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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Da Vinci Load: Addressing the offended faith of all diaper soiling rightists!

Oh, and isn’t this a great time of the year; politicians getting stupider with their declining popularity ratings; pent-up shmucks blowing a fuse over the mere structure of their genitals. It’s really a great fucking time of the year, when every fuck-wit is torching brain cell after brain cell over trivial issues, such as national anthems, or awesome movies for that matter.

Yeah, I heard that a whole group of conservative reactionaries were expressing their outrage over the blasphemy of the ever so awesome movie adaptation of, The Da Vinci Code. There's no day that isn't complete without a group of zealout believers, defecating themselves right through their own diapers over some factor of entertainment media and pop-culture, which really shouldn't bear much on their inner faith, but clearly, that is not the case. Now, on that note, I think this movie's great; it was such a cultural phenomenon that I ordered myself multiple copies! Respect your religious code? Why the fuck should I? It’s your religion, and your code of principles to acknowledge and impose onto your own kind! Where does my disbelief mandate me to bind myself to the same dogma? Huh? The whole idea of not being associated with a given dogma, means that I don't associate myself with its principals, code of conduct, respect, etc.; the tenets don't attach do the non-believers.

“Why don’t these idiots get it? I've made a denigrating franchise out of conservative Moslems demanding to live under their own asinine belief that the non-believing world should somehow, magically, believe in, and abide by their religious codes! Those codes don't attach to the rest of the world, the atheists and whatnots. Now I resonate the same outcry over the western conservative reaction. It’s our blasphemy to enjoy, and yours to interpret. No offence, monkeys, but a whole part of that diatribe about not believing in your linear dogma, entails the idea of not giving a rat’s ass about the given dogma’s code of conduct! If we don’t believe in it… we don’t believe in the respect that it so officiously commands. So you know what, hypocrites, try to stand by that freedom of yours for once, and suck it up! Some of us enjoy such movies, and if it bothers you, go move to Iran - lots of stuff getting banned there!” - Closure.

The Da Vinci Code is a fuckin’ phenomenon; excellent piece of artistic culmination. Interestingly enough, the stupefying reaction from the far-right, makes this phenomenon, all the more cultural and profound; way to go, dumb fucks! Just relishing the uptight dismay in your fascist, and heavily suppressive contentions alone, enhances the phenomenal enrichment, ten-folds. Therefore, once again, I would like to reiterate; way to go, dumb fucks! The humour of stupidity would be no where without you witless connoisseurs of misery.

“Now, start the movie!” - Immediate demand.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My faith! It's melting! A fuckin' movie is melting my faith! Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Your faith? Right... Get bent!

“O~oh! But it stings my faith! It’s hurtful to my belief system!”

That only calls for these morons to get their own faith reinforced; me living in celebration of my disbelief is also a threat, technically - they ought to live with it, because their faith ought to be stronger than that. These specimens of human ignorance should stop ruining my good entertainment, every time some kind of artistic venture starts to cramp or challenge that ever so sensitive faith of theirs... the sad, weak-minded shmucks. This isn't about religion so much as it is about a group of nimrods who find their genitals catching fire everytime something doesn't confer to the tenets of their religion - this is about morons who have such weak faith in their belief-system that mere movies get their undergarments in a knot. "Not all of us are shackled by your dogma! Now get over it!" I say, once again.

So until next time, stay cool, stay calm, and don't start any fuckin' political angles against my choice of movies, you sensitive fuckers.


Just for the laughs; I don’t even consider this worthy of being considered bibliography shard… Heh, the stupid premises that people often commit themselves to:

Friday, May 12, 2006

L.A's potential education plan - "Let's fuck it up even more!"

This just in, albeit, a tad bit late; the mayor of Los Angeles is looking to implement a very radical education reform; of course, it's being passed off in the form of a meagre, and very harmless plan. Unfortunately, this is the mildest manner in which I could sum up the news, because the nut-job is really going to take that political tire iron of his, and sodomise the school system!

