightenment and moderation; a primate mentality will remain just that, and last time I checked, we didn’t expect monkeys to comprehend higher human reasoning. Hell, if I hear any more pacifists rave on about how humans are superior creatures with the ability to reason, then so the hordes of hell stop me, because I’m going to fuckin’ reason my boot up their asses. The aforementioned story is a perfect example of just how much most can reason, and just how much these particular idiots have been ‘reasoning’ for the last fifty-fucking-years!

You know what, let it all end! Destroy one another already, you fucking armed and dangerous emotional train wrecks; I’m sick of watching you people resurrect your stupidities to the front page with your antics that are beyond “yesterday’s news”. We get it: YOU CAN’T MAKE PEACE, AND CONSTANTLY WANT THE WORLD TO GASP AT YOUR VIOLENT, SENSELESS THEATRICS WHILE YOUR LEADERS RESORT TO THE SAME OLD, CONDEMNATION-TO-RESUMPTION ROUTINE! Seriously, that’s all these Indo-Pak terrorists are, a bunch of overgrown emo-babies with lethal armaments. So let the fuck wads kill each other, and then die an angst ridden death as they attempt to reason the hate worthy martyrdom amongst one another. I wanna’ see that region reduced to a massive sheet of nuked plexi-glass, because it’s become that fucking old, annoying and socially/ideologically irreparable. And why do I condemn the region, because apparently the bystanders seem to cower in fear, playing right into the whimsical actions of these terrorists.

“Oh! Oh! They maybe few in number, but they’re big and mean! I’m scared!” - “Then tell me why all of you shouldn’t just fuckin’ disappear along with the big and mean terrorists!” - Look at what I’ve been reduced to; justifying collateral damage like some egocentric republican (I’ve fallen to a record low!).

I want something new in the news aside from this same old nut-sack nuggets about the ‘freedom fighter’ angst against any peace between India and Pakistan. It’s stupidity on repeat cycle, and damn it, I’m getting fed-up of this bullshit! Fuck this whole road-to-peace and initiate one final battle-royale; let ‘em all perish, so there can be one less nuance/reason for me to develop stomach ulcers!

Stupid fucks!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Crazy Rant: The fuckin' flu, and my fuckin' stupid landlord!


I'm posting this right now, because I am somewhat smashed and not sober, but not smashed enough to the point of being doped and inactive. I am at that bell curve between between being smashed, and an utterly bitter human being. I am officially in ‘THE FUCKED UP AND HYPERACTIVELY PISSY ZONE’.

This was a Saturday, damn it! I wanted to celebrate it for what it‘s worth: Hedonisms! I wanted a decent day of annoying the hell of the uptight neo-cons breeding like rabbits on crack within the dying seams of our society. I wanted a day when I could kick back, relax, and be pleasured like the hedonist bastard that I am. Instead, I go out, crash and burn from this fucking flu, and return home while burning up with fever, and yes, while it’s good to feel warm in the cold, it fuckin’ sucks to burn on the inside, because then I am further sensitised to the cold on the outside. Ah, but it doesn’t end there; I return shivering and somewhat shell-shocked, only to find that spittle-spewing ‘disgustoid’ known as my landlord, getting on my case about utter trivialities.

Now I wanna’ be able to friggn’ breathe; consuming my oxygen is something I value and the actual ritual of ingesting my oxygen is something I consider very sacred. So you know what? FUCK THE BLOCKED NOSE! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! Not only do I have to cope with this sinus congestion, but I must return home to find this landlord-troll, forcing his problems down my mouth like a case of oral sex gone horribly wrong.

“Get that outta’ my mouth, you sick fuck! I can’t breathe!” -- One of the voices inside my head.

Man! I was pissed off because over this condition, the whole firggin’ day, and looked forward to the evening in hopes that the night might overturn my dismay/fortunes. Oh, how fucking wrong I was! It’s really not a pleasant circumstance, because I become the world’s most irritable fuck-face when confronted with this miserable condition. I’m so friggin’ sick of this shit, that I am half-tempted to take a pistol, etch it against my face and shoot myself up one of my nostrils; at this point anything will do if it can compensate for the nasal swelling.

Yeah, I realise that this is a drastic decline from real world issues, but it was needed. Don’t like it? Fuck you! I put ‘Crazy Rant’ in the heading, so you were warned. Besides, my general mission statement is to attack the annoying, as I see it! And as trivial as flu coupled with a frothing, piggish landlord might sound, such a view doesn’t make either of them any more or less annoying than they already are, which is way up there, right next to republican politics and religious fanaticism.

You see, what really annoyed me was the fact that my Saturday night bombed; it was like a Nascar pile up. So naturally, returning home to this grossly obnoxious landlord pushed me over the edge. I have to put up with this fucking hobbit’s disgusting habits, like blowing his nose at the amplitude of a fucking jetliner’s engine, before swiftly channelling his energies towards getting on my case about the pettiest things. He’s like some obnoxious, bitchy, bossy little goblin, with impotence-induced rage. Stupid fucking troll. Once he was done fucking my already oxygen deprived head over, I got to my room and passed out, only to wake up ten-minutes-later, to his sickening throat gargles, which can resurrect the fucking dead. Such a deep, shrill, coarse noise that even surpasses audio effects used in thriller sci-fi movies. The fucker snarls and hisses as though he’s about to vomit out his entrails! Seriously it sounds like a tiger hissing, but amplified. It’s a friggin’ annoying noise, and is only justified if someone’s fucking dying, or stabbed in the mouth. He sounds like some banshee alien, dying from multiple stab wounds to the rectum; I bet that’s the noise Satan makes when he’s having an orgasm.

“KHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” -- That’s a very conservative sample of what he sounds like, but it’s far worse. And since my room is right next to the bathroom, I usually get hideously audible sounds that can play havoc with one’s imagination. Picture the demonic interpretation of Satan, having multiple orgasms in the room right next to you.

Fuck, I was just a few nerves short of picking up the bible and adopting Jesus as my lord and saviour. It’s painful to hear him blow his nose, and gargle like some slithering mutant, when he ain’t even got a cold! Stupid lumpy midget. Fuck this shit, I’m out! If I hear that annoying little troll, gargle like some dying whore, or blow his nose like a fog-horn, one more time for what remains of this night/early-morning, someone had better fucking stab him through the mouth, so then I may blow my nose down his throat. Fuckin’ hideous abomination to the human genome. It’s eerie how most dogmatic fucks seem to have these obnoxious quirks! (Yes, aside from being a man-pig, he’s also a dogmatic-pig!)

That’s it, the fucking iron gloves or off! I’m gonna’ serenade this flu, and that fuckin’ troll that I call a landlord, with a very profane piece of poetry.

The Saturday Night Griever!

They call it a Saturday Night Fever!
But without the sex and alcohol, I’m just a sad believer!
It was a night meant to be without limits and full of wine!
But this fucking flu left me cursing and benched on the sideline!

Is this a fucking joke, because I’m not pleased!
As my waning desires give into my disease!
I could fuckin’ swear that I‘m going insane!
On this prowl for lust while sneezing out my brain!

Alas I return home, a deluded, wounded dog,
Only to face my disgusting landlord, that obnoxious hog!
Without hesitation he turns to me and gets on my case!
Feeding me reasons to stab his fucking face!

I wish he’d keep away, that stupid shmuck,
He should know that now is not the time,
He should be smart and not push his luck,
Not if he wants his skull smashed flat into a pretty dime!

Indeed this was a fucked up night,
But not my Saturday Night Fever,
For the unrealised desires remained my plight,
Reducing me to the Saturday Night Griever!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sharpen my blades!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Political Tirade: Bill O'Reilly's callousness towards paedophilia victim, Shawn Hornbeck.

It’s been a while since I’ve had some political comments to make about America. Honestly, it became old, because things weren’t changing, and I was occupied with other sources of amusement. Besides, I usually get my relief by reading Moxie’s blog.

However, a recent revelation has sickened me to the depths of my dying bowels! You know of the story of the little victim of paedophilia, Shawn Hornbeck, who was kidnapped by child-rapist, Michael Delvin in 2002. Shawn was a meagre eleven-year-old at the time, and since being the dominated victim, and a child at that, suffered from Stockholm syndrome, and was unable to muster the will to escape. Yeah, it was quite an issue a few weeks back, and of course, as always, the loud idiots of the US had something to say. From Rush Limbaugh’s rants about how this kid probably ‘enjoyed’ his mind-melding misery, to so-called ‘no spin’ pundits like Bill O’Reilly, claiming that such a syndrome doesn’t even exist, and concurring with Limbaugh.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! YOU EXPECT AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD BOY TO BATTLE THE ADULT DOMINANCE OF A RAPIST, AND OVERCOME STOCKHOLM SYNDROME? WAIT, NOW YOU DENY STOCKHOLM SYNDROME ALTOGETHER?! I mean, Limbaugh’s been a fucking joke since the late 80s, and while Bill’s been a joke of sorts as well, I believe people still held a certain degree of regard for his commentary and knowledge. What a disgustingly unpleasant reality check it must be to look at this fuck wad, callously attacking that kid's character while completely defying a very dangerous and crucial psychological condition that’s a result of possessive abuse: Stockholm Syndrome. This is becoming a typical trend with every fucking right-winger in America: Denial. If a certain idea or concept isn’t acceptable to you, then it doesn’t exist. Oh, and these people also happen to be the ones who seem hell-bent on imposing their invisible friends on the rest of the nation.

“You know what, Bill! Before you start claiming that Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t exist, perhaps you should stop giving imaginary blow jobs to god on national television.” -- My personal rhetoric for America’s new leading talking head, full of shit!

Seriously, I’ve completely lost respect for O’Reilly. I mocked him in the past, but I considered him somewhat sincere in his efforts to find balance, though he still had quite a few miles to go back then. Now, however, I believe he’s nothing more than a fucking whore in the right-wing propaganda to deny anything and everything that detracts from their archaic line of thinking. O’Reilly is a fucking shill, and now joins my hate list, topping Limbaugh. Why? Because a right-wing whore spouting complete idiocy--Limbaugh-- pales in contrast to another that insidiously deceives the naïve American public into thinking that he’s committed to no spins--O’Reilly. While I can laugh at Limbaugh for being a straight-up ignoramus, I spare no pardon for that old, smelly, crusted piece of camel-jism, known as Bill O’Reilly, because he is probably the biggest right-wing spin at the upper-tier of the mainstream media, and that makes him a dangerously malignant cancer in the battle against mainstream ignorance.

FUCK YOU, BILL! FUCK YOU! I hope that someday you’re reunited with Satan, so you can finally accept your true nature, have your butt-loving session, and then reappear in public light, only to claim that Stockholm syndrome drove you to having the one-night-stand with your true lord and master!

“I… I didn’t want to, but I had to because of Stockholm Syndrome!” - Bill. “Hey, he seemed very willing. As a matter of fact, he came onto me when I was drunk.” - Satan.

That’s what it’ll take to get a so-called educated fuck-face like this shill to acknowledge truth, by putting him in a situation where he must cover up his own ass! FUCKING SHILL-BILL! The only time O’Reilly ever exudes flexible, understanding thought, is when he has to cover his own ass, or the ass of his pimp-daddies - The American Neo Cons!

Fucking hell!


Source (s): via Moxie’s Blog: