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Friday, April 21, 2006

...and more trivial news! GAAAH!

So I hear the completely, and utterly useless news about Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Well, okay; I’m just looking for some real news, and the birthday fell into my lap. I hear that she’s sat down for some one-hundred-and-thirty-nine portraits; I was not amazed.

This pretty much offers a logical explanation for my life-long inquisition into how she manages to retain such a robotically unchanged visage. Seriously, I used to suspect that she was a cyborg or something; each and every wrinkle - the fundamental facial expression, unchanged for over a decade! So yeah, I am not surprised that she’d sit it through a hundred-plus portraits.
I would like to share with you, a sample of my own collection, seeing as I ascribe to the typical profile of a royal family connoisseur.

Starting with my first favourite:

And then of course, this one:

And that one:

Oh yeah! And this one:

This one’s rather interesting:

Bahahahaha! Well then, I think the connotation has finally made its mark; you bastards get the point!

And no, I am not a connoisseur; neither am I a royal family basher. I have no problems with the matter; I just get sick of obsessive people asking me of my thoughts on the matter, when they clearly know that I am not interested in trivial news. I am also somewhat tired of news resources being excessively dedicated to trivial news pieces pertaining to any family. Wanna’ discuss Nepal’s civil crisis - now you’re talkin’! That’s one royalty that I’d like to analyse. So yeah, whatever!

Well, since I did make the post, I might as well make my peace. Here's a jolly one to ya', oh queen! Wish I was your royal subject; instead, and much to my distaste, I'm subject of a world of racist, bigoted, narrow-minded morons. So I think the readers can understand how much value I assign to being a British royal subject; the implication's what matters most, but here's to the queen!

"May Jesus, Satan, Super-Giant Hindu Monkey Gods, Buddha, and whatnot else, save and bring joy to the queen!" - Warm regards from the wannabe royal subject!

ese are sincere wishes, doused in cheap humour, so don't get started on my case!-

And to the religious folks; no disrespect intended. I just tend to get a tad bit impulsive.

Stay cool, fuckers.


Source of the linked protrait:


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