Has the L.A mayor, lost it entirely? What the fuck, man! L.A is now faced with an educaiton plan, which might end up traumatising a significant group of young individuals for a six-year-period, and might end up having their perception of school, completely and utterly obliterated. Of course, the causes for resorting to such stupidity is simply justified as a casual beta-test in order to evaluate a certain nitwit’s asinine take on educational reform through a stringently shrewd plan.

The concept is really quite simple. We start with the delegation of power; school board looses power and the fancy red buttons -- the control buttons -- now majestically fall into the mayor’s lap. This odd turn of events is then followed by potentially longer school hours; six-day-long weeks, which means school on Saturdays; shorter school years; and the fuckin’ eyesore of institutional homicide of individuality and rights: the uniform! A feast of stomach-turning facts that I was treated to, courtesy of Fox News.

“The one primary reason as to why I worshipped the American education system for not subjecting its students to protocols of drone-like assimilation, and even that’s going down Satan's commode of condemnation at the hands of a group of moronic politicians who only wish that they understood what education was about. Yes, yes! That’s the way to do it! Make ‘em hate school, even more! Make the minds of tomorrow despise the essence of education, which you effectively obfuscate in lieu of imposing such stringent regulation over their dismayed existence.” - Immediate rant.

For someone who’s seen the down side of this filthy trend; this institutionalisation of individuals - I will have to say that I am tempted to release my bladder contents into this mayor’s next glass of lemonade. Seriously, fuckers; I hate nothing more than government-driven institutionalisation. I’d like to call this bastard, a royal dumb ass; however, it isn’t as simple as just dubbing the moron an appropriate title.

There’s something disgustingly sick about this ploy; this whore of a mayor is trying to motivate education through stringent, and very institutionalising codes of suppression. Is he trying to motivate youngsters, or is he in fact aiming to impose a buckle-down attitude, while destroying their independent will? Seriously, this will result in one, or both of the following: some of the students will just abandon this whole bullshit altogether, and I stand behind them; meanwhile, those sorry bastards that are left behind, will effectively lose all spine and individual volition. What a perfect ploy, you bastard; diminish them, or drive them into the mouth of the abyss! Why don’t you just put control collars on the entire state’s populace.

Apologists will certainly quote this moronic mayor for his casual rhetoric about how he desires to try this for a six-year-period. Therefore, despite this being a pathetic apologist's observation, a final question comes up - does this justify the suffering of those poor bastards who fall within that tyrannical six-year umbrella that this fuckin’ whore of a fascist is casualising like a motherfuckin’ political shill? What about those few young, malleable minds that might either be scarred, or driven into alienation and a natural will to oppose education and future reforms, courtesy of this filthy and officious plan? What about those young minds that might have their greater perception destroyed, because they were unfortunate enough to serve as the lab rats for an out of touch moron's six-year-long flaw? Really, this approach will do little to nothing to motivate the agitated and cynical young minds of the tomorrow; an excellently tyrannical contingent to ensure a fucked-up future, Mayor Dumb Ass!

“What the fuck is happening to this world? Mayor of LA, wanting to make school ten-folds the misery, and twice as officious, in order to make it more attractive? He’s either suffering a truly innocent high on some twisted Kool Aide, or, alternatively, he’s been having sex dreams starring himself opposite Adolf Hitler; you fuckers can guess who plays the bitch in that lil’ flick!” - Closing rhetoric.

Until the next fuck-up, which shouldn't be too far off; stay cool, fuckers.


Link to actual news, though my ass was high on the Fox News coverage of the same proposed plan:

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Star-Spangled Banner - "ENGLISH ONLY, BIATCH!"

Man, I cannot help but applause the freedom raving American government and its legion of minions. Some might question this praise, but I’ll dismiss all rhetoric by stating that I am being sarcastic; the following is rather sad, but whatever.

