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Sunday, September 03, 2006

...still smacking!

As the title reads; I am still at it, seeing as Wafa Sultan has pretty much got the nut-sacks of every Islamic apologist who reads about her, in tight knots. Misleading Media, who I now refer to as Misleading Nimrod, had some additional drivels to spew. Once again, I shall document this crap, on the blog, because crap that it is, it can be fun.

To my last comment, “having -some- beer, eating some pork, and having some sex,” he had the following to say:

"That is your olution to humanity? Getting drunk and getting laid?" - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Ever heard of the difference between drinking, and getting drunk, dumb ass? For that matter; ever hear of sarcasm? And no! It’s not my solution, or the solution for this world; it’s A solution, to get you resolved out of this mess, because individuals like you are nothing more than trolling-spam in such vital debate; you corrode dialog with distractions and useless jabbering - hey, that does serve as a micro-solution towards the greater problem, but I digress. It’s funny, and very typically Islamic-Apologist of you to blatantly stride, in implication, towards misquoting me, entirely!

To the rave about hadood ordinance and the Sharia laws:

"But its nothing compared to your Gay Marriages issue." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Oh yes, women being harassed, persecuted, and suffering honour-killings is nothing compared to a couple of homosexuals having their rights from bigots like you. Take your esoteric morality elsewhere; in the real world, murderers and rapists are a threat, not homosexuals.

Our apologist also claimed to have an American education; clearly using the notion to earn more credibility for his asinine rhetoric. I had the following to say about our nimrod’s so-called “education”:

You know what you've just proven yourself to be? A waste of American education, if you still insist on defending this mess.

Once again, the twit digressed to the homosexual issue, and made the following comment:

“think about your issues at home." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
Yes, people like you spewing such asininities under the claims of an American education; that really is a problem. Deal with your own issues, you putz! We don’t mind homosexuals, and actually view them as human beings with rights. Stop detracting; you're doing it again, as always. (He assumed me an American drone, and for once, the assumption was flattering!)

In lieu of distinguishing himself from his other idiotic peers, he also insisted that he wasn’t “a typical Pakistani,” to which I had the following to say:

And no! Truly progressive Pakistanis are actually a very decent bunch, because they know their country was founded on progressive, secular norms! It was contaminated by that cock-sucker, Zia, and perpetuated by narrow-minded twats like you, who seem to think that the story of "Sodom" still has more importance than apostates and blaspheming individuals being publicly persecuted to degrees of murder. Therefore, I am going to affirm my stance with an emphatic contention: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! YOU WON'T FIND GOD IN THERE! And while we’re on the fringes of the subject; you are the reason why the world has a negative stereotype of even the passive Pakistanis, because they look at the extremists, and then they look at the likes of you and muse to themselves, “hmm, that’s all the improvement? Wow, these guys don’t educate very well! They’re still pretty much controlled by archaic dogma as opposed to having a personal conscience of their own.” Damn! You just hurt the negative Pakistani stereotype. We should just call you, “Exhibit A(pologist),” in the case against Pakistan’s damnation as a society.

He (Misleading Nimrod), had also jabbered earlier on about that ancient Islam-o-Dumbass -belief- about how the Koran’s never been altered, and how being an unevolved piece of literature somehow makes it a good thing (go figure). Of course, I had something to say, again...

“FINALLY..The fact of the matter is that the bible has changed a thousand times since its revelation. BUT not a single word has been changed in the Quran." - Misleading Nimrod.

My reply:
It's your belief, monkey! And, once again (fuck, this will never end) - so what? I don't care. I don't care whether your book magically materialised from the turd of a constipated camel, and developed the ability to never change (YEAH RIGHT! AS IF!). Because despite all this BS, your religion has not evolved, and neither has your cultural mentality. Over and above all, from a progressive stand-point, claiming that your book hasn't been changed, can be considered a very negative sign - Free Iran said it best: "An un-evolved, self-serving, DIY manual of death." The bible has changed, and has moderated with the times, as has the Christian faith, you dumb-spank.

People are dying; apostates are being executed; blasphemy laws are in place, and all this moron can say: "D'uh! My bookz iz deh never changed!" - A flawed, and stupid belief, and as though even that would make everything all right.

Oh, and the rest of the critics would be on the mark with their refutes of the Islamist cticism of media bias. There is a reason as to why Bill O'Reilly sits on his show, everyday, and condemns western media for siding with these morons, and going -against- western sentiment! Meanwhile, morons like our apologist, claim otherwise... know what that means? Ah, yes! They're biased, but not nearly as biased as this deluded apologist's ass would want to believe, just like his faithful notion of an unchanged book, which is only used to carry out abuse!

