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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Meritocracy - murdering the charm of education

There's so much stupidity going on these days that I find my libido stimulated beyond the norm; I could bite right through my own shoulder, pondering and tolerating some of this utterly useless nonsense. Individuality, and true subjectivity, getting trivialised; flawed and cosmetic nationalism on the rise. Restricted, and inconsistently constrained arguments being flooded from all sides and angles. Individual efforts and needs getting trivialised in the greater light of the majority, and its one stable constant: repeating the same follies.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of systematically demeaning the capacity of each individual, let us also address this bondage that we all seem to have with competition in the field of education. What the fuck happened to the concept of actual education? It seems more like a game now, where one must earn the most points, or just forsake whatever the fuck he/she was studying, because oh look, that mark on the test sheet just nullified the entire effort.

“And most of us invest great time into wondering why school has started to suck for most students. We probed the issue of peer pressure and exceptional strain. Now, did we ever bother to actually address the nucleus of the issue?” - Immediate query.

Did we bother to realise that perhaps all these problems might be driven by the tension that stems from the constant competitive atmosphere; a plague perpetuated by the stress of having to fit in as the right fuckin’ number! Where the fuck did the most important aspect go: The knowledge that each of these beaten down bastards have harnessed during this game that is education? Oh yes, it was all minimised and eventually decimated over the fact that some marks and tests basically determined their stake on the competitive chart-table. Seriously, folks, education -- acquisition of actual knowledge has been regulated to a point of sterility, that you might as well declare it obsolete. This is not education; this is not a world where we’re motivating and inspiring individuals to enjoy the concept of adventurously acquiring wisdom! This, oh cynical people, is a fuckin’ game, and only the best matter! Fuck the rest, despite the fact that they did undergo the educational process; what really matters is the fact that they couldn’t hack it when it came to the sheer numbers and competitive merits.

What a load of shit! True scholarly knowledge is a lost cause; what use when you’re not good enough on the numbers scale. What good is any of this wisdom in a world where only numbers permit you to even piss a certain way. No, I am not endorsing some glorified anarchist idealism; certain professions and positions require hard-lined training, but being baptised in competitive morass? Please, spare me the bullshit!

“Okay, let’s see how we can make the entire idea of education a hell of a lot more unpleasant! Let’s subject them to linear - stressful tests, and competitive ranking! Let’s objectify them in a way that would diminish any potential self-esteem; let’s create blank-slates out of these droids. That should really deviate their focus from the appreciation of the learning process, onto either being the best, or becoming neurotic slobs. We’ll make ‘em study shit, and then bank all that on stringent tests with numbers and figures. Those that don’t pass can pretty much wallow in self-pity, without anything to show for the actual process of knowledge acquisition, simply because of a sporadic and controlled test. Oh yes, despite actually undergoing some kind of knowledge-grooming, we can have a bunch of numbers and tests completely demean the entire charm of the experience and journey. Oh, and in reality, even those that pass but don’t score high, can also pretty much join their failure counterparts, but under a cardboard consolidation that they still made it; not that it matters, because the upper tier of their competition has ‘em owned, anyway!” - Pearls of destructive wisdom.

Meritocracy? Please! Not when it completely minimises the entire charm and irrefutable relevance of knowledge-acquisition through shrewd competitiveness.

“There’s no knowledge that is a complete waste and obsolete! And no amounts of standardised testing and objectification can take away from that learning process. Humanity has turned into a horde of bitter, hungry, and competitively depressed hounds.” - My closure on the matter.

I am just sick of this shit; the charm of scholarly ventures is being raped and murdered under this mechanically competitive, and excessively regulated concept of sham-education. Another fruit of the human development procedure, being dumped in a basket that's headed off to hell.

“Someone fuckin’ stab me and wake me up from this ‘meritocratic’ nightmare! Or for that matter, someone fuckin’ stab me, and liberate me from this ‘meritocratic’ reality!” - Closing lament.

Later, you crazy fuckers.
-The cynical one!

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