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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Vatican, and its latent wind of common sense!

…What progress this beautiful world is making. Finally, and I mean it, finally, the Vatican is reconsidering its own stupefied stance on that satanic incarnation of vulcanised rubber, the condom. I guess the religion choked psychological gears finally managed to budge a couple of degrees and some common sense prevailed.

Congratulations to the orthodox branch of Catholicism; it’s dropped in rank on Storm's list ‘o’ crazy dogmas. Oh, but look, it’s climbed right back for ascertaining a fundamental, and essential fragment of modern sense that virtually every other dogma gleaned a good while early.

“Vatican reviews policy on condoms” - CNN.Com.

“About fuckin’ time, you slow idiots; but good on ya!” - Closure.

Additionaly, this is not a scathe at catholics; I have little against them. It's just that, well, perhaps I'll quote a bit of Bill Hicks. "Sorry if anyone here is Catholic. I'm not sorry if you're offended; I'm actually sorry for just the fact that you're Catholic." (Bill Hicks, Rants in E-Minor)

Stay cool, and use protection, you horny fuckers.


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