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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Video Game Otakus: Dedicated to the destruction of casual gaming!

“This is a copy of Armored Core: Forumla Front, and as an avid Formula Front fan, who thinks quality games are lacking on the PSP, I think this is lame!” -- A videogame otaku, ranting about a certain game.

...and as an avid observer, JSOUL, I will say that you're nothing more than a philistine. Yes, personal attacks aside. What’s wrong in having another mech simulator? Moreover, no, it's not like Armored Core - technically; the original title was released in 1995 - well before the first Armored Core title on the beloved PSone. However, that’s just evading the point, anyway. Question remains: So what? Can’t you enjoy a good thing, even if it is duplication of the prior essence? Must you ejaculate an entire bucket of hate-ridden mucus at the sight of something that can be critiqued? Was there some kinda’ secret society amongst gamers to officially destroy the casual aspect of gaming through butt-clenching moans about the pettiest of details? Please, spare me the destruction and hypocrisy; you guys defeat the entire concept of ‘gaming’ in any form; be it a sport, or an electronic-entertainment concept.

Quite frankly, I couldn't care if one game was a copy of another, because then I have two interesting titles with a similar concept to meddle around with. I would consider this good news; however, I think I understand why videogame developers shy from using the same wheel and redecorating it into something equally meaningful thanks to the reaction of the modern-day otakus and their very baseless whining.


This was my bitch of the day, about a subject matter that I usually dodge opinions on; I know very little shit about true videogame critiquing, so yeah!

Now, a connoisseur friend of mine, tried to offer some logical perspective on the matter. Of course, being the good-natured sap that he is, he tried to defend the otaku’s stance in theory. Mind you, fuckers, this is the same guy that I keep referring to as the philosopher, and he didn’t have any stakes in the otaku’s opinions; he’s just on a secret mission to keep my subjective contempt in check; y’know how it is with Storm - always blowin’ his stack over trivial shit! So the philosopher stepped in and told me that the kid was probably critiquing the game-mechanics, but without much knowledge and with poor-wording. Now, while I agree, that with most titles, physical mechanics can be the most defining aspect; this is not an axiom for all genres, because turn-based-strategy titles, and even most traditional role-play titles, follow a very generic mechanic; the actual essence of the game is built around the layers of story - setting - aura that is forged onto the mechanics.

A videogame -- especially of this genre -- isn’t just comprised and defined by its engine; otherwise, most generic RPGs could be considered lame for copying one another. Just for your information; this is a turn-based-strategy title, where you actually design a killing-machine, design its artificial-intelligence (AI), and then release it into a match, where you don’t literally control the unit; instead, your AI-architectural skills determine how the autonomous AI would react. Therefore, in this title, the game mechanics are merely one factor in a rather hefty combination. This kind of blatant ignorance and pointless whining is going against what? An element that we’d welcome. Copy or not, it’s a good element! Another title worth trying for the PSP! It’s like getting sex with the additional foreplay, and occasional twists! And mind you, in the case of this game, it’ll probably have a different story, in an entirely different setting; effectively transforming the overall feel and impact that the title would have, with a pinch of an element that even the aforementioned otaku-ala-hypocrite would actually enjoy. Thus, your final product, which would be much different; only a superficial, and exceptionally unintelligent dolt, would find his/herself obscured by the game mechanics, alone, in this case. Then again, by reading some of these recent opinions, I am really starting to believe in the possibility of exceptionally new standards in myopic stupidity.

Indeed this is the curse of a stagnating games market:

You don't get good games - you complain.

You get a potentially good game, which might have similar elements to another title you've enjoyed greatly because of THOSE very elements - you once again, complain and dub the concept ‘lame’; pretty much contradicting your taste and diminishing the respective developer's direction. If it’s really that great a concept, then ask yourself this: Why not have it redone and repackaged as something else?

...consumers, my friends, are turning lame.

Stay cool, and stay away from the notion of miring recreational, and generally escapist concepts with excessive critique, and petty nitpicking; it is this kinda’ shit that most of us are attempting to escape in the first place, and by revelling in details, we’re creating a paradox.


A little Southpark rendition of what goes down between myself and the philosopher, Sonic X; skit was only made possible through the awesome powers of the Southpark Studio.

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