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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Generalising all religion? Fuck no!

I apologise for leaving the introductory part out of the initial post; stupid fuckin' copy/paste routine! You see, this particular piece is a somewhat poorly knit rant against clumping religious ideologies into one fuckin' category. This column/blog is a twisted attack against those apologists who seem to be bleeding tears over the so-called lashings that organised religion has been taking at of late. Of course, this is driven by my recent anger stemming from another internationally resounding case, regarding the persecution of Abdul Rahman; an Afghani Christian convert, who's being tried for the death penalty under the fuckin' archaic law of denouncing Islam and thus, committing apostasy. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but this is really not the time to clump all religious ideologies into one pitiful category, because there's no fuckin' chance in hell that I'll ever respect the aforementioned dogma, which seems ideally suited to some murderous cult. Anyhow, I shall let those that are interested, delve further into the details.

A few-weeks-ago, I had an unpleasant ordeal on my hands when a certain community member in a certain gaming medium that I shall not name, decided to get a little blasphemous in his approach. Well, to be really blunt, the guy tried to pass off a character as a Jesus Christ wannabe, known as Jesus Christo; however, the creator also stated that his character’s merely a devout fan of Jesus, and not an insult or mockery of the Christian faith perse. Hell, the profile information even states how the character was a near bastard offspring of two parents who were born-again Christians, who were saved by their conversion. Anyhow, this profile became the vortex of a lot of bullshit to come, most of which would hit the fan and get my domain dirtied.

All the analyses became redundant, as the community populous just had a massive ball in denial, protesting the entire ordeal. Many of them demanded that the guy reform his ways; hell, one catholic expressed his distaste and offence from the profile. He was however, very humble in his expression, and even apologised for coming off as shrewd; the guy wasn’t behaving like a reactionary.

I was surprised, because the real people whining, bitching, and abusively moaning, were the so-called atheists. It almost seemed as though the pillars of their beliefs were being rattled by this ordeal. Hell, if I wasn’t able to read the rare, and very fine off-hand references to the individual pledges to atheism, I would be under the impression that I was confronted by new-age Christian fundamentalists; of course, many of them argued that the reaction was strong because they wanted to keep the whole Christian culture out of their business, as well as any of the political incorrectness. Oh, and all this while, the catholic and occasional Christians were actually being humble; indeed, my universe had seriously turned into a twisted episode of the twilight zone.

“So much for NOT believing in something, yet pissing away as though this dude had just defecated on their parental graves. Now let me get this straight - you fucks don‘t believe in something, which is why you react like soft-shit versions of Islamic conservatives when someone brings up a challlenging anti-religious reference? What the fuck, man? These guys are certainly under the influence of something; so from hereon-forth, I dub these morons, ‘believers in denial, under the influence of demons’!” -- Intermission closure.

Just for good measure, I told some of them that this is what free expression is about, and that whether this individual in question was intentionally mocking religion, was really just a question of debate. However, more complaints arose; more demands for reform and imposing political correctness over a matter that was only 'assumed' to be a product of blatant disrespect. So I explained to the morons how the essential drive behind their dogma was not differing very little from the Moslem world’s reaction to those Mohammed cartoons. It was then that a certain devout believer, a Jew, would attempt to dress me down, and I would react in blunt fashion.

The whining subsided shortly thereafter, as the debate progressed into a shitty conflict being headlined by this so-called religious Jew individual, claiming that religion has been bashed far too long, and it’s about high time that people start showing organised religion some respect. He even went so far as to claim that the Moslem’s world reaction was justified; a fact over which he made the aforementioned calling for general respect of all creeds. Bloody hell, man, this guy was really making a dangerous clump out of religion in general, and the stupid fuck wasn’t even aware of it, because his intentions were genuinely pure - I actually agreed with him in spirit. He closed his cliché of an argument with a contention about how democracy was about civil debate.

“Well then, dumb ass! How about this little news piece! Religion, contemplating death sentence for poor-sorry-sordid dude who converted from Islam to Christianity in Afghanistan (CNN.Com)! So, still up for that whole thing about respecting all religion, you dumb fuck! Can you respect that? Or can you respect the fact that Islam generally breeds a negative image of Jews? I know your heart was in the right place, but where the fuck was your brain, man?” -- My bitter rhetoric.

Yeah, I ain’t respectin’ any law, or better yet, dogma, that dictates individual will and freedoms within the public domain of expression and religious freedom. Idiots like the aforementioned dude should just shut the fuck up and actually evaluate the world for what it is rather than what their idiot tube presents to their narrowed perception; this is what religion is generally doing to the world when you lump all creeds into one category. Really, sometimes I can’t believe how these naïve believers in the west demand that all religions as a collection be respected; for fuck’s sake, individuals are being set up for fuckin’ death penalties over denouncing Islam. As for Afghanistan, the so called 'free nation' (Bullshit!); the specific case of the Christian convert, and their government’s urging for patience and understanding on the west’s part, I just have a very profane closure on the matter.

“Each cocksucker responsible for that innocent Christian’s persecution and prosecution should suffer testicular leprosy! These bastards should get their heads out of their asses, and give this man his due rights! These motherfuckin’ whores have been robbing essential rights for generations; they’ve been corrupting pure and positive individual will for eons! For once, I’ll agree with morons like Pat Robertson; there’s certainly something demonic behind such theocratic governments. Oh, and if some theocratic punk comes across this, and has a beef with my bone of contention… Well, chump, FUCK YOU! Eat shit, and jump into a snake pit, you theocratic whore! It’s people like you, who’re destroying religious progression and general respect for religion! Free Rahman! Amend the fuckin’ theocratic mire that is Afghanistan along with most other Islamic states and their fuckin’ inhumane laws against apostasy - shit like these laws deserve nothing less than burning contempt! Again, free Rahman! Amend Afghanistan!” -- Closure.

As for the ordeal regarding all the atheists having periods over the religious angle on that gaming forum; that was just fuckin' hilarious, and the response from the Christian bracket was a hell of a lot more composed, I guess religion is really working out for certain people. Seriously, kudos to the Christian folk who made their points without turning into dogmatic pricks. Meanwhile, the so-called atheists just continued contradicting their so-called state of disbelief; pathetic, yet funny - atheism just dropped a couple of points on the grand spectrum; more idiots are turning atheist, and this bothers me to a great degree. Yes, indeed I have digressed to great lengths. You see, there's multiple morals to be had in this contention; firstly, all religions and religious dogmas cannot be lumped up into one pitiful category, okay? It just doesn't work like that; you're creating a fuckin' inter-schism! I'll consider logical pleas for respect of specific sects of creeds; but all fuckin creeds, including laws that actually answer apostasy with death - oh, fuck no! There's a better chance that I'll shoot you in the nuts with a cow turd at three-hundred-and-twenty miles/hour. In closing, people, just stop generalising! I know your hearts in the right places, but generalising is just stupid; learn to accurately discriminate, instead.

Stay cool, fuckers. Oh, and sign this petition; I COMMAND IT! C'mon! Let's at the very least, make a feeble attempt at putting this insanity to rest.

Petition for Abdul Rahman's freedom:


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