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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A positive development: Abdul Rahman's out, and receiving asylum in Italy!

Good news to quell a day of dismay! Seriously, there is nothing like a truly good piece of news that’ll suppress one’s nihilistic contempt under its soothing and reassuring undertones. Indeed a good piece of news was to be had, and it had a personal impact on me.

Surely, you’ll recollect the case of Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert who was on almost on trial for a death-sentence under the barbaric Islamic law on apostasy. Well, he has been released, though under the exploited loophole of 'mental-instability' via which they’ve deemed him incapable of withstanding the trial; I think the mad cocksuckers responsible for conceiving such an officious law that kills for renouncing Islam should be deemed insane - psychotic fucks! Anyhow, that’s not where the news ends, however, because the true good has yet to be realised.

In the true essence of optimism, not only does Abdul Rahman get his freedom; there is also news now that he has arrived in Italy, and is in the process of being granted asylum, as announced by the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi (CNN). This is great news indeed, because it really does put a great deal of my past concerns to rest; as you all recall, I had expressed my concerns for this man’s well-being inside that fuckin’ fanatic dog-pound that is Afghanistan.

“Oh but, but, why are you still flaming Afghanistan?” -- Some might ask.

[The excerpt from, which would ideally justify my stance:
There had been some doubt about whether Rahman would be allowed to leave Afghanistan, after the country's parliament voted earlier Wednesday that he should remain there, a member of parliament told CNN.]

“I’ve already studied cases of quite a few more individuals who’re stuck in that country, and other nations alike, struggling to get out; or already out, but profoundly scarred.” -- My response.

Anyhow, this is a great piece of news, and one that I’ll value, personally. Because, as you all know, this is a sign of hope on an issue that hasn’t picked up enough attention in the west; probably because they take their civil freedoms for granted, but whatever. No, no! It’s all good! Anyhow, let’s just hope others in a similar predicament don’t end up in a grave before getting their chance at a sober and free existence. Here’s to hoping that everything else works out [Drops a sack of horse shit atop the head of a fanatic].

"Now this, is what asylum should be about!" -- Closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.


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"Afghan convert arrives in Italy for asylum" -

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