I also had the following to say to the apologist in question, because he made some pleas for freedom, earlier on:

Your life is not a free life, chump! It’s a life where your religious-dictators are free to encroach on the freedoms of all that fall under their rule, at GUNPOINT! You wanna' be free to spill the blood of all that leave your religion, or don't respect your prophet! You’re exuding the cheek to defend a mindset - a political-religious freedom to murder and oppress, and that's when it does become the world's problem, you dumb ass! When real human rights are violated, including the abuse of homosexual; the world wallows in concern and need for intervention. There are people, within your Pakistan who are terrified of such thinking, and want to escape from a country where the extremists exist, and where most of the moderates, are like you! They want to be free from the likes of the extremists, and their apologists! Even Pakistani youths criticised one of their so-called moderate religious scholars for merely gay-bashing, after he himself acknowledged that Islam has no real punishment against homosexuality, but that gays are a disease; I hope more youngsters like these individuals pop up, and push you apologists and your extremist-clients into an impotent minority, then I'll finally have a reason not to refer to Pakistan as “Pansistan”, or “Pansia”.

...and, Misleading Nimrod/dumb-ass-with-head-up-his-ass; Christians are just one prong. AND ONCE AGAIN: YOU DETRACT WITH THESE USELESS CRITIQUES! YOU EVADE THE REAL QUESTION AT HAND! THE REST OF US DON’T CARE! TO US, GAY MARRIAGES ARE GREAT! USING THEM TO SWITCH ISSUES, IS FUCKING! STUPID! What's wrong with you? Early Alzheimer's? But I'll finish, regardless of your attempts to evade. Don't you forget, this world has groups from many other schools-of-philosophies, including atheists; it's not just a Christian-problem, you idiot. Ah, but of course, your dogma refuses to even acknowledge such individuals as beings with rights, and then you insist on getting along with a civil world. This is almost like the time when Christopher Hitchen’s confronted a member of the Islamic Council in America, on CNN after the cartoon controversy; remember what he said? “You neglect to consider the rest of us--a substantial majority--known as the atheists, who refuse to acknowledge any of this barbaric non-sense! You can’t force us to quell our free-thoughts in order to respect something that we don’t even believe in!” (Chris Hitchens)

This twit's bases for judgement and determination of human-values, was entirely dependant on some incoherent raves about how little the west is in practice of organised religion. Well, chump-Paki; they’re still far more virtuous of the value of human life and rights, than most of your air headed counterparts who pray five times a day! Besides, I don't give a damn who practices what; keep it to yourself. The bases for human-civility, here, isn't contingent on how many times you get down on your knees and beg to your god! Or how many times you trot off to some building with an esoteric preacher at its helm, denouncing even the most meagre of western freedoms at every nook and corner! It relies on how much you strive to preserve the individual volition and existence of every human being, despite their personal life-styles/faith/choices, which includes and doesn’t stop at: HOMOSEXUALITY! Thus, the point remains: Most Christians are less prone to executing atrocities, and then justifying said atrocities. The fact that they condemn homosexuality in mere words, rather than pursuing it like a cult of bloodthirsty, rabid hellhounds, is exactly the kind of constructive attitude that makes them adaptable to a changing world. By that very virtue; the mere fact that you condemn gay marriages as being "worse" than hadood laws and sharia-based control, proves just how inhuman (from a post-modern perspective) your ego is, as a whole, and how out of touch you are with the modern human-condition and needs of the modern world, just like the good little mindless apologist drone that you are. Seriously, people, take note: This is your -average- moderate; about five-percent of the general Islamic demographic, and even in his views gay marriages seem to be a bigger issue than blasphemy, adultery/rape, and religious treason laws - now tell me how this doesn’t qualify others like this individual, as butt-noids for the extremists? I can just see this guy, living inside the ass of an extremists; they're like lawyers for gangsters - just as vile, but only with presentation accumen.

To this shameless apologist, I had the following to say; but the message extends to all prospective apologists of this breed:

Please, just serve as PR for some extremist; it's all your feeble approach will ever mount to, and you’ll suck at the task, but when have we known Islam-o-fascists for being an attractive, and polite bunch? Now, I’m detracting… Just be the religious PR drone that you are for all the fanatics, and let the chips fall in/out of place, you blind twit. Your kind are almost as loathsome as the extremists; because you actually try to engage in dialog with your narrow-minded bigotry as the moral bases for the term “humanity”.

“MORE GAY MARRIAGES! LESS PRO-SHARIA/PRO HADOOD LAW TROLLINGS! LESS TABOOS ON SEX! MORE ACTIVE ACTION AGAINST ISLAMIC THEOCRACIES!” - Closure, because I am tried of having to read the list of individuals in these Islamic states, being monitored by Amnesty International as victims of unfair, and barbaric religious laws. I understand their bane; but why -help- individuals, when you have such an archaic system that’ll always result in more individuals in similar peril - BREAK THIS SHIT DOWN, NOW! GET RID OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM!

Ugh! Stay cool, fuckers!


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