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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pro-Choice: Impractical?

Another day, another quirky inspiration; I met with the ‘Philosopher’ a few days ago, y’know, that friend who’s likely to become a regular cast member in the Storm ventures of abstract mediocrity. This is the same dude who guest starred in my nasty episode where I ruffled a reactionary Koranik’s pride; he came off as the miracle protagonist who saved the day with his rhetorical questions.

Anyway, the philosopher came over, and we were talking about different things and jumping topics faster than a couple of socialite chicks jumping through different fashion items during a massive clothing line sale. I don’t even know where it began from; I think ‘game development’ finally had us devising sick ways of pissing off dogma fascists. Now, I am not gonna’ get into the blissful blasphemy, because that would just be too good, and probably the perfect evidence to execute my ass in sharia court by a bunch of reactionaries, the fuckin’ theocratic whores!

Engrossed in our digressional sessions, we ended up talking about that one episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, y’know, the one dedicated to Avian Influenza--Bird Flu. We got to this subject matter, when during a very rare exhibit of powerful exception; the philosopher announced a very strong opposition to Oprah’s stance. Now, seriously, this guy is so fuckin’ passive, it ain’t funny! Seriously, he’s a friggin’ alien! He certainly lacks that zealous opinionated nerve; he’ll debate you from time-to-time, but this guy is hardly ever one to express strong opposition, even if he’s dead sure in his views. Therefore, to see him bring up that reference with contempt did intrigue me; it’s rare that I see philosopher-boy exude a bit of human nerve!

Naturally, I probed into his dismay, and asked him to explain his beef with the issue when he referred to Oprah’s views during that special segment on avian flue. According to him, being an even greater pro-choice advocate than I am, this was just not the done thing. He didn’t like the idea that Oprah was somewhat ‘promoting’ the idea of military enforcement of the vaccine. I could understand why a mainstream media spokesperson would promote such an officious approach, but I also found myself empathising with the young Philosopher’s stance on the matter.

“Oh Kade, you twisted fucker! A crazy, counter-progressive twit refusing vaccination might endanger the rest of the population and perpetuate infection if this virus were to achieve human-to-human transmission status!” -- Very blunt critique.

I ain’t gonna’ argue against this logic, I myself agree; so don’t any of you dare to quote Spock from Star Trek by retorting “Duh! The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!” because I get the point. It‘s just that as an idealist, I still value the sanctity of each individual; if the person endangers the pack, give them the option to conform to the safety protocol, or leave the domain. At least this was the general tone of my thoughts at that point, when I very casually asked the young man about his views on the matter; I asked him how he’d protect the healthy bulk of his populace from such a threat. His response was rather similar; one’s gotta’ draw the line, don’t violate the individual’s liberty, but just ostracise the said individual from the rest of the pack if their lack of conformity posses an actual threat to the pack’s physical well being.

“You cruel bastard! You’ve just unleashed the flood gates of ultimate criticism! How dare you simplify such a serious issue?” -- Immediate rhetoric.

Hey! Hey! Back up there, reactionaries! Get a steel-piper-ectomy, and get that pipe outta’ your asses! Yeah, I know that this is a rather quirky point-of-view on an issue where the greater well being is on the line; but what do you expect? This is not a perfect solution or answer; so stop viewing this as some kinda’ grand reassured endorsement. I am merely trying to have it both ways; just trying to retain some of that individual sanctity in the middle, considering that it’s a ‘priority list’ topper. I am not against combating a threat; I just feel that the choice of vaccination should still go to the individual in question, and if they don’t conform, give them the option to leave. Bringing in military to force vaccine like a medication onto a fuckin’ toddler is just a tad bit domineering.

I guess this issue borders on the sensitive topic of authentic ‘pro-choice’ idealism. Truth of the matter remains that freedom doesn’t really exist anywhere; Bob of Manic World said it best himself in the ‘Manic World’ self-title track. I also realise that this topic borders one some very ethical concerns where pure liberty might compromise the good of a collective world, where the group well-being is in major danger because of a population explosion that is engulfing this mud ball of a planet. Therefore, I know there is not clear answer for the pro-choice idealists.

“Yeah, we’re screwed!” -- Defeating closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.


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