Now, I hear that Americans and their government -- largely -- are against the whole concept of the American national anthem, being sung in Spanish. Who shoved a stick up these conservative asses isn’t my concern; they can butt-fuck themselves with stuck-up views, all the way.
Many are declaring that the anthem should only be sung in English; this is now becoming a proposed resolution for all pro-American elements of speech. What the fuck, man? So where’s all that freedom of speech that certain fucktards were ranting on about? It’s not like the anthem is even an insult - it’s only being sung in another language! Does Spanish really offend these moochers that much? Did some Spanish horde, rape their mothers or something?

What do the apologists have to say? Not much, really; their primary defence is the time-old mantra of people learning to embrace the national language, which is another issue. Hell, my real and only language is American English, and I get irritated with morons who can’t communicate in the language. However, does this have anything to do with someone exercising the free choice to sing praises about a country in non-national language? No, it really doesn’t. Allowing an anthem of a non-national-linguistic medium, will not encourage people to start or stop learning English; this is just bothering certain conservatives because their frail egos are vested into such superficial protocol.

“What, so are you freedom monkeys gonna’ take away the freedom of speech by banning people from reading the pledge of allegiance, or singing the national anthem in another language? So then, you’ll effectively dictate how and what they should be saying and doing? And not dictate through general cultural norms, but rather, through stringent resolutions. I can accept that when you live in a country, you have to get by through learning the national language, and that’s another issue. Banning people from singing the national anthem in any language of choice, is just downright suppression of expression, and a very sombre expression, mind you!” - Immediate contention.

Conclusively, I’d like to ask some of these ‘conservatives’ a very straightforward question. Answer me this, monkeys: Do you think this line of thinking is going to encourage English speaking amongst the immigrants? I know tons of twits who can’t speak one sentence of English straight, but know how to recite the American anthem and pledge of allegiance, in English, by their fuckin’ deceptive hearts, without any erratic inflections in the given recitation. Meanwhile, also try to ponder the following: What do you think this will say about your so-called ‘freedom to express’? You’re effectively banning people from using certain speech and verses in another language; you’re further smearing that whole concept of freedom of expression into a bigger cosmetic disaster than its present state. All in all, I can tell you fuckers one thing; this is not going to get immigrants to learn English, and of course, this will also thwart American tenet of freedom into another all-time low; not to mention - all the fun that international media will have, exploiting such naggings of superficiality.

This is just pathetic; we have real problems in this world, meanwhile, a certain group of morons is whining about regulating and restricting the fuckin’ language medium for reciting the American anthem… what the fuck gives, man?

“This is the land of the free, where you can’t make any patriotic declaration in any other language, other than English.”

“This is the great liberty haven, where speaking against the president is equal to speaking against the entire country. Oh, and not to mention, dissent could very well get you into trouble! So much freedom! Oh yeah!”

“You only get unconditional freedom to blindly obey and follow like a fuckin’ a drone! Yes, you’re free to play the fuckin’ drone!”

I have nothing against the idea of encouraging immigrants to learn English! However, imposing boundaries on expressing the anthem in a given language is really doing little to encourage English speaking. On the other hand, the same logic is certainly creating a dichotomy between those so-called rights to express. It’s the anthem in a foreign language, and it isn’t even an insult when viewed outside an uptight myopia; I think it wouldn’t hurt to look past this issue. This whole idea of encouraging English is a mere ploy for the apologists to defend their personal myopias over variety and culture. Forcing people to sing the anthem in English is going to do very little in terms of invoking the desire to learn English; I know a handful of non-English speaking Spanish who can recite the authentic American national anthem through mere memorisation of the phonetics. Meanwhile, I have to put up with nimrods, imposing a select medium of language in the name of 'encouraging' immigrants to embrace english. It's a pitiful excuse by a bunch of sexually frustrated apologists, and their poorly misguided drones! This has just reached a new level of trivial stupidity.

"It's like the friggin' anthem in another language! Don't these people have like, some real serious shit to be fretting about? You know, real matters of concern! No, instead these apologists decide to get dramatic over the fuckin' language medium of an anthem in the so-called land of the free; and their excuse: to encourage immigrants to take up english. Please, someone, get these morons a fuckin' newspaper!" - Closure.

So until next time, stay cool, and focus on the bigger picture, fuckers.