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Friday, July 07, 2006

The painful news from one-year-ago!

I thought I wouldn't post this up, but I need to see this posted to get some closure on the matter.

Last year, around this very date (a few weeks earlier, actually), I was far too riled up to make any cohesive comments without going into a maniacal diatribe. I returned from a very horrific meeting with some very horrific life forms that I’d hardly consider human, only to find some very disturbing news and footage on television. The idea of London facing such grief brought me pain; one of the explosions took place very close to a friend’s place, and he was actually out at that time, which had me concerned for days on end. Closing fact that the entire horrification left me with a vile sensation for some kind of closure on a matter where closure was just not attainable. As you can see, it’s one thing to hate an ideology with the passion that I hone, but it is another degree of rage to have minions of that very savage ideology, hit you somewhere close to home! I was ticked to a degree that I couldn’t fathom at that point, and I really desired to piss on the graves of those that were responsible for this sheer inhumane act, driven by monotheistic stupidity. If there is a hell or a heaven, I hope those responsible for that tragic event--the minions included--do rot inside that very hell!

A lot had happened around that time of the year, both personally and politically. No soon after this tragedy, the brutal execution of Jean Charles de Menezes took place at the hands of the police, under suspicion of being a bomb-carrier or something. Yes, a major bungle by the British police. I was personally flabbergasted by the entire scenario, and Menezes death didn’t reflect well on the matter. I had to put up with a young colleague of mine, actually attempting to justify the killing while citing StarTrek by referring to the quote by Spock that went something like, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” That is like probably one of the most pathetic rationalisations under a bad and overly simplified excuse. It’s the same excuse used by far-right scum in America to justify very contrived profiling - guess they haven't seen Jihad Jack yes; how do the pansies keept track of the caucasian Jihaists? Well, digressing aside; the aforementioned quote, -is- stupid. To top it all off, further investigation proved that Menezes was innocent, and he wasn’t even acting as suspicious as he was initially accused of, along with the fact that the cops actually allowed him to board a bus before just shooting the poor, seated-man inside one of the underground trains.

It was a sad time indeed, and then I had to put up with another British citizen--one, that in my opinion, falls just a hairline short of being a shameless Islamic apologist--exude his views on different aspects of the British media; expressing little-to-no remorse for the seven-seven bombings, and then using Menezes situation to further decry the situation in the United Kingdom. Yes, I speak of Yamin Zakaria; a very outspoken British Moslem, who’s known for being articulate, but very pro-Islam in his views, garnering mild popularity through a series of media interviews. Hell, even I managed to interview the man, and during a word association game, his response to the word “religion” was, “only and only Islam!” Yeah, and of course, it couldn’t be complete without a rant about the intellectual martyrdom of the Islamic name and reputation in international view, along with citations of follies along the lines of the Menezes murder. It was just a time that had me pissed off and bitterly divided; there was no fuckin’ way that I was ever going to agree with Yamin Zakaria. In addition to that, there was no fuckin’ way that I was going to attempt rationalising Menezes’ murder, especially after all the new facts that had come to light. Of course, I had a pre-programmed bias of sympathy in his favour, but fortunately, the follow-up facts that were revealed, did contradict the initial claims about his so-called “suspicious” and “evasive” behaviour, effectively reaffirming my moral high-ground on the matter.

I still maintain to this very day that I am just fuckin’ sick and tired of this shit. Seventh of July, 2005 was a day of great sorrow, and hit me in a personal way that burned me almost as badly as 9/11, perhaps even more by virtue of my lifelong bond with the city of London. Of course, the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes exacerbated my dismay, but this is the level of deterioration that this fair world has reached. Really, I no longer desire to hear crap about how people should view shit like this world as a gift; not when you have psychotic shmucks blowing themselves up, and then counter-forces, ready to shoot the innocent before questioning, simply for honing a remotely similar ethnicity - something that is beyond anyone's control. (It's not like they sat there in the fuckin' foetus, filling out an ethnicity form; "hmm, I think I'd like to be Chinese.")

“Yeah, no simple answers here. So go ahead… shoot me.” - Closure.

May the souls and memories of those innocent bystanders that were mortally violated because of this tragedy of the London bombings, rest in some kind of resolve, and peace; this also goes for Jean Charles de Menezes. And shame on any bastard who tries to ignore or justify their deaths, right-wing fascists, and especially Islam-o-fascist-fucks included! I despise these monsters, because they are the irrefutable enemies of life itself; they are the champions of inhumanity, and a living reason to fear and loath a world that most of us were raised to view as a canvas of freedom and opportunity. As for London, I never knew I could empathise with the mindset of a patriot, but that day, I truly felt what it was like to experience the violation of something that one would consider a true home.

Until next time.


The sad moment in London's recent history.
Jean Charles de Menezes.


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