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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Smacking the Apologists, Part - Unknown (lost count).

It just so happens that my compulsive nature for annoying, and quite honestly, unproductive debates, once again has me churning my cranium. I had quite a hefty rant after I read a certain link, which I shall post and explain in the following paragraph. My follow-up was dirty, but it was meaningful to me, just like most of my profanity infused rants on this blog, so I'll post that thick, maxim-of-doom, on this blog, because it is mine! ALL MINE! BAHAHAHAHA!

The link, which comes from a website known as "Civilisation vs. The Middle East (Ages, heeh!)"; the article linking users to a clip of Wafa Sultan - an outspoken critic of present misrepresentation of religion, and politicised oppression by fundamentalist Islam. Apparently, comparing this woman to Martin Luther King got so-called "moderate-Moslems" into a typically rabid mood, which they always deny, decrying the woman as--amongst many other ridiculing innuendos--a secularist, who by virtue of her secular stance, is nothing more than a minion who worships the white-man as her god. So, being a fellow secularist, I had to clarify that I have no such deity, and it's certainly not a white man! And what exactly does this imply about the god of secularist Moslems? It’s funny how easily this massive tribe of spiritual-slaves can revel in the “martyr complex”, now developing quite a racist sub-complex; anything to perpetuate self-pity and righteousness; and oddly enough, they can be pretty bigoted themselves.

Anyway, without further wait... I give to you (with great pity for most of you, because even I suffered with this rant, somewhat)... My response to the comments from the above-posted link.

Kade's tirade (addressed mainly, to the so-called moderates)...

Most of this banter is nothing more than evasive bullshit: Moslem-apologists picking at straws - Staunch Neo-Cons decrying one dogma in the name of another. Of course, right in the centre, there have been some very powerful sentiments, which not even a poetic sociologist could outclass (The Truth; Free Iran; Habib; Waheed - That took guts, dude; Sufu). I would've included Ibn Adam, if he hadn't gone out of his way to use selective memory to glorify his belief, while completely rejecting the barbaric ethos that has originated from the said belief; but at least he’s not an entirely self-serving sheep like Fatima, who’s basically the human equivalent of an ugly broken record from the early 50s.

It’s irrelevant, this entire apologist banter about how true believers would never resort to such barbaric trends; it’s irrelevant if in some sense of the critical-term, “Islam is being confused with Moslems.” So, fucking, what? It doesn’t change that fact that hordes of barbaric posses rally every time some civil notion challenges the fundamentals of their religious culture; apostate getting away with a free life; journalist/author/spokesperson/individual getting away with blasphemy through free speech. It doesn’t matter how you see the religion, until and unless you chose to take this religion, differentiate it from the spittle-mire that is spewed by fundamentalists, and then combat them with intellectual debate, which you’ll obviously fail at because there is no intellectual debates with savage minions who kill at the sound of an opinion of intellectual dissent.

Sorry, but you ought to stop getting defensive about this whole topic, because if you’re so naïve to believe that this isn’t your religion, then you could, at the very least, obscure your insecurities with a bit of rational logic, and not defend this extremist ideology, when you clearly believe that it doesn’t represent your faith. Seriously, this is an attack against all those crazy theocratic regimes and massive-slew of brain-washed, destitute masses from the developing world, who clearly--according to your innuendos--follow a perverted ideology as opposed to the supposedly “true message” that only you moderates follow; you wanna’ believe that, then feel free to, buddy… whatever makes your world go round! That’s all what we really want; for most to believe in whatever they wish to believe in, albeit, within such civic bounds as to not physically tread on, and or violate the sanctity of anyone else who deviates. Unfortunately, the popular conception of this Islamic religion promotes such sick, oppressive dogmas, where religion is the ultimate authority, and sanctions every bit of the state to do its dirty-biddings; if you “enlightened moderates” like to believe that this isn’t your real faith, then distance yourselves from this popular concept, and stop getting defensive like petulant children, every time someone attacks this perversion, because, kiddos, that is exactly the bear-trap that causes you to self-defeat your own claims and end up associating with the extremists; recall my last rant about how moderates still consider themselves part of the same twisted “brotherhood”. Stop bitching and defending, for once, and try fighting Sharia, go on, I dare you!

