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Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK's Islamic community, and their recent pleas for reform! (Pfft!)

Before I proceed, it should be known that I’m starting to despise the BBC website, especially for its fascist-like “Have your say” section. I was basically there, watching an entire population of divided Britons, voicing their thoughts on the Islamic Community’s plea for international policy reform in the UK. You can get the details from the following url:
BBC - Have your say: Is British foreign policy fuelling extremism?

I had some thoughts of my own, but I’d rather voice them fully in this hellhole as opposed to BBC’s utterly useless have your say section, where they’ll keep deleting my comments and rejecting them, despite certain monkeys getting away with comments like “u r da badz pplz!” (Not kidding; I think I saw something like that in this very discussion.)

Now, first off, I’m just relieved that this threat in the UK was averted in good time - well done on the part of the relevant authorities!

Now for the comments and this proposition by the fuzzy Islamic community in the UK (Yeah, right!).

C’mon. Can’t these people find common ground? I refer of course, to the BBC crowd. For a BBC website crowd, there’s a clear cut division in these comments, which is a disturbing omen. Some are bloviating warmongers, who’ve clearly developed concrete views about a very complex conflict that requires flexible analysis as opposed to stringent myopia. Meanwhile, the others are sympathisers with a martyr complex, basically devoted to the rectification of this foreign policy for the greater fuzziness of humankind - or so they believe. Of course, these apologists are the same dumb-asses who often end up defending extremists more often than offering concrete condemnation for the extreme actions; and then they expect to be viewed as different. Now is it just me, or are we missing some solid pearls of middle-ground wisdom? I think we are; therefore, I’ll take a crack at this one.

First off, the Islamic community’s demands are intentionally misconstrued by certain individuals, simply because they wish to justify their outrage at moment, which as justified as it may be, is still no cause for such blatant misinterpretation. What these leaders are saying, asking, pleading, is not for UK to change its laws; they’re not asking for religious indoctrination within Britain (maybe some of them are, but most of the moderates aren’t). They’re simply saying this--I’ll put in captions: “Dudes, these extremists are loco - crazy - nuts - drones with no value for life; let’s try to find a method that isn’t going to provoke them to such great degrees that either they go gung-ho, or this nation becomes bigoted against anything that is remotely linked to Islam or non-white/non-protestant-Christian ethos. We just wanna’ have a chance to live!” Perhaps a bit naïve, but that is the gist of these pleas from the Moslem moderates, I believe.

Seriously, I despise these capricious demons that we view as “Islamic Fundamentalists”, but this is no reason to go out of one’s way, and deceive oneself into poorly reading the Islamic Community’s requests and backing intentions. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. I think moderates are spineless, for the larger part. Consider Pakistan, for an example; many moderates moan about democracy in this country, when the only shred of secular hope for that nation -is- its current regime - pardon the explicit expression, but screw democracy when a bulk of that nation might vote-in another group of Islam-o-fascists. They dub Pakistan a sham democracy, while ignoring the fact that the current regime might be the only thing separating a progressing state from purely archaic indoctrination. Do the moderates get this concept? Not really. They’re too occupied revelling in the ideal of fairness to realise the doom that looms in their democratic destiny. Therefore, it should be known that I am no big fan of the Islamic community’s worm-like notions, and completely childish belief that basic Islam could ever correlate with a progressive, secular world. They ought to consider an evolution of their religious programming, or create solid distinction in faith from their savagely extremist counter-parts. I hate to say it, but at the moment, they still serve the role of hippie apologists for the same, critically-stunted dogma: Same religion.

Having that said, I will also add that blatantly using terrorism as leverage against current foreign policy is nothing more than just the obvious wrong, bordering on forthright blackmail. The extremists execute their atrocities, followed by some very watered-down condemnation from the moderates, followed by twisted justifications, which pretty much defeat the purpose of the given condemnation; despite condemning these extremists, a good few moderates still seem to suffer from a compulsion to play apologists in this mess. Yes, it is fact that the foreign policy is motivating some psychotic terror cells to react; however, such policy is not entirely off, either - these cancerous manifestations against human progress need to be eradicated. At the moment, raving about peace, and relying on the ancient mantra of double-standards, while serving feeble justifications for a very archaic dogma, isn’t really doing much to arrest Islamic Fascism. This anti-progressive disease needs to be dealt with in an affirmative manner, but with a bit of logic rather than one-sided antagonistic tactics that put the common-citizens in greater danger, which is a dire fact, and very much happening.

Hell, during that entire comment-fiasco, a certain Moslem voiced his own thoughts that reinforce my belief that even these so-called moderates unconsciously come off as apologists; refer to the quote for details.

Excerpt from - Have Your Say:
"Islamic brotherhood is about 1/5th of the entire humanity and cannot be eliminited." -
Muhammad Saeed - (BBC - Have your say.)

Right there, people; this putz is acknowledging that extremists and moderates are siblings - one union, perhaps? Doesn't look very nice for the so-called pacifist moderates. I can name a handful of atheists who're forced to carry the "Moslem" title because of the archaic view of Islam on apostasy. Individuals who’re not really part of this brotherhood in spirit, and practice none of its dogmas; but still, individuals who’re trapped inside the demographic category because Islam--shitty popular concept that is has become--doesn’t allow freedom of religion if it entails leaving Islam. Therefore, it should be known that a handful of this 1/5th population, aren’t really relevant to the argument presented by Muhammed Saeed. Of course, the stupidity doesn’t end at this point; we've got a live apologist on our hands!

The same contributor had also stated:
"What well meaning and learned Muslims scholars explain on authority about real Islam,is to be taken seriously." - Muhammad Seed.

Perhaps these "scholars" can attempt justifying the execution of Islamic apostates. Or explain why they've avoided taking any steps towards circumventing such barbarianism. Seriously, Islamic interpretation, and state-sanctioned implementation needs to fuckin’ die!

As for the bottom line; yes, deal with Islam-O-Fascism! But please, do not alienate what remains of the moderate Moslems in-between--spineless as they may seem, to me--they’re an okay bunch, though I’m not really interested in digesting anymore of their hippie-like views of their creed, and of course, sham-peace. As adaptable as these pacifist moderate Moslems may seem; I wouldn’t want them to be determining foreign policy, or any policy, for that matter. Islam-o-fascism, and Islamic theocracies, need to go; this world doesn’t need religious militants, and nations that provide constitutional justification for esoteric religious glory and follow-up militancy - purge the world of this Islamic Fascism, and the theocracies within which it is bred.

The following from the same slew of comments sums it up best:
“Blaming Government is hiding from the reality, simply put, Muslims are confronted with a choice.” - Kamran - (BBC - Have your say.)

Once again, good job on the part of relevant authorities in circumventing this vile, and very recent threat.

So until next time, stay cool, fuckers.



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