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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bitter Irony: I defended Fox News' right to exist! WTF!?

“Why the fuck do I get into these things? I guess I enjoy them until the scenario gets messy.”

I recently ended up in this twisted argument--by no intent on my part - big surprise--and an argument it was, with an even deeper twist to follow. It was your average day; me having my average interactions with the average likeminded individuals, bashing the average likeminded notions.

The theme of the day: Fox News - The Bashing, part umpteenth. The twist: Kade leaping to the defence of their rights in a bitter-sweet tactic for the preservation of a certain principle that he holds dear. Yes, I was pushed that fuckin’ far, beyond the abyss that us meagrely neurotic humans like to refer to as, “The Brink!” It fuckin’ sucked, but it was needed, and I found no other choice on the matter. I’ve been known to bash the news channel, myself; but the notion of having the fuckin’ morons blatantly censored or blocked, just didn’t fly for me.

I personally agree with the common critiques about this sham of a news channel, where a handful of shows are explicitly known for promoting a very haunting, and esoterically rightist agenda. Hell, the stiff-fucks at “Faux”, have been known to bring on Ann Coulter onto their shows for the mental-conditioning err, edification of their viewing audience; and that white-neo-militant-Christian-supremacist is the bitchy epitome of evil, fascist, bigoted intolerance in an equally mind-boggling guise of beauty. Civil rights advocate, my fuckin’ ass! This coming from the woman who decries the left for being “god less”; civil-rights advocate? If this Hell-Mistress had her fuckin’ way, all of us “heathens” would be shackled down by our balls and being forced to profess a dying allegiance to the holy spirit, or otherwise, face her wrath, both in this world, and the so-called “here after.”

This example of Ann Coulter was just amongst one of the many painful lacerations of intellectual misery that Faux has induced upon me by virtue of its disgustingly polarised programming. Therefore, my displeasure for this sham-cum-news channel should be fully acknowledged and fathomed by each and every one of your maggots and shrewd fuckers, before I explain as to why I was defending their right to exist (annoying shmucks).

My acquaintance pointed out how such a hate-breeding outlet of the new-age media, should altogether be barred from the face of this planet, because it’s doing nothing more than illicitly sexing up the naïve perception of Americans, while simultaneously demonising entire bulks of generally moderate populations of “other religions” - a folly that some have accused even my arrogant-ass of practicing, and I acknowledge that I tend to slip down that path. And that astoundingly long sentence is only the half of it; because my acquaintance also pointed out how this might become the launch pad for some twisted neo-con militant agenda of the future - another hypothesis that I decided to avoid challenging, or acknowledging for that matter. Though I do know that people like Ann Coulter are a sign of some very nasty elements that exist in the west, at the moment.

Anyway, I had to step up to their defence, for once, and it was fucking annoying, because all this while, I had the mug-shot of Sean Hannity, firmly mounted in front of my mind’s eye - my mental thoughts at that very moment. I don’t think any of you free/independent thinkers could possibly stomach defending Fox News when you picture this twisted spastic at the same time - it just brings out so much hatred. Anyway, my impulses successfully stoked my conviction, thus paralysing my innate inhibition at that point - I continued to defend Fox News.

My defence began with the mere point about how, regardless of their anal nature, Faux/Fox should be allowed to exist as an accessible media outlet. It pained me to make such a declaration, but it had to be said. My acquaintance began to assume that perhaps I was, finally, jumping ship and heading off to a far more darker place. I assured this person that he/she could not be more wrong, and that I wasn’t defending Faux/Fox so much as I was a mere principle that hold dear: Right to exist and profess, regardless of the asininities of the contentions in question.

Believe you me, people; Fox is shit - not THE shit… just plain shit; a piece of year-old, dried-up, bull excrement that has probably fossilised a swarm of house flies within its hardened faecal confines. To me; Faux Noose/Fox News has been nothing more than a guilty, and rage, inducing high that I would consider nothing more than commode grout from a random public toilet in Sudan. Is this, however, a strong enough reason for them to be denied existence as the collective morass/entity that they currently are? Does even a popular opinion warrant such a notion? Such questions raced through my mind as I considered while simultaneously defending.

