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Friday, June 30, 2006

Elihau Asheri's brutal execution: One more nail in the world's coffin because of these savage extremists!

I came across a piece of news that has left my liver overflowing with bile; I can taste my rotting bodily fluids on the tip of my lips because of the extended irritation brought on by the following excerpt from Yahoo News.

“A Palestinian militant group said early Thursday it killed an 18-year-old Israeli settler kidnapped earlier in the West Bank.” – Yahoo News.

Just great; the cock-sucking bastards, strike again! And then I have to put up with these wet-blankets, sobbing about the misery that the Palestinians endure, with the ultimate goal of offering some kind of twisted justification for the fuckin' execution of a mere, innocent, teenager. Not to mention, this pathetic ordeal, and completely barbaric murder will initiate another chain of issues; not that the soldier kidnapping isn’t already a problem. Y’know what? I can understand wrong, but that is the point; wrong is wrong! These fucking whores, who call themselves freedom fighters, are nothing more than wastes of human reproductive resources who should be forced into oral sex with the barrel end of a fuckin’ loaded shotgun.

To all of you, I can bet a dead Arab aristocrat’s fortune, that these shmucks will use the tainted history of Palestine as a twisted excuse for this execution – a justification for this murder, and how all Israelis deserve the same treatment. The evil, dumb, whores! These bastards should bite on a fuckin’ hand-grenade, and pull the pin while they’re at it; I’d like to see these apologist heads explode into a bloody spew, simply to compliment their disgustingly large, yet irrational egos.

Yes, stereotype all the Israelis and even their army-men; oh, but the same can’t be done for every Palestinian, right; despite the fact that they usually gather in the masses – majority – to celebrate all western misery and horrors. Irrespective of the slew of retarded, yet painfully damaging suicide bombings, the entire group shouldn’t be judged on such conception. Palestinians shouldn’t be stereotyped, when nearly a bulk majority of their populace, overtly condones such barbarianism; celebrates terrorist attacks; votes in theocratic bastards like Hamas as their leaders, and then roots on for these savage motherfuckers. What the fuck, man? I SAY FUCK ANYONE WHO ASCRIBES TO THIS POLICY! YES, TEH KADE IS TEH PISSED!

The politically correct world, expects observers not to stereotype the bland, linearly Islamist mindset of the Palestinians; I can actually understand the progressive philosophy that drives such an approach. However, I will declare today that even the most passive of these simple-minded shmucks, usually sit back and do nothing at the least; otherwise, they actually defend their terrorist counterparts – even celebrating their vile acts. Oh, and these very morons expect not to be stereotyped, and to be treated as passive humans – sure! What about the Israelis all this while? Oh, stereotype ‘em all! As far as the morons are concerned, the entire Israeli populace is nothing more than variety of Ariel Sharon clones and hybrids, at best. Oh, and we can bet that they’ll use their bloodied history to justify the death of this meagre eighteen-year-old; I hope the apologists of this vile act, bite the curb over this matter, because this is what really burns me up – defending one wrong with reference to another wrong.

“When will you motherfuckers get it? Two rights don’t make a fuckin’ wrong! It isn’t like multiplying a negative by a negative! It’s adding a negative, TO a negative, at best! Oh, don’t like me berating your culture, ideals, and history? Well fuck you! I don’t wanna’ minimise these peoples suffering, but it’s about time someone grew up, rose above their pettiness, and identified the wrongs, regardless of their group allegiance/social conditioning. I’d like to see nationwide condemnation over the death of this Israeli – I’d like to see a majority of Palestinians, rise above their petty, childish religious martyr complex, and identify the objective wrong in this situation! Only then will I detract these comments! And each of you readers can bet your sweet little g-spots that such an ordeal will never come to pass! I know that idiot-mentality, and I despise it with reason! STUPID FUCKIN’ MORONS!” – Closure.

May Elihau Asheri’s untimely murder serve as a reminder, and legacy for the future fucktards to glean some common sense out of; there is an idealist within me, and there is a lesson in this poor, young, innocent teenager’s death by cold-blooded murder. After all, I do hope that one of these days, these morons abrogate the idea of avenging one another by killing more innocents in between. Thus far, we’ve just had one idiot, kill another innocent, then another idiot, kill another idiot in the opposing camp; I can bet that this’ll go on till all that’s left of humanity is the politicians and malicious leaders. We can bet our life blood that it will boil down to the cockroaches and malicious political puppet masters after the apocalypse; hell, they’ll even outlive the cockroaches!

I used to idealise about the mass-public, rising above this mundane cycle of “murder and be murdered” and realise that they only punish other bystanders in lieu of their hatred for certain leaders – victims of lazy thinking and excessive generalisation (Those evil masterminds still live, while a poor nobody dies, you fuckwits!). However, the nihilist within me is starting to prevail, as I watch more of these moronic bystanders, continue getting engulfed in their petty chains of vengeance, while the actual strategic, idealistic corrupters, stand behind the frontlines, watching the fire works! It’s almost like watching a bloody videogame, where the laypersons are the game content; being controlled and continuing this mindless droning and killing over issues that they ought to rise above; but of course, being petty videogame content, they’re unable to exude true intellectual volition. This world’s not going to hell – it is hell, a burning ball of mud, corrupted by immense stupidity and a negative need for vengeance while the puppet masters are the only ones that walk away unscathed from this cataclysm… perhaps the morons deserve such a fate for being this blind!

Elihau Asheri – may your legacy rest in peace, despite your terrible and unwarranted ordeal.

Another excerpt:
“Palestinian militants say they have killed a kidnapped Israeli settler in
retaliation for airstrikes by the Israeli army and increased military pressure
in Gaza. No word on the fate of an Israeli soldier held hostage. (June 28)” –
Yahoo News.

Someone had better realise my dark desires by kidnapping one of these so-called militants; torturing them profusely; dicing open their scrotum, and abandoning them in leprosy contaminated chamber, open to contracting testicular leprosy! I want their fuckin’ nuts to sizzle, burn, rot and then fall off! The vile bastards deserve nothing short of demonic suffering for their disgusting values, and inhumane myopia.

- The enraged nihilist, Kade.


Anonymous said... be blunt, you're not much better. I understand your anger, but still. Wishing them extreme bodily harm makes you a part of this stupid cycle. But hey, it's just another internet rant.

See, that's what I get out of this. Just another internet rant. Find another medium. Things never get done on the internet, and in the end, the profanity-loaded things you say will just be dismissed. Just another fuckin' internet rant.

Your indignation is warranted...but civic discourse really has a purpose. I say you stick this energy to a more productive medium, and get the word out. Because the internet is dead. Plain and simple. Even intellectual debate simply goes to the vacuum. Nothin' out here, just one big digital wasteland we created to try and fill up...and nobody cares, anymore.

Get up, and talk out somewhere. And keep the hate-talk in this big black-hole we call blogging...


Kade said...

*Whistles.* Wow. Almost compared to an extremist, for verbally decrying extremists. Is it just me, or has the English language and human comprehension changed entirely?

Fine, fine...
Heh. As much as I'd love to post a proper reply here, I have instead, chosen to take a better approach.

I serenade you, Sir Anonymous, with the following post:

I hope you enjoy the spite... I know I did!

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