“I mean, to me, the concept is really quite simple! If someone likes to munch on dicks! And I dislike the idea of munching dicks, then how in the fuck can the dick-muncher, and the anti-dick-muncher, be considered a brotherhood? Fuck no! It doesn’t work! They’re quite the fucking opposite!” - My Resolution.

Such pitifully confused “moderates” are nothing more than self-defeating apologists, who despite boisterous claims, always end up resorting to evasive tactics when confronted with the ugly side of their cultural dogma. I can just scope the psyche of the typical apologist, and here’s a common mantra among the musings of such a rotting mind, when confronted with the barbaric nature of its creed: “Oh, fudge! They’re right! This religion has caused a lot of bloodshed! Yet I can’t help but defend it somewhat, because I was brought up with a spiritual tunnel-vision! And I can’t be an honest putz and condemn this, because that would take galls, which I really don’t have! So I’ll either distance myself from this shit, or… Oh! Oh! Oh! Or better yet, I’ll bring up talks about other bloodshed that had nothing to do with my faith! THAT’LL KEEP ‘EM DISTRACTED!” And then begins the broken-record references that we’ve all heard, and repeatedly debunked a thousand-times-over.

Thus, the initiation of all the twisted references to the crusades, the great war, the world war, the holocausts--which most Islamic radicals reject--and whatnot else. This approach can be criticised, shot-down, and demolished into oblivion through a variety of methods, but nothing quite matches the clause of irrelevance and the objection of detraction: Nothing like defeating a point by completely invalidating its bearings in a present-day context, or proving it to be nothing more than an evasive tactic. So yes, first off; WHO THE FUCK CARES? So, something nasty happened a few decades ago; is any sane majority of the civilised world justifying that heinous chapter? Oh, fucking hell with puss-smelling trout, NO! So, a religious brigade waged bloody wars in the name of moral-superiority and divine prosperity, HUNDREDS-OF-YEARS-AGO! Does anyone in the civil world condone this? Hardly! Fuck, the other day, Kellie Copeland was raving incoherently like the televangelist doll that she is, and even she sounded like a happy hippie as she condemned the crusades as very evil, and in her words, “horribly mean!” (AW! Dumb girl!) There, a Jesus lover and bible thumper - daughter of Kenneth Copeland, one of the most renowned televangelists and Christian apologists; dubbing the same act atrocious. Over and above all; so what if this happened? No one is contesting its existence, or justifying the fact then why do these people insist on bringing it up, everytime their religion's integrity is questioned? We all agree that we've had some bad chapters in history, but yet these shmucks use these examples as excuses every time the civil-fortitude of their religion is questioned? Do they want to simply have their go at bloodying the world a few more times? Is that it? DO YOU WANT TO REFER TO THE PAST - NOT LEARN A DAMN THING FROM IT - AND THEN BE ALLOWED TO REPEAT THE SAME BARBARIANISM? Get a fuckin’ grip; the enlightened world didn’t get enlightened for extremists to repeat the intellectually retarded atrocities of the past, and then be defended by so-called “moderates” who are even bigger hypocrites for having the face to defend such vile behaviour.

“No one gives a damn about you making such references, you monkeys! What happened, had happened, unfortunately, and it was widely condemned! Why refer to it now? Two wrongs don’t make a right! This doesn’t make what’s happening now, any more acceptable than it already is: Completely unacceptable! Do something about the now - the present! After all that has happened, what are you going to do about what’s happening now (and might happen in the future). Form a practical solution and conclusion for your endlessly half-baked refutes, you pathetic shmucks. From here on, any references to already-condemned, thousand-year-old atrocities, are invalid! Offer solution, and condemn what’s happening now, rather than defend! Give me a reason, not to call you apologists, and actually consider you true moderates!” - Urgent rhetoric.

