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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Roasted by Mr. Anonymous.

Recently, a certain critical-thinking anonymous attempted to instil a bit of ignominy in me by addressing my last post about the shit that’s brewing in the middle-east, mainly the Israel-Palestine conflict. Of course, this person, stated that I am not much better than those individuals who kill innocents for having ties to a certain race, or religion. I was basically declared “not much better” for apparently dishing out profanities against a group of individuals who deny humanity its autonomy and peaceful existence, if the same humanity shuns their esoteric ideals.

Conclusion: The critic claiming that I am not much better than those inhumane, extremist bastards, because I dish out profanities and ill wish against them on the grounds of their very barbaric conditional willingness to allow humanity to barely exist at the cost of having no independent spiritual volition or essential rights over their own being. Therefore, I am a bad, bad little ranting shmuck for apparently standing up for what remains of progressive humanity against a completely, and utterly uncompromising counter-progressive element! And that I am not much better than that counter element.

Woah. I never knew that touting a profane conjecture, of -mere words- against enemies of progressive humanity, makes me “not much better than them.” Does anyone else see the inconsistency? Well, either way, I got bored, I had time to kill like the useless fuck that I am, so I decided to address this reply in a proper post.

I shall quote our anonymous: be blunt, you're not much better. I understand your anger, but still. Wishing them extreme bodily harm makes you a part of this stupid cycle. But hey, it's just another internet rant. See, that's what I get out of this. Just another internet rant. Find another medium. Things never get done on the internet, and in the end, the profanity-loaded things you say will just be dismissed. Just another fuckin' internet rant.Your indignation is warranted...but civic discourse really has a purpose. I say you stick this energy to a more productive medium, and get the word out. Because the internet is dead. Plain and simple. Even intellectual debate simply goes to the vacuum. Nothin' out here, just one big digital wasteland we created to try and fill
up...and nobody cares, anymore.Get up, and talk out somewhere. And keep the
hate-talk in this big black-hole we call blogging...Cheerio!

" be blunt, you're not much better." - Anonymous. One more time for the good guys who seem to enjoy indulging in such myopia.

“Bloody hell! I feel an epiphany dawning on me. I feel, frail and weak; the state of my morale, unhinged from some much needed stability. Oh, no, I am really not much better than these individuals who I describe as extremist enemies of humanity. I mean, I sit here and banter away with some verbal profanity, which even a remotely thick-skinned baby could laugh off, while the extremists are ready to basically sever anyone’s head off for even looking at their religion funny, or being related--by no intention of their own--to a Jew or Western lineage. Yes, I can see how the two defined mentalities are so brilliantly similar--not--and also how mine might be, perhaps, a tad bit better, though still falling short of a satisfactory job at retaining some form of distinction. I am virtually the same as them, on the basis of condemning the boners that they get from desecrating human life, and spilling blood. Oh, and also for spewing verbiage about testicular leprosy in the process of the given condemnation, which I still feel that quite a few of these extremist/fascists deserve. And that’s what doesn’t make me much better than them - shit!

Yeah, and here I thought clumping good-natured illegal immigrants into the category of rapists and murderers was the epitome of stupid generalisation.” - Urgent sarcasm, because that was a fuckin’ hoot! It’s amazing to experience the lengths to which certain apologists will go--blatantly bordering on pure hyperbole--just to make a rhetoric resonate in the most negative manner possible. Whatever it is that you were trying to summon, good person, you’ve failed by virtue of my own experience with such tactics.

You see, Mr. A, I very casually disagree. I am completely different, and if we really need to use a poor choice of words, then yes, I am better. . . a mother-fucking load better! Now you can contradict that as many times as you desire, but that would just reinforce my knowledge of you being... what's that one word that I desire here... ah, yes... wrong. It would strengthen my perception of you being wrong, despite the justification of my indignation, which is nothing more than a very bland consolation prize after your condemnation. Me, being not much better than them = you, painfully wrong + me laughing and blowing out one of my lungs. And yes, I realise that the rhetoric was used to appeal to my political correctness and instill such an attitude within me, but on the whole, it failed. I am sensitive about cultures and humanity's diversity, but I've just severed any tolerance for the competely sub-human.

