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Friday, March 24, 2006

Rahman -might- be released? What the fuck?

Today’s little debacle stems from the following news piece, courtesy of CNN.Com:

Well, isn’t this nice; Abdul Rahman’s freedom is becoming prospective. Of course, people are trying to keep a positive outlook on the matter, and it is positively interesting to see the international response to this ordeal; people have done well to highlight this issue. So does this mean that Abdul Rahman’s gonna’ get confirmed freedom on his plate? Does this mean that after this disgusting saga is over, Mr. Rahman will have uninterrupted prosperity? Sorry, folks, but I know firsthand that this is a case of getting out of the frying pan and into the fire!

“Oh, dude! C’mon! Be grateful! At least there’s talk about getting this guy out!” -- Demand for gratefulness.

Right on! I will certainly be pleased, once I am absolutely certain that this man is out of prison. However, will I stop viewing this atrocity that is Islamic justice in positive light? Hell no! Seriously, this whole fiasco is a fuckin’ crime; those involved in perpetuating creating and perpetuating this ordeal, should be jailed inside an ultra tensile titanium chamber, and hurled into the mouth of some black hole. You see, another crime has already been committed, people; a man was imprisoned, chastised, and possibly tortured over exercising his fundamental human rights under the international law, completely neglecting the whole trial over apostasy and potential death sentence. Sure, you could release him; but what about the hell that he has endured this far? Shouldn’t some cocksuckers be beaten silly for that? I think we need deal with those that played a part in this perversion; we need to reprimand some of these filthy, officious bastards!

“Punish the bastards responsible for this ordeal… Oh, and the implications don‘t end there!” -- My immediate thoughts.

That proverbial sword hanging over the heads of freedom of religion is still a looming threat; after all, do you think the agony ends with the state’s exoneration of the so-called apostate? Not a chance in hell; of course, it’s one part of the problem, but still a fraction of a much greater problem. This also brings up some critiques about the so-called moderates in the Islamic omelette that the west is so eager to love and cherish. Allow me to quote the actual source on this, because I just cannot articulate this thought without resorting to some stomach-turning profanities.

[Excerpt from’s article titled, “Afghan Christian convert may be freed”:
“Even moderate Muslims are incensed by Rahman's conversion, as top clerics on Thursday called for his execution.” -]

Yeah, that really gets me all warm and fuzzy in the liver region; I could spit out acid bile just about now. Fuck any moderate who concurs with that line of thinking, because not even I had just view of moderate Islamic thinkers. I mean, sure, I considered them witless wimps trying to come to terms with the savage nature of their religious ethos; clearly, the moderate dynamic has also become considerably complex. I think we will need to differentiate within the moderate bracket, because if ass-fucks like Abdul Raoulf, the Afghan cleric, are considered moderates, then the moderate bracket has officially been corrupted by the reactionary-cock-sucker syndrome. Of course, I need no longer waste words, and profanities on this bullshit! Fuck this society, if these are the principles to which it so officiously subscribes. And truthfully, one will never know of the mavericks, because of the damned laws; most lack the courage to speak up against this shit within these totalitarian religious monoliths because of fear of persecution and alienation - a fact I know firsthand.

Therefore, in closing, I will part with a somewhat ambivalent note. Indeed the prospects of Rahman’s freedom are a refreshing piece of news, though not entirely realised. However, I really cannot rest well on the matter until the man’s well-being is authenticated. Why worry about the government, when you have charismatic religious clerics, rallying an entire nation of idiots into persecuting one innocent man. What the fuck do you think the Afghan government’s gonna’ do? They can’t even protect their own politicians; now, imagine the hell that’ll ensue once this man has a significant fraction of reactionary populace, gunning for his head. Sorry, folks, I think more needs to be done here, because this man isn’t just threatened by some religious laws; he is also threatened by an entire populace of dogmatic morons, being rallied by their herders, their lords, the reactionary clerics.

[Excerpt from
"Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die," cleric Abdul Raoulf told The Associated Press. Raoulf has long been considered a moderate and was often at odds with the Taliban, which jailed him three times before the hard-line group's ouster in 2001.]

“Firstly; only a fuckhead would dub such an officious punk, a moderate. Abdul Raoulf cannot be a moderate! I refuse to identify this waste of human sperm as a moderate. You wanna’ talk about insulting deities? Abdul Raoulf’s testicles are an insult to all fundamental tenets of creation. This sordid twat, having his reproductive organs intact is an insult to nature’s prosperity! Yeah, this motherfuckin’ cocksucker’s nut-sack is an insult to Mother Nature; to all the gods and their prophets - all so-called deities are tainted by this son-of-a-bitch and his ability to procreate! Why hasn’t this bastard been neutered yet? Purge this bastard’s seed from the face of this planet! Roulfy ‘The Cocksucker’ should be neutered, immediately!” -- Closure.

Once again, I would like to request that people sign the petition in support of Rahman’s rights to freedom of religion. And of course, stay cool, fuckers.


Link to untainted article on CNN.Com:

Link to petition:


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