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Monday, March 06, 2006

Mr. Broken Record

As of late, I’ve been getting some offline, and private online flack, but it’s not for my petty and bitterly coated two-cents. I’ve been executed for sounding like a contemptuous broken record that could condition a fuckin’ baby smurf into kicking Freddy Cougar down to a bloody pile before ass raping his demonic carcass like some necrophilia-ridden psycho on crack. Therefore, it’s been established that I bring out the worse in people, especially lil’ blue fable babies. However, it’s also coming to light for the readers that I often repeat on the same fuckin’ point, over and over again; they raise issue over the fact that I make multiple posts about small, single issues.

“And today’s fuckin’ news flash - Yesterday’s bitch session, but with twice the additional profanities, repackaged for your eternal disdain! We like to call it Bitch Session 01 CP, professional edition!” -- Cheap tagline.

Indeed, I do repeat on the same painfully repetitive subject matters without any end in sight. Believe it or not, shmucks, I actually realise that this whole ordeal over freedom of expression, and Islamic fascism has become a mini-novel smeared across the walls of this dark abode of a blog. I realise that I’ve only been finding motivation to bitch about more issues regarding freedom of expression, and well, it’s just been my personal kink.

“Who’s your daddy? Who hates oppressive fascism? Say ma’ name, bitch!” -- Another cheap tagline!

Now, last time I checked, I was composing gibberish about things that would rile me up. It’s not some organised approach towards providing you lot with cogent and refreshing concepts that’ll forge your perception and standards for worthwhile information; I got CNN and BBC to do that job for the apathetic masses and me. I rave away like some sorta’ crazed lunatic; a couple of ghosts read up on the nonsense; have a hearty laugh; burp themselves and dose off to a trivial slumber. If they feel this way about the state of affairs on this ghostly chronicle, then I am not stopping them from voicing their say; hell, those that personally approach me should also offer something a tad bit constructive. Pointing out an obvious ‘repetitive’ streak isn’t exactly a conducive dynamic to be used against me; this doesn’t tell me anything that I don’t already know.

“Oh fuck, he’s gonna’ go off on another tangent on religion… He hates organised religion - we get it already!” some must certainly be thinking. Bloody, hell, no! I do not ‘hate’ organised religion, and this is exactly another reason why I must always repackage the often abstract and irrational tone of my opinions. Before I proceed, I’ll avail the fruits of this digression and reiterate my point that I do -not- hate organised religion. What I hate, and will hate for all of time and beyond, is religious fascism and dogma over the lives of those of us who do not desire to have anyone - dead or alive; or any cultural/religious doctrine - current or redundant, encroaching our personal life styles and space. Next person to accuse me of ‘hating’ organised religion will personally be added to the ‘Storm’s mail-list of doom!’ which entails a daily email reminder, informing the sorry ignoramuses that I am in fact, the enemy of religious laws, esoteric state legislations and good ol’ fashioned religious fascism; this has very little to do with organised religion on its own.

Of course, I should get back to the point of other subject matter, and perhaps there is something else that certain individuals think I can rant away on; I am certainly listening. No, I am not gonna’ take the time to serenade so-called greater entities, like thanking the grand cosmos for whatever it is that I should be grateful for. Not just because I don’t want to, but also because I actually have trouble serenading things, it just ain’t my thing! You don’t want a crippled person attempting a hundred-metre dash; shut up with the “apples and oranges” comparison! It’s just a very rough comparison; you sharp fucks get the point!

I will however, also defend this repetitiveness; don’t let this somewhat progressive stance fool you or deceive you into assuming that I am insinuating some kinda’ reform. I stand by the idea that these are merely the ravings of a humble lunatic, and considering that, these are projections of a twisted mind; redundancies repackaged should be expected. Everything is a repeat at some point, anyway. Global conflict is a repeat; religious conflict are repeats; conflict between progressive thought and rigid conservatism is a constant; human beings are a redundancy… hell, life itself is one large repetitive nightmare. Therefore, in that respect, y’all should know that I couldn’t give a shit; if the ass of a fly bothers me tomorrow, I’ll attempt to articulate my dismay. If the same fly’s ass bothers me two days later, you can bet your asses that I’ll bitch and belch about it, again.

It should stick in mind that these are maddening and somewhat amusing raves, and their goal is to achieve catharsis, for myself and to keep my psychotic shell of a demon as sane as possible. It’s all good, because some of the few readers believe that this’ll ultimately lead to my doom at the hands of a very hostile and angst-ridden world; tough luck, I couldn’t care because I consider this essential to my existence. Now if some productive good does come out of all these exhibits through purely unintentional fluke, then well and good, people! However, I am hardly the educator and modulator of creative thought. If you lot want real, pure, and well-presented educational reform, go visit Sphinx’s Soul Shadows blog, which has been a cogent edification for me, through and through! Want up-to-date political views with a unique spin? You should then give Moxiegrrrl’s blog a visit; after all, it’s replaced my CNN bookmark. This also reminds me; I must get access to these blogs again, or I’ll start loosing that salvaged sanity at an exponential rate. Getting back to the point though... Yeah, I ain’t the sombre educator here! You want endless, psychotic drivels? Now, that's when you visit 'Mad Man Storm.' You see, I am just that rowdy bastard who needs his vent, and a vent he shall have through this exorcism that you all identify as some cheap dark blog!

“Dude! Does that mean that you’ll subject us to more repetitive trash?” -- Query.
“Hell yeah, baby!” -- My obvious response.

Anyway, stay off my ‘repetitive case;’ and of course, stay cool, you critical fuckers!

Kade -- Mr. Broken Record.


MoxieGrrrl said...

Thanks for that link up! :)

Kade said...

Oh, no no! That website ( is my political portal and liberal grail! I'd be an apathetic dolt without that blog.


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