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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Subjected to televised bullshit!

I find myself returning with a scathing rant; of course, my own ass is on such fire that I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself on the matter. Now, I am assuming that most of you twits, know full well, just how much I despise organised religion. No, I don’t give a damn about the individual ideologies; I am merely referring to the end-result of all these so-called faiths that seem apparently deceive masses under the guise of very generic virtues, whilst clearly dividing them and allowing the four horsemen to prosper in their entirety. Seriously, it’s just the end result of divided egos; war, famine, pestilence, death, that are being aided through these ideological allegiances; it’s almost as though the so-called virtues that promote the public-appeal of these ideologies seize to exist in practice. Over and above all, I don’t have real issues with religion so much as I do with morons imposing their beliefs; that too in a very dictatorial manner. Anyhow, you morons should already know all this by now, and if you don’t, then perhaps you’re due for a “Dumb Ass” tattoo on your forehead.

Most of the people who supposedly know me, and interact with my nature, are fully aware of my views. These same individuals are also aware of my odd but well-articulated intolerance for certain things - certain, dogmas and cultures, if you will. You see, unlike the religious fanatics, if something bothers me, I detract to my own sanctum in order to filter the bullshit from my plane of existence. Yes, much like any other human being, things do bother me - I am intolerant, but I chose to back away from the bad stimulus rather than throw a fuckin’ tantrum, much like how a billion cocksuckers did over a fuckin’ cartoon. Whatever, they’re entitled to behave like retarded fucks, with additional autisms hindering any chance or capability for critical thought and achieving closure on matters in a civil manner.

“What the fuck am I getting at, again? Oh yeah! Talkin’ about morons who’re supposedly aware of my personality!” - Personal intervention, because I was branching off into another tired altogether.

I have certain acquaintances, who insist on beseech my company from time to time; oh, you had better believe it, for we do live in a crazy world, and Storm can be in demand. However, these people know full well that certain things will agitate me, and I will not even turn into your direction and spit on you if you even remotely succeed at agitating me. Now, what would someone who’d want my company do? Firstly, they’d probably wanna’ try avoiding subject matter that would piss me off; and I would assume that they’d have the remote - fundamental - essential - low-level intelligence to be able to decipher the obvious protocol. I mean, if I am trying to get someone’s company, I will have to ‘try’ rather than just demand and expect miraculous, and impractical shit to happen. Now, one particular nimrod, who I consider valuable in my existence, tends to piss me off with all of his/her stupidities; I really wonder if they’re drugged, sometimes, which is clearly not the case. This person knows how much I hate non-secular cultures, and organised religion; this person also insists on my company. This person also happens to be a television addict, which is cool, in my opinion. However, the shit this person watches, makes me wanna’ puke!

I consider the television, an organised version of human stupidity on a grand scale. Certain channels might have good shit happening; but for the larger part, garbage is being broadcast. I don’t have much against most garbage, but when I hear cheap, filthy, propagating tunes about religion, I will probably smash the television set or change the channel; both options unavailable to me in this situation, because I was in another person’s domain. This person knew full well how much this kinda’ bullshit irritates me; yet this person continues letting that bullshit blare away as I twitch my lips uncomfortably, in hopes of getting the point across. Of course, if the moron’s moronic enough to allow that heinous non-sense to continue blaring while meeting with me, then this person will most certainly lack the intelligence to read my facial expressions. I am usually left in ambivalence, when it comes to this person, because I consider this person a worthwhile individual who has helped me out. Unfortunately, this person can also behave like an inexplicable moron! Therefore, the moron didn’t get it, so I excused myself for a couple of moments, and never returned - probably the most awesome thing I’ve ever done.

As always, I remained committed to my premise, the television drivel pissed the crap out of me, so I chose to evade to my own personal space. If this moron, after knowing how much I despise certain bullshit, insists on blaring that bullshit and having me around -- bowel-wrenched uncomfortable -- then this person has major learning issues. I know for a fact that I shall be forced to answer for my abrupt departure; an explanation will be demanded, topped with contentions about how these meetings and my company are essential. This time, I shall offer no defence, because my scathe -- yes, my scathe -- will be nothing short of presenting the moron with a blatant articulation of my hatred for certain bullshit, followed by a choice. You see, I am pro-choice; the morons can have their morning cup of televised, esoteric bullshit; or, alternatively, they can have my company, which is one-hundred-percent incompatible with their poor choices and tastes in television programmes. I am not gonna’ subject myself to this bullshit of sharing my time, with people who supposedly know, and actually claim to appreciate my distaste for certain things, then demand that I share time with them while they watch those same things, and jam it down my own throat via the awesome power of their idiot-box.

“You wanna’ start a fuckin’ inquisition into my abrupt and unexpected departure? Wanna’ know why I left? Let’s pull on that thread, again. because for the millionth time - I fuckin’ hate that bullshit that you were watching so earnestly! Remember, I had expressed my blatant hatred for that garbage, just a day earlier! Now, I could understand the cognitive slip, if you were a fuckin’ goldfish! But y’know what, this whole act is starting to grow brittle and inconsistent. You try to pass yourself off as a human being, an intelligent human being who acknowledges and honours my sensitivity to certain issues! And yet you subject me to the same issues, while hanging your jaw like some vegetated, brain-dead shmuck who couldn‘t get a clue to save the world! Get a fuckin’ reality check! And learn to separate; you can‘t have your bath and play with the toaster at the same time! It just doesn’t work that way; and yes, fuckers, I am that incompatible with religious cultural programmes - it‘s like dropping the toasted in the tub while bathing. You can’t have it both ways; stop demanding my company and then questioning my quiet and unexpected departures, if you insist on fucking your brain with that garbage on the idiot tube, while also dousing me in the same bullshit - the very bullshit that I can‘t tolerate. You’re free to head-fuck yourselves to hell, but I’ll be damned if I join you in the asinine venture! Learn the fuckin’ concept! And if the basic learning can’t work out, then learn to fuckin’ chose! Otherwise, the toaster will drop in the tub, and then, you’re fucked, PERIOD!” - Closure.

I could seriously eat glass, just about now! I fuckin’ despite this bullshit; stupid fuckin’ religious propaganda, marinated in cheap-cultural sauce! The grand recipe for Satan’s fuckin’ enema and lubricant, rolled into one.

Stay cool, and remember that Kade will profess bitter fuckin’ contempt for your living room, if you insist on having him over, and then further insist on him watching conservative, religiously cultured garbage with you! The two concepts don’t mix; it’s worse than playing with a toaster while bathing, you crazy fuckers.

- PissStorm!

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