I personally saw a glaring red flag beyond my critique; I hated them, but I still didn’t feel that they, despite their hate breeding content, deserve to be absconded into the nether regions of the media-oblivion. All of you bastards should know, but not for future reference, that I suffer from a mild degree of obsessive compulsive disorder; I usually have trouble making direct contact with certain things that gross me out, and gutter crud is one of those things. Of course, no sane fucker likes gutter crud, but most can muster the intestinal fortitude to make direct contact when the moment commands. I, on the other hand, lacked such gall when it came to gutter crud - no direct, hand-contact for me, biatch! I thought this to be true, until I watched Hannity literally spew pure right-wing crap on television. I was for once, craving the desire to mix shit-ridden sewage with strong cement, before running my fingers right through the concentrated mire of excretion and cement, and then taking another additional step towards grand-grossness, and sticking the given fingers into Hannity’s mouth, and shutting him up, once and for fuckin-all! Indeed, that is just how bloody motivated I was to see this putz, shut the fuck up, for the greater good of humanity.

Unfortunately, this was still something that the philosophical trace inside me would deem as plain “wrong”. In today’s world, with all the shit that’s going on; acting upon such a domineering desire would leave me with a lot of self-loathe. I do not regret having such a desire, but I don’t believe I need to exercise such a desire into actual actions. Hannity, the cock-sucking twit that he is, should continue to relish his right to abuse and misuse his dialect for the better or the worse; it is his right, especially by his country’s culture and constitution. And why does Sean Hannity get this free pass? Because all of us are entitled to such a free pass; it’s just that most of the sane bracket of humanity use utilise their expressive talents with a bit more class.

To me, dear fuckers, such a disgusting compromise is essential, because I find myself defending the existence of something repugnant, in lieu preserving an even further sacred, and fundamental principle: Free expression. It is just down-right wrong; fucking wrong! The few fascists on Faux/Fox, who desire to spew pure horse shit right out of their mouths as though fitted with an actual horse anus, doesn’t mean that anyone else should get to silence them; not you, not me, not anyone! These fuck-tarts are free to make public asses of themselves, and also free to desecrate their intellectual credibility - their loss! If you don’t like the spewed garbage that projects from their assholes, err, mouths - then spew some rebuttals, right back at these monkeys, and awaken them from their atrociously misleading phantasms! I guess in a twisted way, even trashy debate can exist when one side spews shit in the form of opinion, and the other decides to do the same in return. It’s a trashy debate, but a debate no less; a far more acceptable alternative to curry-smelling shmucks, burning down entire buildings like a bunch of ugly, devolved apes, high on testosterone, simply because someone mocked their religious god-father. I see this as a quintessential value in a degenerating world of spiritual hypocrisy, and utterly unneeded assertion of taboos in light of bigger, less-trivial issues that remain untouched. Let us at least overcome fundamental intolerance by allowing the intolerant-cockscukers to express their intolerance in civil speech as opposed to forcing them into a zone of belligerent action.

Let us exude our true commitment to expression, by biting our own tongues and the insides of our cheeks, while we allow idiots like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, to continue their utter disgrace of all civil progress and social evolution with their archaic opines of zero wisdom, and practically negative empirical value. After all, very seriously, it is utterly useless to silence people; you might as well kill them--also unacceptable, of course--because paralysing their tongues and hearts--black hearts, even--is really no better. It’s really pointless, anyway; stifling free speech will only add pressure to a potentially explosive concoction of pent-up human thoughts, both the virtuous, and the plain asinine.

All the progressive beings need to band together; remain committed towards preserving free-expression without any contaminated regulation. Don’t commit yourselves to paving a disgusting path for an even darker future than the currently developing obscurity that we’re seeing culminate before our very eyes, you critical fuckers! It’s not worth it, because in that obscure nightmare of a future, this right to express and debate, might be our only needed vent and ray of light. We should struggle to preserve this concept, even compromising our own desires in the process, because it will be a darkness beyond any mythical hell, if this regulation of expression eventually turns free-expression into a scorned vice for future generation to fear and loathe without a single dignified rhyme, or reason, for that matter. Seriously, if we kill this, even by shutting up bastards like Sean Hannity and Hell Whores like Ann Coulter, then we effectively immolate ourselves, and our metaphorical souls! We might as well be dead, because by initiating a silence of mere opinion, we’ve taken a step towards becoming biological drones, and that is a miserable a death from how I see things, people.

“I fuckin’ hate fox, but I am not gonna’ slaughter what remains of my tattered soul to deprive them of a right that I value and protect with such pride.” - Closure.

So until next time, which could be a while; stay cool, fuckers.


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