Yes, I have yet to see proper condemnation for acts against innocent non-Moslem parties, because most of the Islamic-o-political paradigm’s busy, perpetuating this martyr indoctrination of self-righteous indignation for their lovely little conscience/volition-free drones. Pity yourselves - get mad - resort to reactionary tactics; while the suffering of other innocents outside your belief system is completely invalidated. Moderates turn into a complete mush of tears and brain-chowder over the murder of innocent Moslems; rarely is there a congressional protest over the similar murders of non-Moslems; what - one’s innocence is now contingent on your thumping of the Koran? You must belong to this religion to be considered innocent? There’s an example of esoteric perception for the viewing/and flabbergasted audience. Please! Get off your high-horses, and identify your own filthy double-standards; it might just decrease the frustration of your outspoken critics.

You can make a dozen references to the past; you can have your bodies tattooed with such references; your grave stones following suit. None of these evasive/detracting tactics will change or pardon the abysmally inexcusable negligence and persecution of human sanctity and freedom of conscience and speech in this day and age, all in the name of that hideous state-indoctrination known as the Sharia. This should be the new curse word for the millennium - “sharia”. Anything that embodies chauvinistic oppression and minimisation of female rape-victims; death penalty for apostasy; determining what anyone’s religion is, outside their own will/autonomy; death penalty against adultery; using state to control spousal relations; micromanagement--as many have already put it--of every facet of all citizens existence, couldn’t even be considered hell-worthy. You shameless duds make references upon references to past human-errors, while ignoring, and even condoning the aforementioned doctrine, which couldn’t even be considered suitable for Satan’s commode? Please, get back out there, confront your beliefs, reclaim your critical-intelligence--which was robbed from you since birth--and use that to finally develop a dignified, individual conscience as opposed to the pathetic little apologist-drone mentality for a fabricated moral authority that most still hone, out of fear, and psychological impotency.

Religion of peace, my ass! More like peace on archaic terms! “Shut up, and bow down, and nothing will happen to you! We like our maggots without spine; we don‘t want thinking, independent humans with will!” A better way of summing this up: “Our peace, just for us, or else… So nobody moves! No body gets hurt! *BANG BANG*”

“The deal is simple, for every single person on this planet! When something heinous and dehumanising is taking place, no amounts of past-references will help the matter. Wondering and pondering the beyond has nothing to do with this paradigm of mortals; no human can account for these factors to a scientific degree, and therefore, has no right to compromise other human life in the fear and belief of such spiritual hypothesis! Believe in whatever the fuck it is that you must believe in, but keep it to yourself! Stop trying to politicise the concept and earn it credibility beyond its objective state: Hypothetical Belief! Be honest to yourselves, and use your higher-intelligence to deal with what you can deal with! Unfortunately, certain dogmatic indoctrination has declared humanism a sin in the name of a given spiritual hypothesis, resulting in the archetype mentality of militant-drones, who refuse to deviate or tolerate, while the disagreeing moderates within their sanctum, get tricked by their own contaminated subconscious into picking the wrong side like idiots, and then defending these militant monsters! BREAK THIS DAMN CYCLE, YOU FOOLS! BEFORE EVEN THE MODERATE BRACKET ENDS UP GETTING CONSUMED!” - My conclusion.

I realise that a very small minority of these people, are indeed hardworking, progressive-minded individuals! But all that self-redemption is negated when you try to deceive the rest of us into thinking that the contributions made by the moderates should somehow overshadow, or eclipse the fascist extremism that is perpetuated by the barbaric fundamentalists, and pretty much engulfing this world; do I see you people taking proper measures -against- the sharia-touting in UK? Hell no! Bitch, and moan all you want: You moderates are a wimpy minority, period! Everyone else between yourselves and the extremists are just passive-bodies that still sympathise with the extremists, which basically leaves you people as the only deviating minority. Accept this reality, and then take some proper, affirmative action towards rectifying this reality - differentiate yourselves from the fundamentalists - create a moderate evolution in your religious protocols, and last, but not least: Stop defending scum.

Until next time! Stay cool!


Civilisation vs. The Middle Ages: Wafa Sultan, the Arab Martin Luther King

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