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Monday, March 13, 2006

Right to verbal profanities!

I find myself crashing and burning from another conversation with a pompously opinionated individual, once again, a very defensive parent. Oh, bloody hell; if I had a dime for every parental minefield that I’ve… never mind, I know some of the readers are proud parents and that I value my existence. I can psychologically tolerate the idea of a fascist priest wanting to kill me; but I don’t think I have the resources to alienate good liberal parents. Getting back to the point, however, I didn’t entirely disagree with the ‘passion’ that this lady was exuding, but her expectations where a tad bit unrealistic, perhaps even unreasonable when analysed. A whole conversation ensued over my question about the level of censorship employed by most private radio stations, which sparked a very powerful response from the enterprising lady, whose parental pride got the better of her common sense and judgement.

“What’s the point of it all? Why resort to this? I just don’t get it,” she said, as I sat there and began to poke my temples in hopes of numbing my own mindset. Why do I enjoy metal? Why do I get horny? Why do I like violent videogames? Why do I hate boring art novels? I mean, many questions could be raised regarding many countless quirks and inconsistencies with the mainstream of humanity. I told the lady that it varies from person to person; hell, some of us might actually enjoy the profanity, while the artist might be aiming for relief, much like my own catharsis. As a matter of fact, this very lady was heard saying, “it’s needed, and we shouldn’t bottle up things that we must say!” in a rave against government regulations and censorship. Alright then, the point was already killed before being made, but I wasn’t rude enough to refer to that critical contradiction; I let her have her rave as she denigrated many acts, and stated that guys like Eminem have stepped over the line one-time too many.

Now, I am not Eminem’s biggest fan, but this issue, this entire debacle was now bleeding into the greater issue of ‘freedom of speech’ and another little regulation that I like to call, ‘gritty censorship.’ I’ve said this before in a politically correct article that I wouldn’t bother posting in this hellhole of a blog, that life itself is a responsibility. The lady expressed the desire that she didn’t want her child to be exposed to any of this; so then don’t allow it. Certain individuals have started to view this whole parental status as a privilege to exercise their political desires, wrong, because this is more of a responsibility than an expectation for the rest of the world to bend over to their whims. I said this about video games; I spoke of how the public domain should be left as it is; let the fuckin’ artistic freedom breathe, people.

“Oh! No! No! Nohohoho! Noooooo! Not another rant about freedom of speech!” -- Scream certain readers.
“Bahahahahahaha!” -- I exclaim, with full pride!

If I don’t like something, I can easily change the channel. If I don’t like an album, I can avoid buying it! If I dislike a certain cartoon, I can cut it out and burn it, or just ignore! In my own personal space and private domain, I can make sure that my protocol prevails over all else; the public domain however, is not my backyard. I was rather disappointed to have this experience, because all this heat came from a very liberal, super feminist; further proof that in certain parts of this world, despite the cosmetic changes, the so-called democratic champions are still engulfed in the idea of treating the public domain like their own backyard of dogmas rather than a shared and open forum.

“Oh, but Stormy boy! You crazy twit! She was merely expressing an opinion!” -- Obvious observation.

No shit, Sherlock! I know, and I am fine with the opinion; all I am pointing out, is the subtle implication that even some of the strong liberals in the developing world are still entrapped in that amateur’s paradox of dealing with post-modernity, while unconsciously following some of their own cultural taboos. Like I said, I am just pointing out an observation. I tried to tell her that sometimes, profane verbal and artistic expression could be essential, and some of the listeners are actually able to relate; I told her that it’s certainly a much better options when puts on contrast to actual, physical acts of violence and desolation. She agreed, but then she brought up the critique that people like Eminem just go way over board. Basically, she used the whole, “too much of anything can be a bad thing,” argument, and I decided to avoid further exacerbation, and chose to shut up.

“Yeah, let that be a lesson to you butchers; Kade is actually a humble pacifist… Y’all may take five minutes to laugh now… cold bastards!” -- Digression.

We ended the note on the mutual agreement that too much can be a bad thing, but that at least it isn’t the end of the world in brutal fashion. It was then that she reiterated her dismay over Eminem; I decided to add by saying that his lyrical works aren’t really designed for edification, but rather, architectures of his own emotional turmoil--ubiquitous elements of his scathing hatred. Naturally, it would be somewhat personal and very heated for anyone else to digest.

“Oh, you bastard, couldn’t you have just shut up?” some of you must be thinking. Yes, I should’ve, because then she responded with a very taunting, “Well if it’s personal, then he should keep it to himself!” This comment sent my freedom of speech alarms blaring at full force, and I was once again burning with the need to explain how the public domain is free forum, and if they don’t like it, they can always utilise their freewill, which is an ‘effort,’ and filter the offensive stimuli from their existence.

“It’s not like some religious ombudsmen pinned the entire Eminem discography into every fuckin’ home; seriously! It’s not being imposed on you, in your personal space! Don’t like it then don’t buy it! Pick up a little responsibility and learn to shelter your sensitive side, children included, from the ‘unacceptable’ aspects of the public domain, rather than expecting the world to adjust to your morality. Hell, if we follow that logic, then I think the news is a tad bit violent; perhaps we should censor that! Politicians and leaders making false, yet very direful claims is also a strong moral contaminant, so let’s censor the fuckin’ news! That was a joke, alright? This is more reason as to why people should just leave freedom of speech and the public domain out of their personal lives, and learn to distinguish between the two rather than imposing their morality over non-physical expression, and reacting as though the non-physical expression is being imposed in their personal sanctum… the public domain is not yours to dictate! Eminem's personal shit is free to loom out there, you're the one that determines whether it enters your domain! So instead of telling him to keep it to himself! Why don't YOU invest some effort into keeping it AWAY from yourself! You’re free to express, but you’re not free to encroach--you’re not free to impose any rules! NOW GET OVER IT!” -- Closure.

Until next time, or then again, until the next moment of liberal thought tainted by cultural hypocrisy, which has become a common anomaly in modern times. Stay cool, fuckers.


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