Now, spiteful gestures aside. You are clearly knowledgeable about proper tolerance, etc. However, you also, very clearly, dismiss me so aptly because of the fact that you’ve probably had no first-hand experience of the fundamentalist archetype. You are critical, but your somewhat lecturing tone makes me realise that there's still a rather young and inexperienced mind driving these multiple chains of assumptions, though I might be wrong on that count, and I really don't care. You feel that despite all the atrocities, there’s actually a human conscience to appeal to within these individuals, these extremists, thus earning them a shot at some leeway for human-sympathy. You do know that unlike most moderate believers, these individuals actually surrender their conscience to their so-called higher-authority? That’s the brutal reality of the extremist archetype: No critical conscience holding ‘em back from violating the rest of us. If there's one class of people who easily sleep at night, it is them, dude!

To these people, your appearance/stance, or mine for that matter, is irrelevant. One could be a godly saint, and actually show them the doors to a so-called heaven, and they'd most likely mutilate the given individual, or use him/her as a hostage, on grounds of any potential ties to the west or Jews.

The dichotomy is so wide that some of these people just cannot be integrated into a remotely tolerant paradigm. The mere fact that so-called moderates from that side of the fence were demanding that Abdul Rahman be executed for converting to Christianity, speaks volumes about the infinite hellfire that one must overcome before the two paradigms can find some kind of common ground. Unfortunately, the two realms--the fundamentalists and the progressives--just cannot coexist.

Though you do make a couple of very valid points; one of them being that this was just another rant, and that profane ill wish shouldn't be taken seriously. Especially when it comes to my case, one would be wise to take my profane conjectures with as little seriousness as possible. However, I still take exception to being put on a parallel to actual, psychotically motivated militias who celebrate spilling innocent blood - individuals who are anything but innocent, themselves.

Just to name a few of the charges:
- Guilty of intellectual laziness.
- Guilty of using their faith as a defence for the atrocities they commit.
- Guilty of harbouring virtually no personal conscience, which they falsely substitute with a so-called higher moral-authority, which in turn’s an actual fallacy construed by other, equally human individuals for their own gain/purpose/political goals, etc.
- Most of all, just plain guilty for having the cheek to violate innocent human beings by virtue of the aforementioned follies, in this typically archaic marinade of zero-judgement, no critical thought, and backward stereotyping.
- Finally, an inability to break out of this psychotic mould by virtue of the fact that they’ve been taught to fear without question from the day that they were born. There are actual, humble, down-to-earth moderates who’ll say the word “toba” when you get critical of their religion, even in a graceful manner. Do you not see a potential hell when the same philosophy is patched onto an untrained and poorly nurtured mind?

I don't know about you, sir, but I can confidentially say that a nutty-ranting profane shmuck (such as myself) does not even fall within the same universal category as an empty mind, with an appetite for murder, driven by some ancient group mentality of a barbaric ethos, and the need to get an easy ticket out of life’s struggles at the cost of innocent lives for some empty promise of eternal prosperity.

Now, regarding your condemnation of my approach, and how I should stick to a civic tone, and tackle the matter from a more effective medium:

Yes, the internet is largely a useless medium these days, though you should know that you generalise. I have seen some aspects of this digital wasteland, actually accomplish - actually serve a solid purpose! Your point, on the other hand, remains valid with regards to this scenario; -this- blog, is virtually impotent (no real visits - nothing, so yeah). However, I am really not in the position to care about the effectiveness of this literary eyesore - I get my thought out--profanity ridden--and hope that the rare browsing folk get the gist of it, and manage to digest a point with the raw content.

On the other hand, it appears as though you seem to care about taking proper and reformed initiative. Hell, you may’ve already taken initiative, so I suggest you keep at it - continue promoting this... proactive ideology. I am just not a part of the graceful and grand movement, unfortunately.

“Oh, and while we’re on the subject, Mr. A… There’s a very good chance that if I do, as you put it, “get out and speak out,” even in a civil manner, I would most likely be mutilated by a public mob within the coming week, followed by the authorities, intentionally burying the murder under a bureaucratic morass. Not that it would matter, but I thought I should inform you a bit more about my logistics while addressing your progressive preaching. You see, I don’t entirely mind the idea of death, but I have serious aesthetic concerns about the state of my body during and after the given death, and mutilation or visual bastardisation of any sort, are -not- acceptable. Heh.” - Closing comment.

- The roasted Storm, and enjoying every moment!

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