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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Political Correctness: Another imposition?

I’ve lacked motivation as of late; I think it’s because I am unable to view my blog in its actual presentation; I am such a superficial bastard! Anyhow, recently, human hypocrisy got me riled up enough to muster a single contention dedicated to the fuckin’ self-contradicting twits of the western paradigm. Yes, it really pisses me off to see so-called advocates of freedom and expression, unknowingly, and unwittingly pissing away on that very ideal by literally imposing their political correctness onto others. It does make me wonder; do these hypocrites even realise that they’re pretty much utilising the same principles for which they slam the conservative fanatics in the east?

“Oh, but Kade, apples and oranges! They’re not creating chaos, are they? They‘re merely complaining and demanding a basic form of political correctness.” -- Critique.

“Yes, which is why I am not accusing them of acting like fanatics; all I am saying is that they’ve adopted similar principles! I am actually fine with the extent of their reaction over anti-religious blasphemies; I think the Islamists could learn a great deal from their approach. However, this still doesn’t change the fact that their beliefs are being imposed. Y’know, imposing political correctness for one thing! I ain’t accusing them of having a fanatic nerve; I am only accusing them of imposing their spiritual expectations onto others, and expecting people to wane at the prospects of truly utilising their freedoms to express! I hate to be the one to acknowledge this, but when something hurts these liberal hypocrites, they're also eager towards realising the prospects of suppressing the scathing opinion. Therefore, in principle, their practice doesn‘t vary much from what the middle-eastern fanatics seem to be hung-up on.” -- My response.

Apologists jumped into the ploy, again, claiming justified respect for religion because of all the atheism that has been engulfing much of the world. Well, too bad, really, because this still doesn’t mean that we start imposing political correctness as an ideal, this too is a belief being imposed on much of the western world. In principle, it’s starting to turn into another form of dogma that restricts people from their fundamental rights of expression.

It is painfully annoying to have to confront this issue, because each of us has our designated chain of nerves; we will have buttons that people can push. I would like to abide by a certain degree of political correctness my self, but I am flawed in that department, y'all already know that. On the other hand, ideally, I wouldn’t like to have my patience being pushed to the brink with some wise asser having an intellectual and verbal open season on my ass; I burn very easily. Having that said, I will have to admit that this culture of political correctness is starting to turn into a post-modern dogma in its own right. Seriously, opinions will scathe a few, and please a few; that’s what makes them opinions to begin with. Now, factoring the possibility of me being pissed to immeasurable degrees against the prospects of every Tom, Dick, and Kade having to watch what they say; I’ll have to opt for true freedom of basic opinion over this highly regulated approach of political correctness... it's killing the zest of basic opinions.

“Hey, at least it takes the heat off the actual festering need for violence and demolition! Over and above all, I’ve always stated that I’d much rather scathe in opinion, and be scathed in similar capacity; this is how I see things when gazing at systems that are engulfed in idealistic oppression. I mean really, I’d rather have someone give me a verbal or written dress down rather than fuck me over a hundred times and then suspend my corpse in wet cement for all of eternity. In a truly free world, individualism will prosper, and with it, the plethora of often annoying, and at times humorous opinions! It’s not perfect, but at least we’re ‘not getting along’ in our opinions rather than brutal actions. As for those that seem to go into a bloodied orgasm over religious satire; learn to deal with it! Your faith isn’t any more or less important, is it? Are the opinions of a mere heathen mortal restructing your faith in a so-called superior deity? Does all this bullshit actually weaken your faith? Because if that’s the case, then you have bigger issues on your hands!” -- Closure.

Stay cool, fuckers.

Kade -- Politically trashed!

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