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Saturday, September 02, 2006

...and the smacking continues.

Indeed it does; the same link from the prior rant is active with more follow-up comments, specifically from one Islam-O-Nimrod--a new term for those harmless, but very sappy apologists--really pouring his sold-out heart over the matter. His attack primarily consisted of attacking the western culture, and its lack of superficial morals. In order to defend all these bombings, female-oppression, death penalties for adultery, apostasy, and blasphemy, our apologist--under the alias: Misleading Media--attacked how the westerns indulge in premarital sex (big deal); consume alcohol (big deal); and, and, and... eat pork (mega gasp! BIG FUCKIN' DEAL!).

Yeah, all that really justifies punishing apostates by death; punishing adulterers by death; keeping Moslems at gunpoint from denouncing their religion; and other frustratingly retarded barbarianisms!

So I had the following to say to this idiot-fuck:

Bahahahahahaha! Oh, Misleading Media, you are the epitome of the Islamic apologist archetype.
Pakistan? You have the gall to bring up Pakistan? The country where they're still "debating" whether the burden of proof should be put on female rape victims, while under threat of prosecution for adultery (Refer to Hadood Laws)? You are sad, and sick, surely.

"Almost all of you drink" (Misleading Media) - So what? They don't blow themselves up!

"Almost all of you have intercourse before marriage" (Misleading Media) - Atleast they don't force women into marriage and then commit "sanctioned and sponsored rape"! Courtship in your culture is worse than prostitution; at least a prostitute indulges in his/her "business" through his/her own volition. ONCE AGAIN: SO WHAT? They didn't piss on your grave-sight! They had sex! BIG DEAL! GROW UP! Get off your high-horse you fascist sexo/homophobe.

"Almost all of you eat pig (which contrary to popular belief is prohibited in Christianity Also)" (Misleading Media) - Oh, so what? At least they don't slaughter human-beings like goats for EID.

Chill out, man! Go drink some beer, eat some pork, and have some sex! It'll help you! You may end up happier, and less prone to blowing yourself up, or defending other mindless drones who blow themselves up.

"This was started by America and Israel by not giving the muslims their right to free life." (Misleading Media)

And what about the fascism that's perpetuated by your religion? There's the rest of the world, within these third-world-populations, who suffer because of the stringent dogma that is this religion. Perhaps if you people could start dissecting that cancerous ideology out of your states, then people could look upon the matter from a civilised point-of-view.

Don't judge the religion by its followers, but by the Koran? Oh! Man! Sure! So basically, the world should ignore a billion-or-so psychopathic shmucks, simply because of an out-dated book? You should be concerned about your grasp on reality; get some psychotherapy.

Oh, and...

"So They started it and are keeping on it to eliminate the muslim race ( OH OH NO I'm and extremist for saying that). Idiots!!" (Misleading-Deluded-Media)

No. You're just an impotent apologist, who IS an idiot. You're harmless in the general picture, but your asinine idiocy is certainly harmful. This fuck-wad is proof of how a substantial number of moderates have become useless and counterproductive towards the essence of a civil world; always detracting from -real issues- with their incoherent tirades that are nothing more than picking straws - FRUSTRATINGLY USELESS!

Yeah! That was fun... sort of!

Stay cool, fuckers!



Sphinx said...

still loving your work here....keep it up...the fresh and no-bullshit perspective is very enjoyable

Kade said...

Thanks. Hey, the craziness is still on-going.

But cheers for the comments of support, Sphinx; much appreciated.

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